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Life in Lemuria and Atlantis and their healing. By Eilyen Feirbairn

According to the writings it was discovered the Lemurian people were called the giants with their height ranging around 8 feet tall.  They were slim and attractive and had highly developed third eye frequency.  They were able to communicate through telepathy.   Amongst them were elders who held the sacred wisdom and aligned themselves in being supportive for the Lemurian people.  They were known to be a peaceful race although, research has shown there was a conflict between Atlantis and Lemuria which caused a war between them.

They were highly vibrational people as they could switch from one dimension to another passing easily through each one.  It was thought they came from another planet to earth in their incarnation to learn about how to use the physical state of being on this earth.

The Lemurians and the Atlantis people were healers working with the Light with sacred geometry and with crystals.

Sacred geometry was used to position the Light Temples on top of mountains and align the points in pyramid forms.  This brought the frequency to a higher, spiritual vibration and resonates to specific geometric configurations.  The Lemurian continent’s shape was a six-pointed star with a community base positioned on each point.  Each of these communities created a six-pointed star within them, so there were 36 points in all.  These grids were called ley lines and thought to be like acupuncture points.  The ley lines are like the nervous system of the continent and were the energy vortices at each point. These energy vortices link in grids to raise the frequency of Light.  Each point had a Light temple which linked to each other. 

Crystals were found inside caves, on the sides of the mountains, in waterfalls and stream beds.  The crystals were used as energy conductors.  Just like a radio the crystals emitted signals, as well as responded to, transmitted and amplified energy.

Crystals were hung on trees, where foot paths linked along the grid lines and met at the grid points as Light Temples.  They adorned their bodies and their homes with crystals and did rituals placing the crystals in strategic places.

They used quartz crystals as well as other crystals but the most identifiable crystal that is found and which identifies itself as a Lemurian Crystal is a quartz consisting of horizontal striations on all the panels which can be felt at the fingertips.  Theses crystals can be clear, misty, cloudy or milky.  The top of the quartz has a cathedral point at the end.  This is called a single terminator and usually used with healers.  The double terminator which has cathedral points either end are used mainly for agriculture and for amplifying grid lines.  Others are clear at the top and cloudy below. These crystals also have misty shades in varying hues in blue, red, yellow etc.  Lemurian quartz are high vibrational quartz energy and are expensive to buy.  Since the area of Lemuria has certain formations that create crystals there are other crystals that are Lemurian as well.   They can be sourced from India or from Brazil.

To understand the nature of a crystal, it can generate energy and amplify it.  They can move and transform energy and they can retain coded messages.  It is said that the Lemurians transferred their secrets about healing into the crystal to be given to us to discover at a later date.  Certainly, meditation is prevalent in this time and is ideal to practise holding the energy of a Lemurian quartz and see if you can reclaim their sacred secrets.  

Nowadays, quartz crystals are used in wrist watches, radios, cars, computers, rockets, technology etc.  Quartz crystal is a piezoelectric material.  An oscillator circuit composed of an amplifier and a resonator applies charge to the thin sheet of quartz crystal and the crystal mechanically vibrates because of the reversible piezoelectric effect.  The crystal acts as a resonator in the circuit.

Many healers use crystals in their treatment sessions and indeed in distant healing too.  The Navajo medicine shamans knew how to programme crystals.  They meditated in the sun energy and were so in tune with the earth, plants, animal nature and universal energy.  Crystals are used in the form of an orgonite in the shape of a pyramid.  Inside are pure crystals mixed with synthetic crystals combining a copper wheel of life which causes a piezoelectric action and this helps a person to sleep well at night and in reducing any disturbed cells that may be negative energy bringing the body into balance once more.

To programme your Lemurian quartz you can run it under clear water.  It can be soaked in the water with pure sea salt for a few hours or days and when removed from the water and dried, it is ready to be programmed.

Another way to charge the crystal is to leave it on a windowsill, where the sun’s rays can penetrate its warm energy and reflect its light onto the crystal. Another charging method is with a selenite stone.

