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Consciousness Revealed part 2 by Terry Edwards

Basics of the Model


Briefly, infinity is a state, not a space. HPB’s black dot in the circle (Figure 2 below) is an imaginary centre of the creative force of the light of oneness. We can refer to the combined light (oneness) with the dot (zero) as a cell or unit having the numerical value one. This unit is the source of every entity or thing that has the property of individual existence.

To be one is to be individual. Equally, to be one is to be everything as oneness. I am one; we are one. Since it is a question of perception, we have a binary state, one as entity and one as unity. One as self (‘I am’) offers limitless possibilities for existence.

The intriguing question arises, what is in between one and oneness? Logically there is nothing in between because they are the same. The only difference is an act of perception. Perception is consciousness. So what can we make of that ‘nothing in between’? We can imagine that nothing exists. What does it exist as? The answer is zero or not one. However, zero is a number with the value nothing but it also exists as the point where the axes of a graph overlap. So it can be the centre or source of a coordinate system. This opens up endless possibilities for multidimensional structures, arranged, constructed and inhabited by perception or consciousness.

Consciousness emerges from this imaginary bifurcation between one and oneness. It comes from the switching between them, which can be infinitely fast or infinitely slow. Neither of these possibilities is ideal so the sensation of consciousness is a compromise. It is a pseudo finite switching that manifests in the idea of the Tao, which is the expression of number. It is two states operating independently as one or one state operating separately as two. Every number has two modes, numerical value and numerological subjectivity. Consciousness is the tension between these two aspects. We can call this tension implication or entanglement, the conceptual property of mutually implicit ideas that drives existence. Mind is the state of perception of two logically exclusive aspects of the same idea as illustrated by the phenomenon of optical illusion. We can think of the frequency of switching of interpretive perception as the vibration of time. For our bodies, that rate is the speed of light. Our minds operate at a much slower, more comfortable speed. This is why the simulated universe seems so realistic.

  • Time is unitary existence in sequential fragments, in other words, a pulse.
  • A pulse of time expresses eternity, which is always now.
  • A moment of time might seem brief to experience but once it has happened, it is immortal because it is an encapsulated vision of eternity. Once happened, it cannot be regarded as the past in the sense of a memory. Subjective memory is vague at the best of times. The digital record is mathematically precise.
  • A moment in time is the conscious experience of the state of individuality. It can be re-experienced in the timelessness of the infinite. This is why we can think of ourselves as infinite being projected into a virtual reality simulation.
  • As a human being, to experience a moment of time is to be immersed in the unfolding of a story, a logically consistent series of events subservient to a theme of relationship between entities. A theme can be one or more subjects like physicality, sexuality, emotion, feeling, communication, thinking and spirituality. In the moment, consciousness enacts its story in terms of who, what, when, where, how and why.
  • The analogue state of being offers its digital counterpart a series of choices for the next moment before it happens. This accounts for the uncertainty principle because the digital self staggers along in the darkness of the unconscious doing the best it can. It is like a throw in a game of dice within a limited state of options. As an experience, the present moment arrives complete; therefore it is already a memory resulting from a choice made outside or between times. We go through life unsure of who and what we are and what we are doing. It is the nature of the game that allows divine, infinite being to participate in a collective virtual reality game in a very finite, imperfect role. It is a test and an education.
  • Future and past do not exist except as imaginary creations in mind. All time happens at once. All states of being are concurrent. Consciousness imposes the sense of time to bring order to chaos through the sequence of existence. In reality, everything happens at once and finite consciousness cannot cope with that. The way it does this is by creating a story to personalise our lives into a game and a drama. The narrative brings in subtle qualities like love and loss to pass the time and deepen our sense of self. The pain of parting is real enough but temporary. Nothing is ever lost, only transformed.
  • The quantum nature of digital existence means that time is cyclic rather than linear. There is no beginning and end. Both are implicit in now and expand from points to circles like ripples in a pond to extend the story into a state of completeness.
  • The interval between being one and everything has two variations. There is not one, which is zero, and not oneness, which is nothingness or void.
  • On the dimension of zero we are made of points.
  • A point is an anchor and marker for particular form (matter). It locates an entity in time and space according to an unfolding story. The story is composed by infinite mind from subjective essence as events in context.
  • Being point-like, events in time are quantised units of experience organised by higher-dimensional themes.
  • On the dimension of one we are linear units that generate the physical universe. Our physical dimension relates to the Planck Scale or some mathematical equivalent that sets the proportion of physical existence relative to the consciousness that perceives it.
  • Linear units vibrate. We can imagine a line to be a point vibrating between two locations at a ‘particular rate’. This vibrational mechanism creates the physical universe in the manner described by superstring theory.
  • This link connects to an explanation of superstring theory:

  • The zero-dimension of points and the one-dimension of lines interact to create two states of being. One of these is the quantum digital universe. The other is a wave or differential state I shall refer to as the analogue universe.
  • As pure consciousness, we exist in neither analogue nor digital being. Together they form a virtual reality computational system that infinite being translates into a simulation of finite, material experience.
  • At some time in history the focus of human consciousness dropped from a state of balance to become an entirely digital being. We know this as ‘the fall’. We became little more than animals without spiritual awareness and no sense of right and wrong. That is why we are facing a situation that is both a challenge and an opportunity to restore the balance to where it ought to be.
  • Jesus of Nazareth incarnated to tell us this and to open the doorway through personal sacrifice to allow us to ascend back to the level we once enjoyed. The way to do this would have been by expressing divine love or oneness in all our actions. We failed to follow that example because the hierarchical systems of religion prevented it from happening by mental control, dogma and sometimes torture, murder and even genocide. It seems likely that the Church also suppressed the idea of reincarnation in order to reinforce its temporal power. It is nobody’s fault. The blame rests entirely with digital consciousness. On the other hand, the responsibility for doing these things falls to the people involved. I would say they were misguided rather than malevolent. People usually do what systems require of them rather than what is right. It is the way of the quantum world.  

Consequences of this model

There is only one cell or fundamental unit but it offers infinite possibilities for becoming thoughts and objects. An object or entity is a particularised thought, anything that the universe holds information about. Each cell contains all the information that describes the entire universe appropriate to the entity in question. There is no whole universe, as we understand the term. There are only parts, where each part embodies the whole. Entities may divide or vibrate into multiple versions (or ‘timelines’) as a means of exploring alternative possibilities. Each of these parts embodies a different universe. I conclude from HPB’s first two diagrams that there is no universe in the sense that we believe it to exist. Everything is a fictional story, a dream, a drama, a game and a play that emerges from the idea of a centre of infinity. It is this centre that brings self-awareness to the light, the property we know as I Am. What we see in the night sky is just a virtual backdrop. It does not exist. We are infinite being experiencing the story of the universe in the context of our lives like a movie projected in the infinite state. So while we are stuck in the digital universe, it serves no purpose other than to provide the information we need to create ourselves as ideas. That is the paradox. There is no duality and everything is one despite impressions to the contrary.

