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Lemuria’s Secret Wealth in Light Crystals written by Eilyen Feirbairn.

Why Lemuria has created so much interest in recent years

Long, long ago, in the Pacific Ocean there was a continent whose land had many little inlets of water surrounding it and which is believed to extend from North Hawaii to the south to the Fijis and Easter Island. (Plate 1)

It was called the land of Mu.  The Tibetans referred to this continent as “Ra-Mu” in their inscriptions on tablets and the Americans call it, ‘The Lost Motherland of Mu.’

Edgar Cayce a Medium, who had access to the Akashic records named it ‘Muri’ or Lemuria and this has been referred to by several authors.   The name Lemuria was thought to be derived from the mammals called ‘lemures’ which the Romans used to describe the spirits of their dead ancestors.  During the 19th Century period scientists found small nocturnal animals called lemurs living in Madagascar and New Guinea.  They believed their original home was some 250 miles away in Africa.  There is no obvious explanation on how they had travelled so far but according to research the Lemurians were able to travel easily across the land and water.

Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, named the Lemurians as the third racein her book ‘The Secret Doctrine’.  The Atlanteans, who have always had a mysterious fascination amongst many, also came from the Pacific Ocean and came after the Lemurians.  However, there was an overlapping period when both their existences were at the same time.  In the past, Lemuria doesn’t seem to have attracted as much mystery as Atlantis did.  But this is changing now as the secrets of Lemuria exposing the origin of man and creation in Mu create a way for us to move forward in the present time.

James Churchward determined that there were 4 major cataclysms during the period between 50,000 to 10,000 years B.C., as numerous islands in the Pacific were subjected to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the area.  The Lemurians were aware of these problems and prepared to save their hieratic writings and artefacts by taking them to India, Tibet and to South America to secluded areas around the mountains where their descendants avoided contact with contemporary civilisation for preservation.  Amongst these secret documentations were the Naacal tablets where we see the inscriptions as symbols.  The vignettes and tableaux were also discovered with decoded meanings and some of these are portrayed below.  Churchward claims “All matters of science in this work are based on the translations of two sets of ancient tablets.”  Naacal tablets he discovered from India and a large collection of stone tablets over 2,500, recently discovered by William Niven in Mexico.  Both sets have the same origin; both sets are extracts from the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.

Records of the lost continent are many, however, agreement between the historians, archaeologists and scientists have not been reached with these discoveries.  James Churchward tells us that man made his advent on earth in the land of Mu – the Naacal Tablets.  Other records give us the geographical position of the lost continent.  The American written records tell us the land of Mu lay to the east of Asia – “towards the rising sun.”  The Motherland of Mu extended between America and Asia, and lay in the Pacific Ocean, and there are sightings from various sources and archaeologists, who have found stone remains of her great cities and temples on these islands.  Below is a map of Mu found in James Churchward’s book “The Lost Continent of Mu. P.48”

Map Geographical Position of Mu.  Plate 1

James Churchward was a Colonel and wrote 5 books each containing highly researched material, ‘The Lost Continent of Mu’ first published in 1926 is one and ‘The Children of Mu’ 1931, “The Cosmic Forces of Mu 1934” are others.   He travelled to India and to South America and several other places in his dedicated research to discover the ‘naacal tablets’, the meaning of the symbols as the prime material regarding the Motherland of Lemuria.  His interpretation is very convincing and compelling with detailed reasoning and correlations between one tablet and another before arriving at his summarisations.

He learned the original story of the creation of the world which was the Land of Mu, and this was where man first came onto earth.  He traced the same story from Mu to India into Egypt and from Egypt to the temple of Sinai, where Moses copied it; and from Moses to the faulty translations of Ezra 800 years later.

He studied a dead language for 2 years and learned from an Indian priest who he became good friends with.  He believed this was the original mother tongue of mankind. He was informed there are only 2 priests in India who knew this language. He called the language Naga-Maya language.  All writings that have to do with Mu are in this language.  The priest helped him to decipher a bas-relief from the Naacal tablets.  The vignettes are displayed below on Plate 2.

The Naacal tablets were exceedingly difficult to decipher but he persevered them with the help of the Indian priest.  In all he devoted 50 years of research and study to the Motherland of Mu.

Here is an example of the symbols: (James Churchward ‘Lost Continent of Mu.’ P.12-1)

“Vignette 1a       Fine straight horizontal lines.  Symbol for space.

Vignette 1b         Symbolizes the Seven-headed Serpent moving in space.  The surrounding circle is the    universe.

Vignette 2           Wavy horizontal lines.  Symbol for earthly waters.

Vignette 3           The circle is a picture of the sun.  The sun was the collective symbol of all attributes of the deity.

Vignette 4           The vertical lines from the sun symbolising his forces which are affinitive to the earth’s light force, which, being set in movement, gives light upon the earth.

Vignette 5           Vertical wavy lines from the sun symbolizes the sun’s forces which are affinitive to the earth’s heat force; they meet, and the earth’s heat force becomes active.