When you first receive your Lemurian quartz, after cleansing, hold it in your hand and become attuned to its energy.  When you are ready with the meditation you wish to use, make an invocation with appreciation and gratitude to bring in the messages held in their vibration and to receive whatever information you may be seeking.  

You can also place the Lemurian quartz near or onto the crown of your head to access the third eye connection and to connect with source through the crown.  Another way is to hold the Lemurian quartz near or onto the third eye.  Feel and sense its vibration.  You might feel a slight tingling, you may sense a cool breeze or a warm one, or a warm glowing sense.

Every Lemurian quartz has a different vibrational frequency, and you can begin to tune in to it and then choose which crystal you want to use for the situation you have in hand.  If you are doing a past life regression or an inner child regression this is an ideal crystal to use. You may also use it in self-healing.  Call the intention of abundance, healing, self-empowerment, calming, balancing energy, etc.  These are just a few suggestions for you to try.

A Lemurian quartz holds the energy of the past and is called a record keeper holding mystical information within its lattice inside the crystal as each one has a message for you to unfold.

Another way to use the crystals are in grid forms, create a sacred geometry grid which will enhance the energy and frequency of the invocation.

A Grid can be in circles or in triangles or any sacred geometrical shape. See below on Plate 3.  I have chosen the circles to use the energy of flow.  You will see amethyst, green aventurine, chrysocolla, rose quartz and lemurian quartz crystals on the grid.  In the centre is a sphere in clear quartz. 

Plate 3

Clear quartz is a power stone and is used to cleanse and to amplify the intention.  Here we can place an intention on cleansing our spirit and feeling love at the heart centre and to emanate compassion. To heal the heart I chose aventurine.  Chrysocolla is a harmonising crystal and the Lemurian quartz for supporting the crystals and radiating a clearing of the past, healing of the heart and being in one’s own empowerment with clarity of mind manifesting your desired intention.

The crystals were soaked in salted water for a few hours, dried and then smudged with sage.

Plate 4

Here we see various Lemurian Quartz crystals and some are enlarged below on other photos.

Plate 5

 Here we see the clearness at the point on one side and the cloudy on the other side.

            Several formations are visible although not distinct inside the crystal.

Plate 6

 Here we see the clearness at the point on one side and the cloudy on the other side.             Several formations are visible although not distinct inside the crystal.

Plate 7

This Lemurian crystal demonstrates a cloudiness at the bottom, and as you glance upward towards the point the facets become clear.  Here the striations are very clearly indicated on each panel.

You can see with this one it has a cloudy finish with a red mist colouring. (Plate 8)

Plate 8

Plate 9

This Lemurian Crystal is clear almost silvery with a slight mist of blue running through it.  It comes from Brazil. Plate 9

Plate 9a

This is the same Lemurian crystal as Plate 9 where you can see the clearness and the brightness. The dimensions of this holographic crystal with 2 crystals growing in the bottom at the left-hand side.  About halfway up you can see pyramid shapes holding messages from their ancient wisdom and signifying their movement in forming new crystals as they grow.

To finish this article, I wish to add that so much material and research could be added but what is written is hopefully an inspiration for you to discover your inner being with a Lemurian understanding and use this energy to keep your own vibration in high frequency as our world is changing with the tectonic plate of the earth and more Light is being transmitted towards the earth, those of us who wish to keep afloat can vibrate with higher frequencies and in harmony with nature. Be an inspiration to those in need of help. 

With Love and Light


Some information has been drawn from these two authors as well as

James Churchward, The Lost Continent of Mu (1926)

Shirley Andrews, ‘Lemuria and Atlantis’ (2019)

Lauren O. Thyme, ‘The Lemurian Way’ (2017)

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3 thoughts on “Life in Lemuria and Atlantis and their healing. By Eilyen Feirbairn

  1. Fascinating! I loved this article and feel Eilyen Feirbairn has really captured the essence of Lemuria.

    Look forward to reading further articles by Eilyen

    Thank you for sharing and such detailed research on the subject.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It seems the author has the knowledge and the talent to pass it to the reading audience.
    Thank you Eilyen.


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