Centres of circles

Figure 1. First example: If we use a compass to draw a circle on paper, the process begins with a clearly defined centre. We know exactly where it is because the compass made a tiny hole. Second example: If we use a template like a cup to draw a circle it is blank because there is no visible centre. Does the centre actually exist? I suggest that it does exist as an idea, a thought in the mind of the observer.

figure 1

The light of presence or creation is beyond logical explanation. It is transcendent. Absolute nonexistence is untenable because nonexistence implies existence. Thus the light does not exist ‘in the infinite’ but it is infinite by description.   What it is and how it came to be is a mystery beyond the ability of finite mind to comprehend.

Figure 2. In the first example, the centre defines the circle. In the second, the circle defines the centre. Either way there is a notional centre even if we can’t see it. It doesn’t matter which comes first, it is a chicken and egg situation and an example of mutual entanglement. If we transfer this idea to an imaginary, infinite circle, where would the centre be now? The centre of infinity is everywhere and nowhere. It is where consciousness chooses it to be. This idea turns out to be very useful because it allows infinite consciousness to create, populate and experience an entirely imaginary universe. It does this with a toolkit based on a single idea, the number one, which implicates all numbers and the entire concept of mathematics. The point implicates a set of imaginary geometric properties. We can view a point as the end of an infinite line, a line as the edge of an infinite plane and an infinite plane as encompassing an infinite sphere. By this means the imaginary point commences a journey through infinite states of being that we know as the universe. There are as many versions of our universe as there are particles within it. The true complexity of the multiverse goes way beyond that because there are infinite potential states of being, each one having numerous possible variations. Adding the dimension of time, the differential energy of constant change, allows for more imaginary stories of existence and events than any single entity could hope to comprehend. Only the number one that makes it all possible experiences everything because it embodies concepts like entity, unity and totality.

Figure 2
  • The presence of the point of shadow brings a state of self-awareness to the light. This creates a tension within the light between oneness and one, meaning and value or subjective and objective. This is consciousness and it arises because it cannot be both aspects simultaneously. This is bi-stability, the property of a dynamical system to move between two equilibrium states. This is the binary logic that allows consciousness to create the quantum digital universe. Given two states of being, the solution for consciousness is to switch between them, thus creating the idea of frequency (energy and time).
  • The concept of implication or entanglement, the nature of that tension, makes it possible for the oneness and the one to create the simulation we experience as existence. This is Blavatsky’s germ. It is the reason why we live in a universe of opposites, oneness and nothingness, one and zero, internal and external or yin and yang. This arises spontaneously through implication and gives us the Taijitu, shown below as Figure 4, a self-generating idea that creates and resolves everything. What we know as existence is the means by which consciousness explores its own nature by seeking balance at the heart of as many ideas as possible. I have put a logical sequence to my explanation here because our finite minds are linear. There is no logic or sequence behind the cycle, which is circular – it just is. I cannot describe infinite reality – the best I can do is give a metaphor that points towards it.
  • Even as an idea, the circle has other properties that are extremely useful in constructing the natural world. There is the ratio pi (π) and the exponential number (e), which also links to the square root of minus one, √-1, designated ‘i’. These aspects infer the rotational properties of circles and analogue wave motion with respect to digital centres or points.
  • Consciousness measures out the universe with reference to the properties of the number one using some mathematical measure of units such as the Planck Scale ( So in the pulse of time the physical universe is a construct of points, the digital universe, and waves, the analogue universe. The way the analogue state deposits particles in the quantum digital universe brings in the idea of wave functions, regions of analogue probability.  All of this is conventional in scientific terms but the main difference philosophically is that the entire process is imaginary. (
  • One can take on two complementary forms: a state of light with a dot or a centre of light in a void. The opposing black and white dots act as singularities. A singularity connects a finite point to an infinite state, white dot to white state, black dot to dark state. Duality does not infer two states of being, just two aspects of unity. The difference is in the mind that perceives it. So duality is simply a switch in perception that creates the physical universe. The material world is a point of view the formless has of being in form, which it isn’t and never can be. 
  • Universal mind does not get tired and fall asleep like we do. It is the active state that implicates its opposite – not awake. To sleep, perchance to dream. It is the quality of dreaming within the universal unconscious mind that allows us to exist. Unconscious mind is the domain of emergent possibility that awaits the opportunity to manifest in form. The mechanism within formless consciousness that does this is like an idling engine. It kicks into life in the twilight zone between the somnambulant depths and the full-on essence of feeling. In the darkness of our cosmic eggs, we dream ourselves awake. 
  • We have the germ of an idea – binary consciousness, asleep and awake, off and on, nothingness and oneness, zero and one. It takes two elements to make a pattern. We have light and dark. What if we switch between those states continually? We can appear to animate that pattern. The tension between oneness and nothingness arises in consciousness as analogue or wave activity based on the numerological qualities of numbers. One and zero are the binary states of being and nonbeing that manifest as the pixelated quantum digital universe. It is a digital structure of ones and zeroes overlaid with numerical values that give it substance. If Blavatsky’s first paragraph is a rabbit hole, we have just gone a little further down it.
  • As a dot of light, you are the only bit of the universal unconscious that is awake – but only just! It means that ‘you’, as an aspect of universal mind, can be a finite human individual. You are a thought experiencing itself. One entails the idea of number. Number has both meaning and value. A number is a singularity, a fulcrum between these two aspects in the universal grid of consciousness. Mind is a state of perception that arises from the one number becoming many and taking on many values. Thoughts, situations and events register at nodes in the universal conceptual network as both objective information and subjective meaning. Meaning is experience. Value constitutes existence in form. Thoughts are just elements in the mix. Put these qualities together in the context of the universal story and you have life.
  • The four-way tension between one, oneness, zero and nothingness gives rise to the implicate order described by David Bohm. Everything exists inside everything else. Conceptually you contain the universe as much as the universe seems to contain you. ‘You’ are the quiet centre between two states of chaos. It is the apparent tension between inside and outside as viewed in a mirror that makes everything possible. There is no actual division, only a virtual perception of it. Life is an emergent phenomenon arising from chaotic instability.
  • If the presence of the centre is just an idea, why should it arise in the first place? The reason lies in the nature of ideas. If a thought is a concept viewed in mind, it is a human response to ask the question, in whose mind does it exist? Who or what sees it? Here we are dealing with abstractions, with ‘mind’ not ‘a mind’. We think this way because of our false belief in separation. It does not matter where ideas come from. Mind ‘sees’; mind exists[1]. It is. We can think of ‘mind’ as the interpreter of numerically organised information as numerological meaning or essence. In other words, it abstracts meaning from substance. As the word suggests, mind is selective in where and how it focuses its attention.
  • The light has many qualities and properties. The circle indicates that it is also infinite, which makes it difficult to describe in words. The light embodies universal love, active consciousness and the creative force. The dot in figure 2 allows you to feel your own being and everything that happens to you. Every entity is unique. Nobody else can feel inside what it is to be you or to experience the essential quality of the life you lead. That is what you bring to the flavour of oneness while you are here as a human being. If you have shown love, and done good deeds and tried to help others you will have much to share with the source that created you. If you have been selfish, controlling and manipulative and caused harm and pain to others you will have nothing to bring to the table. Nevertheless, you will have learned because the light allows you to understand your own nature, your character and everything you did in the shadows. Nobody will judge you but yourself. Good luck with that! Nobody else knows you are well as you do.
figure 3