Vignette 6a         Vertical dotted lines from the sun symbolize his forces which are affinitive to the earth’s life force.

Vignette 6b         Symbolizes the sun’s affinitive forces striking the earth’s life force in cosmic eggs, which are in the water, and bringing them into life.

Vignette 6c         Symbolizes the sun’s affinitive forces striking the earth’s life force in cosmic eggs, which are on the land, and hatching then into life.

Vignette 7           This is the geometrical symbol that was assigned by the ancients to Mu.  It is also the hieratic letter M and reads: “Moo, Ma, mother, land, field, country” and “mouth”

Vignette 8           The Tau was the symbol of resurrection in Mu.  It is a picture of the constellation, the South Cross.  The Tau also symbolizes “bringing forth” “emerge,” etc.

Vignette 9           The lotus flower was the symbol of Mu.  Tradition says that the lotus was the first flower to appear upon the earth, and for that reason it was adopted as the symbolical flower of the motherland.

Vignette 10         There was the symbol numeral adopted to represent Mu.  This was because the continent consisted of three separate areas of land divided from each other by narrow channels or seas.

Vignette 11         Keh – the leaping deer – is frequently found in the Naacal tablets; it is the symbol of “first man.” This animal was selected to symbolize the first man because of its leaping power.  Man came on earth perfectly developed; he “leaped” upon the earth in his first and original form without going through nature’s development of life.  In other words, he was a special creation.

Vignette 12         This was the ancient symbol for fire in Mu.  The lines begin thick at the bottom and wave and taper to a fine point.

Vignette 13         This vignette appears on a tablet describing the raising of the mountains and the formation of gas belts.  Therefore, we see where the Egyptians obtained their symbol of fire, also the scarab.  The Naacals from India carried them to Egypt.  The Egyptians put a handle on the Naga and turned it into a sword.

               It is not hard to find the reason for the Egyptian change or modification.  In their hieroglyphics they wanted to depict two forms of fire; the fires of the underneath and actual flames.  This they did to record the destruction of the motherland, which they say “into a fiery abyss” and “was enveloped in flames as she went down.”  The symbol is shown on the Egyptian sacred book, the Book of the Dead.

Vignette 14         Churchward considered this vignette to be the most interesting of all those found on the Naacal tablets.  It depicts man’s advent on earth in the land in Mu.  I shall first dissect it by showing separately each symbol.

A                             is the lotus, the symbolical flower of Mu.

B                             Three pieces of foliage, giving Mu’s numeral.

C                             The hieratic letter M, Mu’s alphabetical symbol.

D                             The Tau symbol of resurrection “emerging” “coming forth,” and “to appear.”  The head of the Tau, being the hieratical letter M, also means land; so land is emerged.

E                              is the water symbol.  The emerged land is surrounded by water.

F                              is Keh – the first man.

This last vignette was Churchward’s reason to continue his research on Mu.” 

We can see by only this small exert of information how revealing Churchward’s findings were in their significance to history and to our being here on earth.  It seems it was his quest in finding these vast amounts of credible and sacred information relevant to the start of humans on earth.

Profile for Eilyen Feirbairn

Since I was a young child, I had searching questions about life and looked for inspiration and like most of us had challenges to overcome.

I was a very active type of person in sport, dance and exercise.  I chose to pursue this pathway, but I had issues with my back that used to pull me backwards.  So, after experiencing a diagnosis from the hospital that I would never be able to dance, nor have a sitting down job I pursued alternative ways which lead me to becoming a professional dancer and teacher. 

I wrote a major part of the Vogue Exercise Book 1984, which contains therapeutic movement to working with the alignment of the posture. I also practised aromatherapy with pressure points at the Hale Clinic and combined it with a nutritionist.  I gravitated in becoming a theosophist and run healing circles mentoring in the spiritual world of universal truth. I have written several meditations both for adults and children.  A few of these meditations can be found on Utube.  One of them being ‘The Healing Pool Meditation’ by Eilyen Feirbairn.

An Integrated Life coach inspiring people creatively in exploring their emotional/mind and body well-being.   

In loving appreciation and gratitude.

Eilyen Feirbairn, Cert.Ed.


Published by hermesrisen

writer, theologian and broadcaster, my work can be found at Colyn Boyce is co-editor for Hermes Risen and is a writer, photographer and all round good guy.

5 thoughts on “Lemuria’s Secret Wealth in Light Crystals written by Eilyen Feirbairn.

  1. A brilliant article and well written and researched. Inspirational material. Well done Eilyen. Kook forward to the second piece.


  2. Eilyen Feirbairn has written this so accurately and explains this so beautifully in her writing.
    I would like to thank her for sharing this piece of amazing history with us all.
    Look forward to reading more articles from this amazing author – Eilyen Feirbairn,.


  3. Lemuria – By Eilyen Feirbairn

    She has written this so accurately and explains this so beautifully in her writing.
    I would like to thank her for sharing this piece of amazing history with us all.
    Look forward to reading more articles from this amazing author – Eilyen Feirbairn,.


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