Figure 3. The dark sphere represents the infinite state of nothingness or void. It is the antithesis of the white sphere in all respects. The light dot emerges in darkness when the dark dot enters the light. This does not imply some complex connection; it happens because the white dot and the light state are two views of the same thing. The white dot is the light’s reflection. The dark sphere acts like a crystal ball in which the light views itself as a finite being. Depending how you perceive it, an infinite sphere is an infinite plane. The central light takes on a numerical value when it expands. Simultaneously, the dark sphere shrinks down. It has a dimension relative to its situation. It might be a unit of space on the physical dimension or it could be an objective thought.

The infinite plane embodies numerological essence in shades of meaning as colour and tone. It manifests as a wave of feeling. Subjective meaning takes on numerical value in objective mind. As oneness divides, so values multiply. As there are infinite possible number values, there are infinite number essences. There is no situation or feeling that cannot be simulated with the basic qualities of integers. What the analogue universe experiences, the digital universe processes and records. Every experience can be played back and reviewed moment by moment within the spirit domain. As infinite being, you compose your entire personal universe. The finite role you adopt has far less ability than your infinite being. As you create yourself, you have nobody else to blame. With each session in the game, you bring a toolkit of qualities and handicaps to work with. You are not your limitations but that doesn’t help much. It is easier for some of us to create a universe than change a tyre on a car or fix the plumbing. This ability makes us resemble gods. However, the constraint of mathematical rules that organise the digital domain stops us from taking advantage of that elevated status. Not even Parliament can repeal the law of gravity.

The dark dot in the light brings individual awareness to oneness. Some aspect of the whole feels itself to be a part (apart). It does so by becoming a point on a plane of consciousness. Planes allow entities to feel the quality of their own existence. That essence represents the quality of a prime number. This is the numerological meaning and feeling of an entity. The infinitely small dot of light expands to be a pseudo finite sphere in the darkness. It illuminates the universal unconscious state with its own meaning, its personal light. This mechanism isolates individual feeling from the totality. You can be yourself in the darkness.

A centre of light is a monad, a unit of reality. When it pops into being, the light expands, it re-enters the oneness. Then a new dot of shadow emerges. The cycle resumes. So even while you are here in simulated physical form, you are also a pattern of information acquiring meaning and sharing it with the creative essence of the universe. We are dealing with a top-down entity model behind the collective digital form. So the one unit becomes many in descending layers of conceptual organisation. The first seven centres are vortices of analogue, wave energy. Individually they belong to the principle dramatic themes of the universal story – physicality, sexuality, emotion, personal love, communication, individual mind and spirituality. These are like seven parallel bodies located in seven concurrent time streams. These bodies tell their own stories in the theme of your life. They create difficulties when they work at odds with each other (head versus heart for example). These parallel time streams may have given rise to the myth of ‘God’ creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh. The top layer, the crown chakra[2] is the spiritual domain and, like the Sabbath, is passive. These centres equate to glands that control the various circulatory systems, organs, cells and atoms in a descending sequence of organisation. Electric fields envelop the entire system and constitute what we refer to as the aura, which extends beyond the visible body. The analogue body relates to magnetic processes and feelings of attraction and repulsion. At the lowest level of being, in the sub-quantum elements are the units that contain the information that describes your entire version of the universe you inhabit.

Think of Figure 3 as a snapshot in an endless cycle without beginning or end. There is a phase where it is an infinite, dark, empty state in which a point of light emerges. As this infinitely small point expands to become a pseudo-finite orb, the outer dark region shrinks down to become a correspondingly finite sphere or cell, a unit of spatial structure. Here it represents a unit of information. The light expands to fill the sphere and returns to the state of light in Figure 1 as subjective meaning. Then a finite black dot emerges in the light and the cycle begins over again. This sequence generates the quantum or digital state of being we know as the physical universe. These cells cycle between subjectivity or meaning and objectivity or information. So we have a mechanism in which the analogue universe generates a spatially organised quantum-digital universe.

The infinite translates the output of the cycle into the essence of sensation in the timelessness of eternity. The entire universe on all dimensions has a base pattern of points of light and dark that continually turns inside out. Spheres of light become spheres of shadow that keep changing places, as analogue source becomes digital expression. Our task is to enrich our black and white patterns with subjectivity as colours and tones, the art, music and dance of life. That is why we must have art and music in our lives. Life is an artistic expression.

  • Where the dot of shadow brings subjective awareness to the light, the dot of light brings a feeling of individualistic, objective presence within the unconscious region of nothingness.
  • A physical form such as a human being is composed of units of nothingness in a fractal arrangement that simulates a body made from mostly empty space.
  • The analogue universe of waves of meaning washes through the cells of light to organise them into patterns of consciousness. This meaning translates into the digital structure of the universe as cells of shadow for the infinite to experience as space and form. The analogue dimension is the differential that regenerates the points of shadow between pulses of time. The result is animation. Everything moves unless it is at absolute zero temperature.
  • The light dot or singularity links to the white region of infinite oneness. Oneness is the essential quality associated with one; it is active consciousness, the creative force.
  • The dark singularity links to the region of unconscious nothingness; it is the passive state of consciousness, the universal unconscious.
  • The states of darkness and light appear to manifest in many cells distributed in context in space and time. We need to keep in mind that these pseudo finite cells are not spaces internally but they do appear to be when viewed externally. Furthermore, there is only one infinite domain so the light and dark states are really two ways of perceiving the same thing. There is only one infinite state but it appears to occupy infinitely many cells. If this is hard to grasp, think of the variety of content we can create in computers and mobile phones with nothing more than zeroes and ones.
  • In the example of black holes in the physical universe, the central singularity is the same in each of them. Go inside one black hole, you are going in them all. So all the individual groupings of space and time containing stars and planets are like oxbow lakes or funnels looping between common black hole centres. We could say with equal validity that all these regions of space overlap around a single black hole singularity, coexistent but conceptually separated. This would offer a means of travelling from one region of space-time to any other, no matter how far away if we could raise our being or vehicle to the analogue state.
  • The light that encompasses the dark dot represents a particularised element of meaning. It is this meaning that the white dot emits into the void of shadow. For you, that light is the numerological essence of a prime number and represents your soul. So the unconscious state is asleep, only to be activated by your psychic presence, your portion of the oneness. This allows you to be a self-conscious individual with everything that is not you filtered out. So you do not leave the oneness while you are in your individual mode. Your beingness is the same; it is only your awareness that is cut down to a manageable level.
  • You have a place in the quantum digital universe as a pseudo finite egg. Once we celebrated this at Easter before religions supplanted heart-centred spirituality with intellectual belief systems. We call the mechanism that makes this possible the planes of consciousness as I shall explain later. From this unit or cell, you play a role in a virtual reality game in order to become a fully conscious individual. That state is the precursor to reintegrating your personal consciousness with the oneness from which you emerged. This is the eternal life we all desire whether we know it or not. The part of us that knows this has given way to materialism and a life of trivial pleasure. Now that our governments are taking those pleasures away from us, perhaps it is time to return to our original purpose, spiritual evolution.
  • Physical existence was intended to be a means to an end and not an end in itself. In other words, to be rather than to do. Once upon a time we were divine beings that came into shadow fully mature to savour the joy of pseudo separation from the oneness. It was like a holiday on a pristine planet, the Garden of Eden. For whatever reason, something occurred to sink us into a game of death and taxes, struggling to survive, enslaved by imaginary systems of our own invention. Now it is heaven for the few, the rich and powerful, and hell for the rest of us. We allow it to go on in this way because we don’t know any better. It doesn’t have to be like this.
  • The top-down entity structure of the digital universe means that the data flow in the solar system comes from some external entity such as the black hole at the galactic core. It is the earth that creates us moment by moment as a projection of information from the heart of the planet. We who dwell in the lower consciousness of digital mind do not have the sense to preserve the world that gives us life. Corporate insanity strives to make profit from the planet’s destruction. Genetically modified plant seed that cannot re-germinate and pesticides that kill bees make perfect sense to the mindless money-obsessed systems that rule our lives. They are burning down the Amazon rainforest to provide cheap burger meat. What further proof do you need to realise that we are living in a state of madness, in an asylum run by the inmates? Humanity might be able to relocate to another world but that is not an easy solution. We have a symbiotic relationship with the earth. We are the world. There is a spiritual cost in destroying our ‘parent’.
  • Our data flow passes through the sun. We have a marker in the quantum data of the star. The entire solar system is seeking to raise its consciousness, to lift the earth out of the quantum mire we have created. If we continue to hold it back, there are two options, go with it or be eliminated. If we go with it, we may awaken an active element of analogue consciousness within the sun and the entire galaxy. If we remain stuck in value-oriented animal consciousness we may never know. Unfortunately, the systems and the people they promote to run them are devoid of sensitivity and wisdom. They are totally ignorant of who and what they are. They do not know what they are doing in a deeper sense. If the pandemic represents the start of a slippery slope to totalitarian control, we need to wake up before it is too late. There is no cause for fear. Everything happens for a larger reason than we can see from this perspective. One way or another, nature will sort us out and free the earth. It might happen through natural disaster, military conflict with invented enemies or through a corporate hell of our own devising. We need evolution, not revolution. Quantum society is rule-based and hierarchical. Analogue being is attuned to oneness, equality and freedom. It is never too late to choose love and live from the heart.
  • The digital layer is electrical in nature and emotion strongly relates to this aspect. This is why we speak of ‘a charged atmosphere’. Sexual attraction is electrical. Matters of the heart like spiritual love and attraction belong to the analogue body, which is magnetic. Charge is point-like in the zero-dimension of the digital body. Magnetism runs in lines through the one-dimension of the analogue state.  

Figure 4. The cells of light and dark relate to each other as one and zero in mutual entanglement, a relationship commonly portrayed as the Taijitu. The infinitely thin boundary that divides these two states is a notional and yet impenetrable barrier. The image is a stationary frame taken from a moving sequence. The two states alternately enfold and emerge within each other – see the link below to an animation. This sequence is a four-way entanglement that I liken to the Otto cycle, the four-stroke petrol (or gas) engine that powers the car. The practicalities of the process are profound and beyond finite description. However, for the purpose of this article, its principal function is relatively straightforward[3]. Basically, the Taijitu is an analogue to digital converter (and vice versa). It is at the heart of the consciousness of being and of awareness. It allows us to feel a sense of our own existence and it enables us think objective thoughts that have subjective meaning. Symbolically, the Taijitu represents the idea of number as entity. We can apply the analogy of music stored on a compact disc (CD). The analogue to digital conversion translates sound into binary information (zeroes and ones) and records it on a metalized disc. In playback, a laser scans the disc and converts it back to sound. This is digital to analogue conversion. In consciousness, this process translates objective concepts into subjective essence and back again in an endless cycle of time. It turns the feeling of existence into numerical information for storage and retrieval in the virtual reality simulation of life.

figure 4

I have grossly simplified the process with this description. The object shown in Figure 4 does not exist. It is mind, a state of consciousness that contributes profound and unfathomable intelligence to the entire system of the universe. It processes our thoughts, our being and all interactions between living fractal entities. It creates stars, planets and biological life. Everything conceivable in our domain results from the entangled relationship between the numbers one and zero. The Taijitu adds the numerical and numerological aspects of numbers to bring sensory realism to the black and white picture. It turns information into substance. The end result is a totally realistic simulation of the universe for infinite mind to experience as virtual reality.

Taijitu Animation –  If you cannot open this link, paste it in a browser:

  • The light and dark regions of the Taijitu are the twin elements of active creative consciousness and the unconscious, passive state. The barrier between them stands for the wave motions that run through the analogue universe. These are wave functions (patterns of probability) that generate form in the material universe.
  • Matter creates the illusion of space. Simulated space and time would not exist like an empty box without the presence of matter. Remember that each light and dark point exists in its own version of infinity. None of them are literally adjacent to each other. Each cell is the centre of an infinite void.
  • Each cell, each particle and each physical entity exists in its own version of the infinite state. The universe it appears to belong to is simply an idea it has of itself in infinite mind. You are not a separate ‘thing’ in a physical universe. You belong to a version of the entire system as observed from a ‘particular’ point of view. ‘You’ are not that universe; you are the act of observation.
  • The nothingness encapsulated in the dark cell you inhabit as a point of light simulates the feeling of empty space. What we call space is a mathematically organised cellular construct in universal mind. You don’t really exist at all. Our belief in physical reality is a collective conspiracy of self-delusion. The only entity that exists is the number one, the idea of existence. That idea has no separate existence. Its mathematical nature compels it to become individualised conscious entities like you and me. Collectively, we create the virtual environment we require to take part in a virtual reality game in order to evolve as pure consciousness. Our personal stories are interwoven threads of light in a vast tapestry of interconnected events.
  • The Taijitu works in this way because the light and dark states inject singularities into each other. Singularities link finite to infinite. The Taijitu digitises the one light as matter.
  • The relationship between the light and dark states represents analogue, heart-centred being. This is subjective consciousness, which is based on the numerological properties of numbers. It also plays a role in right-brained creativity and subtle feelings of nostalgia expressed through the heart as bodily sensation. This has nothing to do with past memories that arise in the mind as thoughts. They are momentary stirrings of blissfully happy moments encapsulate in units of quantised time. This process is incompatible with the pressures of materialistic existence. That is why it is good to spend contemplative time in nature in a state of relaxed awareness to recharge our spiritual batteries.
  • Plans to integrate our brains into digital systems with implanted chips are an evolutionary dead end. The people involved in active mind control, behavioural modification and social engineering will, on a personal level, deeply regret the consequences of their actions. It is unwise to wage war on nature. Having said that, they are serving a greater purpose in the spiritual plan for the planet. This is the paradox and contradiction of group consciousness verses personal responsibility. Bad things happen in the world because nature exploits our fears, desires and weaknesses to shed light on our collective shadows.
  • When the analogue wave function of a particle collapses, the Taijitu determines where the resulting particle will emerge into relative time and space. In the case of visible light, it converts the linear wave into particles of digital light called photons. In analogue terms, light behaves like a wave and on the digital level, like a particle. This is called wave-particle duality.
  • Time is a virtual concept. Each entity in the digital universe manifests in static fragments of time. It is the flow of analogue being that animates these fragments into life. All physical entities are self-contained digital systems in the quantum layer of the universe. Like computer chips, they have internal clocks. Time coordinates events in the subjective arena. However, the one who experiences the output of this system on the bases of sensory information is infinite.
  • Time is not an absolute; it orchestrates events in relation to the subjective story of the universe as it unfolds in infinite consciousness. Infinity is eternal; it is always ‘now’. It has no sense of future or past. That is why eternity is never boring. We who incarnate derive our sense of linear time from digital universe, which doesn’t really exist anyway.
  • The analogue universe is magnetic while the quantum level is electric. The analogue and digital states switch between one another at the speed of light. Light speed is a measure of the frequency of consciousness. The speed of consciousness on other levels is subjective. It seems that we are speeding up as far as subjective time is concerned.
  • The cells of light specify the subjective properties of space and time along the lines of who, what, where, when, why and how. They generate the structure of space from cells of darkness like miniature black holes in a seething ocean of chaos.
  • Since the fall we function only in numerical, value consciousness. We effectively abandoned our former analogue subjective mind. In other words, we descended from our spiritual awareness into the lower animal brain that came hardwired with little more than survival instincts. While it has come a long way in evolution, lower mind has no idea what it is and what it is doing. Giving up analogue mind gave us free will by default. It was this super conscious intelligence that understood the consequences of our actions and was able to differentiate right from wrong.
  • As pseudo-physical beings we incorporate digital and analogue processes in the workings of our bodies. However, our mental faculties rely entirely almost entirely on the lower mind[4]. We think in words rather than whole thoughts. We identify our existence with those thoughts. No matter how grand or significant words can seem, they are no more than tokens of meaning. That applies to this article you are reading. It is just words rather than a meeting of minds. We think in language because we’ve forgotten how to think real thoughts.
  • Lower mind applies value concepts to every aspect of our lives. That is why money is the most important element of daily life. We also live under the tyranny of digital time. Most significant of all, our heart centres are virtually inactive so we have not real feelings.
  • The main effects of this collapse from analogue to digital can be seen in the way our centres of consciousness function. We employ the lower rather than the upper chakras. We have enhanced physicality, sensuality, sexuality and supercharged emotions. In doing so we have diminished our capacity for calmness of mind, aesthetic appreciation and heartfelt feelings and thoughts.

The Network

Concepts relate to each other through entanglement and mutual awareness. This gives rise to an implicit network of consciousness that embodies numbers in both value and numerological expression. This network entails many conceptual levels or degrees of organisation. It operates through a top-down information structure that relates number-based entities of being conceptually and contextually. This happens in two modes: on one-to-one correspondence in individual relationships and one-to-many associations that support the phenomenon of systems. For example, two people in conversation have a one-to-one relationship for as long as they continue talking. It might be in a trivial situation like asking the way to the Post Office. Both these people have a one-to-many relationship with the component systems and sub-systems that make up their material bodies. Those bodies might seem real to the infinite being that ‘occupies’ them but they are just patterns of numbers integrated into a complex matrix of theoretical ideas. These two people are members of many external networks or sets of data from a national, racial, economic level down to personal situations like home, job and family. This particular conversation hinges on the existence of the organisational structure of the postal system, its employees, delivery vehicles, sorting offices and concepts like ‘letter’, printed material and even down to paper and its origins in trees. There is a vast background of conceptual, contextual and cultural significance behind a phrase like ‘can you tell me the way to the Post Office please?’ In fact, it presupposes an entire universe of stars, black holes, planets, hydrogen atoms, carbon-based life forms, etc. The important thing to remember here is that the numbers, their relationships, the network in its implicit and explicit (five-dimensional) deployment is purely hypothetical; it does not exist. What this scenario tells us is that the simplest action implicates the entire state of existence of mind and being throughout all time; all of it built up like a house of cards on the basis of the numbers one and zero.

Your node is a massive prime number. You are not the number or the light it garners through the course of the incarnation. You are the experience of it. You are the act of perception. All that separates your internal, external and experiential patterns in the network is your node. You have a node to each major centre and your brain behaves as a terminal that maps onto locations where thoughts occur in their own domain. If you have novel thoughts or learn something new you open up your pattern to new regions of awareness[5].

The network adopts at least three notional configurations, depending on situation:

  • One configuration is number based. In this mode, the numbers are separate nodes and link to one another directly by lines of light in a multidimensional sense without reference to space and time. The first few numbers exist at the core of this version, especially the number one. One links breathes life into every whole entity. It also registers ‘shadow or pseudo’ sub-systems or component entities as aspects of oneness[6]. The primary number creates everything, knows everything and observes everything. The earlier numbers, especially the first seven, are the most powerful entities in their own right and have governance of every aspect of conscious activity or existence. As linear vectors, they are often referred to as ‘the rays’. I think terms like archangels or gods may apply but any such terminology is a personal choice. Digital objective language in any form will always be inferior to analogue subjective feeling and supreme infinite essence. The number domain forms a baseline for high order thoughts and entities to exist in conceptual layers. The arrangement is circular because the particle that represents the highest organisational level, the multiverse or universe, etc., is also the bottom level particle from which everything is made at the lowest sub-atomic level (alpha-omega). Conceptually, everything contains or enfolds everything else.
  • The next version of the matrix is a three-dimensional mapping of concepts according to context. Here, numbers are distributed to where they need to be. Your personal version of the number one is your monad. This network maps the universe we experience in the infinite state in every detail like a template. It is a complex pattern of energy, continuously switching between digital points and analogue wave energy, so fast it is like a whole thing. It appears to be a beautiful, vibrant version of the universe composed of pure consciousness, scintillating with light as colour and vibration as harmonic tones. It does not exist except as a notional model of reality as we perceive it. It joins every object and entity to each other on a local level. We use it to create our personal versions of the universe in infinite mind. The earth is at the central mode of our collective universe. I believe it would appear to be different from each inhabited world, possibly displaying a different physics.
  • The third configuration is where the entire structure reduces to a single point. We are back to HPB’s first two diagrams where all concepts are coexistent in the totality of the light around a single shadow point. The corresponding version from the unconscious perspective would be a total state of light at the centre of a state of darkness. The metaphor rather breaks down here and we are really back to the first diagram, the disc of light with the dark background. Here, everything is oneness. The network continually cycles through all these phases in terms of the perception consciousness has of itself. 
  • The network arranges in a conceptual configuration based on similarities and differences and in a contextual mode that maps onto the three-dimensional structure of matter in pseudo space. However, it also extends through the fourth dimension of localised time set by each node. It also extends to higher dimensions that coordinate the focus of current events across the entire multiverse and all states of being.

Academia in a Digital Universe

A group society like ours as the dominant species would create the universe it needs to fulfil its purpose. This makes perfect sense if we consider the earth to be the centre of its own virtual reality. Scientists talk about this idea but I see no evidence that they really mean it. It’s just a buzzword. Science assumes that the material universe, even if it is a simulation, is the reality it appears to be[7]. So, the way the universe out there appears to line up around our world makes no logical sense. For this reason, they refer to it as ‘the axis of evil’. We should remember that we have dragged our world down to the digital level. How the universe appears to work from a balanced analogue-digital situation, as most worlds would be, is hard to imagine. It means that any aliens visiting us would need to descend to our level of being.  This would result in a change of frequency, perhaps the speed of light, rather like tuning a radio set from one station to another. The greatest risk from their point of view is getting entangled in our game.

What we should bear in mind about science and all our academic institutions is that they are elements in the game played on us by digital consciousness. This means that their primary motivations are materialistic, influence, control over their disciplines and Darwinian survival. They resist revolutionary ideas that might rock the boat and undermine traditional paradigms. Professionalism requires academics to preserve their status, the value of their published work and resist attempts to rewrite the accepted wisdom. Medical science dismisses homeopathy as an ineffectual placebo effect because it cannot be measured or proved by symptom-based double-blind testing procedures. Homeopathy is actually an analogue wave phenomenon coupled with direct infinite essence. It has the further disadvantage of being cheap – anathema to an industry geared for vast financial profit. Even if science pays lip service to the idea of a virtual reality, it will only address the processes of the simulation. It will not take into account the modes and methods of the system behind it. To do this would bring in ideas like metaphysics and spirituality, which they class as ‘unscientific’ pseudo-science and unprovable. Our ‘real’ existence is infinite so it is beyond measurement and intellectual proof.

The nature of reality is ground well churned by the shenanigans of religions that sometimes use torture, death and genocide to preserve and promote their misleading intellectual belief systems. Look at the history of Europe in South America or the appalling Crusades and the treatment of indigenous populations in most hard-line imperialist[8] Christian communities. Systems do not live by any commandments. I have heard that Buddhism has a history of subtle discrimination against women. This is a perfectly natural attitude in the digital state that enhanced the physical, sexual and cultural distinctions between the genders. There are signs that the tide is turning here as sexual roles begin to blur. A society devoid of analogue sensibility would naturally prize masculine force, in fact brutality, over the ability to bear children. This factor alone marks the female as the primary gender in a survival context.

The Game

If we want to know how the karmic game arose on this planet, we need to look at the nature of ‘the fall’. The original analogue beings incarnated in physical bodies in order to take on a subset of the light of oneness as a personal soul essence. This allowed them to develop that essence as the subjective quality of a prime number, to evolve as spiritual individuals and to bring those enhanced qualities back to the totality of the light. When those beings descended into the digital state they were no longer able to express spirituality directly in their personal state of being. No longer able to express spirituality, the tendency towards oneness and unity of being, they had to make do with creating religions, intellectual belief systems that no longer evoked genuine spirituality. That doesn’t mean that digital beings cannot express spirituality but it means we can no longer embody it in full consciousness. It happens in aspects of the light being that we are not aware of. We have to wait for death to realise the progress we have or haven’t made by being here.

There is a widespread belief with human beings that the secret to achieving the spiritual objective of the game – in other words to win it – requires us to take on a belief system. This is usually a religion. The other approach is that there is no game to win, that the only reality is matter. That death is total extinction and that the universe is unaware of us and derives no benefit from our existence. I consider both these approaches to be completely illogical. You are free to think differently. The simulation is designed to enable us to experience. The rules of the game revolve around actions and choices. This is where we have control and freedom of movement. Put simply, the game is an opportunity to further self-interest (separation) or promote harmony (oneness). The outcome depends on those choices. What you believe makes no difference unless it encourages you to do ‘the right thing’ in all situations and do the best you can in moral dilemmas. It begs the question, what does it mean ‘to believe’ in finite, objective mind? Real thoughts are subjective and transcend language. Is it endless repetition of a set of words? Is it about wearing the right clothes or collars or having long hair or a shaved head? Would that be sufficient to win if you did no good for anybody but yourself? How can we know what is true? What is faith but blind acceptance? It is better to have trust. What do rituals achieve other than to formulate objective ideas in the hope that they will have a subjective consequence? There is only now. The game works by deciding the best way to act in the present moment. We are all actors, so act! What can I do to promote oneness? How can I help? If it is all down to picking the right religion, only a tiny minority will survive the test. What would happen to all those who backed the wrong horse? Is there a great dustbin in the sky to sweep all those units of divine being that made the wrong choice? Some choices are made for us. We are the variables in our own equations.

Intellectually based belief systems cannot bring about enlightenment or spiritual evolution. The karmic game arose as a means of evolving through our actions rather than our thoughts. It doesn’t matter how much holy text you can remember and quote if you treat people badly. The self-righteous quality of dogmatic religion is particularly negative in its effect. Damning people for thinking differently from you puts you back to square one in the game. The irony of Jesus was that He came to show us how to live. All they did was turn those lessons in life into yet another intellectual, ritualistic belief system. Love is something to express rather than think about.

The game aspect of consciousness motivated by the fear of death has taken over our daily existence. We compete in everything rather than cooperate. Society is ruled rather than organised. We see only differences in each other where once we saw unity. We form nations that fight wars for no constructive material purpose. The real outcome of armed conflict is spiritual transformation. A war shifts karma from one group to another and allows them to quit the party. It is like the old game called ‘pass the parcel’. Suffering clears karma. Killing creates more. The net result is equilibrium, a great shadow of suffering waiting to happen but largely transferred to a different set of entities. It will go on like this for as long as we fail to acknowledge our true nature as semi-divine beings.

  • To understand the mechanism that brings about conflict and any other situation that erodes freedom, we need to look at the two states of being, light and shadow. Every positive idea in the light has its negative ‘not’ counterpart in the shadow. Digital consciousness operates through the shadow, through the dark recesses of the unconscious mind. We cannot feel these processes directly, we simply respond to a subtle nudging that exploits our desires, weaknesses and fears to bring about major events like wars and experimental modes of political expression. You can find out more about this from a documentary series called The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom (2007). It might seem to be dated now but I think it is more relevant today than it was at the time. You can find it on YouTube in three parts. Remember that game theory is a mathematical subject and that mathematics embodies both nature and consciousness. The light attracts negative situations to arise through entanglement in order to understand its own nature. When it gets out of hand, the result is indistinguishable from outright evil. The shadow mind is not evil. Whatever you choose to call it, the collective unconscious finds what it needs in us.  Love is blind.
  • The karmic burden needs to reduce if we are to avoid large-scale destruction on the human race. The people with all the power and the money will not give it up willingly. They believe it is real. The only thing that is real is the suffering they are creating for themselves in the future, in this or some other state of being. Powerful people are deeper in the trap posed by the systems than all those they impoverish. This is the suffering they must take on. Money in itself is not evil. It is what we do to acquire it that makes the difference. If and when we activate our analogue sensibilities, we will not need money at all. Squirrels do not trade in nuts because there is no advantage in having more than they need and no advantage in stockpiling them. Squirrel society is simple but even so, they steal from each other. Human society is highly complex. That complexity is rising exponentially and with it, the growth in opportunities for unethical and fraudulent behaviour. It is happening on all levels from the online hackers and scammers, stealing pets and in the upper echelons of business, commerce and politics. ‘If you bought a diesel car between the years….’ etc. The bigger the crime, the less chance there is of being punished.

Follow these links to see some examples of ‘justice’ in the digital universe:

  • If you followed those links and saw the situations they describe, it is tempting to ask ‘who is to blame?’ The answer is everybody and nobody. It goes with the territory. In the quantum digital universe we are operating on low consciousness that has no basis for judging the effects of actions. Value-based mind deals entirely with facts. Only subjective mind can assess the intangible consequences of actions and that aspect is missing from the collective consciousness on this dimension. Individually, people may be sensitive to feelings and mental suffering but systems do not. The law is the law. In practice the systems will always protect the rich and punish the poor. We have totally immersed ourselves in an abstract structure that has no tangle existence other than assets. You can lock people up in a building but a prison is a state of mind.
  • The reason why political systems do not work in the digital universe is because too many people are out for what they can get. You cannot legislate fairness and equitability. This digital shadow state hides the consequences of our actions. People think they can scam and con people and get away with it. If this were not so we would learn nothing. However, the planet does not belong to us. It is not ours to destroy. We will not be allowed to do it. Our days are numbered unless we change.
  • Our difficulty on earth is that we have surrendered our free will to the systems that control us. It seems as if the army allows and expects you to kill, the bank allows you to bankrupt people, your employer expects you to sack somebody, the prison authority expects you to incarcerate and punish somebody. These are all actions that have a negative consequence. You can say that your victims created the situation when they acted wrongly. Those people must accept responsibility in the game for wrong behaviour. That is not the point. Karma, the rule of spiritual cause and effect, focuses entirely on the consequences of actions rather than their justification. Every event, every action is a quantised subjective entity. What came before and what happens afterwards has no bearing on what is happening now. Karmic processes do not work out on the physical dimension like momentum transfer. These are higher dimensional adjustments that take the entire history of the universe into account. Systems exercise authority over us that they do not really have except in our own minds. It is the people they use that think they have the right to control us and even to kill in some circumstances. Temporal power is a dangerous weapon to wield. Systems can treat us badly without incurring karma. It is what they do. It is the people who work for the systems that become saddled with the responsibility.
  • There are no easy answers. Can we allow people to behave wrongly in ‘the real world’? Doesn’t society need to protect itself? Many of the victims of systems are innocent of doing wrong. They are just ‘unlucky’. We know that people lie on social media but does that justify the IT companies in suppressing truth? It doesn’t matter to Google or Facebook. It is their employees who carry the can. The human race is in a trap of its own making. We must take back responsibility from the systems and find enlightened solutions to collective difficulties if we are to escape. We need to organise ourselves and not allow people who have no personal merit to rule our lives.

The Nature Being

There are four basic levels of being:

  1. Impersonal oneness    –           subjective mind.
  2. Personal awareness     –           objective mind.
  3. Analogue being           –           the aura.
  4. Digital being               –           physical body.

This sequence is a closed cycle in the pulse of digital time. Each pulse is like a static frame of the movie. Time is the flow of energy that tells the story.  There is only one story. Your personal story is a version of that one story.

Digital being is information. All transactions are an exchange of information on the digital level and of energy on the analogue level. All entangled transactions pass backwards and forwards between subjective and objective states through Taijitu. The pure essence of the light translates the subjective meaning of the moment into essential experience. The infinite state perceives the story as it unfolds across subjective time as a movie projected in the light. Infinite mind constructs the entire programme from the sensory output as a timeless, living experience without separation of self and the environment. There is no separation between these elements and levels of being; all is one.

  • The entire focus of consciousness dropped down to level 4 with ‘the fall’. We are aware only of objective mind and physical form. 
  • The great dream has the attributes of game, drama, play set in a kindergarten context. Unfortunately, the kiddies have taken over the playpen. They are killing each other and building dangerous toys like nuclear weapons that disturb the neighbours and bring unwelcome attention.
  • The game playing system operates on two levels, digital and analogue.
  • The digital layer takes general ideas and manifests them as particular concepts through the action of the number one. The one unit is the prime entity and the fundamental reality behind all existence.
  • The digital universe is electrical in nature. It consists mostly of tiny particles like miniature black holes that generate the illusion of space by popping in and out of existence.
  • The analogue universe is wave-like. It consists predominantly of cells of light corresponding to the units of darkness in the digital state.
  • The quantum universe is the zero dimensional; it is composed of points. The wave universe is the one or linear dimension. ‘Physical’ light travels in straight lines unless deflected by the curvature of space. Even then, the trajectory is linear to the light. This dimension is where the field lines of magnetism exist.
  • Electromagnetic waves move on a linear basis in the analogue phase and collapse into photons (‘particular locations’) in the electric phase. Propagation bounces around between the two like stretched elastic. 

The levels described above are a key to the four phases of being as originally intended:

  1. Infinite essential beingness, the passive viewer that experiences the simulation.
  2. Analogue wave state that energises and organises that form – originally the spiritual being in the role of the game player.
  3. The whole being – the state of balance integrating digital and analogue layers – at one time, a semi physical and semi ethereal being with advanced[9] mental and physical abilities.
  4. The quantum digital layer that simulates physical form – the role in the game subservient to the game player.

There is a metaphor for the way the digital form interacts with the analogue body in the cinematic technique of motion capture. Imagine the electric body to be a black space with key points of light (chakras and acupuncture points) located along lines of light (meridians). If you look at these two videos you will see how the analogy works:

The digital imagery of motion created by the actor in a suit feeds into the animated ‘avatar’ in the computer software. Technicians or animators integrate the animated character into a movie or a computer game. The one who watches the drama or plays the game is equivalent to the infinite observer who experiences abstract sensation as simulated physical existence. It is all just digital information processed by mathematical algorithms to generate an imaginary character in a fictional environment. None of it really exists. There is no such thing as space. Only the perception of it in abstract consciousness is real if we define reality as the essence of truth and love.  

Our current situation came about because the focus of our consciousness slipped out of phase 4 and dropped into phase 2, the quantum layer. How this may have happened and the consequences that arose I will address later. HPB has a sequence of diagrams in the Proem that tell this story. While we were in the balanced state we had two levels of consciousness that worked closely together. In level 3 we had a superconscious analogue mind that used the digital brain functions to negotiate with the physical environment. When we invested our entire sense of being in the lower brain function, the animal mind, we lost touch with our spiritual nature. 

There will be at least one more part to this article in due course.

By the same author

Missing Time a novel by Terry Edwards available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. This book is also available from IngramSpark through booksellers.

Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle.

Note: Missing Time is definitely not written in the same style as these articles on consciousness. I admit to being biased but I think it is humorous and thought provoking if you like artificial intelligence, androids, aliens, secret governments, flying saucers and the spiritual evolution of the human race. 

[1] There is only one mind but we all use it.

[2] Chakras are portrayed as having petals like flowers radiating from a central point. I suggest that this portrays the relationship between digital centres and analogue waves that emerge from them in one mode and locate them in time and space in another.

[3] The underlying mechanism is extremely complex and intricate. I hope to deal with it in a future part of this article.

[4] It is possible to derive inspiration from higher mind but most of us need to take positive steps to activate it. I am not saying that we have no higher mind. I am saying that we are no longer conscious of being it.

[5] In order to write this article, I had to extend my mind into unfamiliar regions of concept space, experience them as subjective essence and translate them into objective metaphors. It began with a vision I had of Indra’s Pearls while travelling on the London Underground near Stratford Station in 1992. There is an excellent book on the subject: Indra’s Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein is a geometry book written by David MumfordCaroline Series and David Wright, and published by Cambridge University Press in 2002 and 2015. I interviewed Caroline Series for Mathematics Today:

[6] So for example, your heart is a distinct sub entity in your body but it does not exist in conceptual isolation as you do.

[7] There are many electronic devices on the market to enable people to play virtual reality games. The key point is that all these toys allow a person to enter a virtual world and travel through an environment that does not exist except as an idea. That fictional world in the device does not take up any room. There are rule-based scenarios that constrain a character’s actions to their consequences the way karma works in our universe. The only causal mechanism that scientists see is momentum transfer and gravitational attraction. That accounts for the way the balls run in a snooker tournament but it doesn’t relate to who is destined to win.  It is the predetermined outcome that directs the luck and skill of the players. This is because subjective time works backwards in the unravelling of events towards a foregone conclusion.   

[8] There is no point complaining about the way humans have migrated and over-taken other lands and cultures over thousands of years of digital existence. It is nature’s way of promoting the growth of complexity and originality in consciousness. The English language came out of a need for communication between invading tribes of Saxons, Danes, Vikings, Romans and Celts. So the English started out by driving out the native Britons and Celts. Now some of us are complaining about immigration from abroad. It is nature’s way. It is not about right and wrong; it is about evolution.

[9] Advanced by our standards. They might or might not have been direct ancestors.


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