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Consciousness Revealed Part 3 by Terry Edwards

Individuality in a Hive Mind

Like Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. For me, the universe is an impossible thing. It doesn’t even exist. We don’t exist. That’s what makes it so delightful. The universe is just information translated into meaning and experienced as infinite sensation. Ask yourself, in a world of objective information, what does it mean to believe? If we were in the state of subjective consciousness we would not need to believe; we would know (gnosis). So, does belief in an objective concept mean that we should say it to ourselves 20 times a day? What is the mechanism for belief?  If it comes down to the discharging of neurons in the brain, should we keep that cell charged up and ready to fire? When I was a about 13 years of age, I had Christian relatives who told me that the Bible is the holy word of God. My response was ‘if all God had to do was write the bible, why did He bother to create the universe?’ They also told me that when I die, I would be gone forever. Only members of the church will be bodily resurrected when Jesus returns. They said He will put nonbelievers to death with His sword. When I stayed with them, I had to go to their church with my cousin. I arrived early with the other boys and we waited outside the building. They passed the time before the adults arrived by playing rugby with a bible. As a nonbeliever, I found that quite comforting. I wasn’t alone. I have written this article for fellow nonbelievers who would like to think outside the proverbial box. I have a favourite saying, ‘It’s true we only have one life. Fortunately, this isn’t it.’

Our story so far as unfolded in Hermes Risen magazine

The Centre of the universe[1]: explains the basics of the imaginary idea of a centre of infinity. It suggests how this enables infinite beingness to create an experience of pseudo-physical existence in non-duality as a holographic virtual reality simulation.

The Information Universe[2]: explains how in 1992 I applied the idea of entity modelling, a technique from systems analysis to the concept of a holographic quantum digital universe. It covers the role of information in an organic universe and touches on the significance of systems and their proliferation through the phenomenon of emergent complexity.

Consciousness Revealed Part 1[3]: explains how the universe divides conceptually into two virtual layers. There is an upper analogue state intertwined with a lower quantum digital level. The upper level was where our distant forerunners occupied roles in a virtual reality simulation. This allowed infinite beingness to animate pseudo-finite bodies in the lower quantum state. At some stage the superconscious analogue being ‘fell’ entirely into the lower digital ‘animal’ state with a very limited objective mind. In losing its primary focus as subjective analogue consciousness, the human being forgot who and what it was and ceased to understand the consequences of its actions. By default, humanity acquired free will. However, this is the digital universe, so the inevitable terms and conditions apply in the form of karma. Karma is an algorithm within the simulation that correlates subjective response to physical actions. It records the analogue sensations accumulated throughout our lives from what we do to each other. Consequently, the simulator shapes a storyline that balances out the good and the bad experiences by shaping individual and global events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 2[4]: contains a more detailed explanation of the nature of consciousness in two fundamental aspects, objective and subjective. The infinite state of oneness subdivides into planes of consciousness that allow infinite beingness to feel the sensations of ‘physical’ existence. The quantum digital state is the domain where subjective meaning takes on objective form as a pattern of information. The ‘user’ of this system is infinite being that constructs the entire universe of its own creation in abstract, essential mind. The Taijitu, the diagram that portrays yin and yang, acts as an analogue to digital converter to turn analogue wave functions into digital ‘physical’ form in accordance with David Bohm’s implicate order. The process is two-way. The Taijitu takes the digital response to the impetus of time and converts it into subjective sensory feeling. It is this that infinite being registers as physical existence with no attempt to judge or intervene in the unfolding events.

Orbs[5]: This short article discusses the topic of orbs in three aspects, small glowing spheres that appear sometimes on photographs (visiting spirit entities), fractal orbs as elements in the structure of universal consciousness and large orbs as seen as objects filmed in space as sentient beings that have fully transcended from the quantum-digital state to full analogue-wave existence.

My Intention

Before I continue to explore the nature of consciousness, I would like to explain something. When Madame Blavatsky (HPB) wrote her books there was no intellectual basis for an analogue-digital metaphor for the universe. Her terminology had to come from somewhere so Eastern religious mysticism appears to have served her purpose. I am assuming this because I have not studied the subject in depth. The Theosophical movement has studied the SD for over 130 years, I am sure the original terminology is completely satisfactory. However, the material I am presenting in these articles did not come from Theosophy. I would not presume to interpret the Secret Doctrine as a concept. At the same time, I see a significant overlap in the underlying meaning best illustrated in the opening paragraph of The Proem[6]. This short piece of writing seems to encapsulate the substance of the ideas I am working with. All similarity ends with that. I do not have HPB’s literary eloquence or breadth of vision. What I do have is a comprehensive, abstract, subjective model that exceeds my powers of finite expression to describe.

Mundane Metaphors

I find concepts from science and technology such as computers, networks, binary code and virtual reality quite helpful. In my experience, people who have never studied anything remotely esoteric respond to these metaphors. They seem to resonate strongly in the collective consciousness of contemporary humanity, what I refer to as ‘the hive mind’. If esoteric understanding is to be of practical benefit to Western culture, it must go beyond the realms of philosophy and Eastern mysticism. Too much is at stake now to keep it within the circles of the converted. It is time to come down from the mountain. This model represents a practical methodology for interpreting those aspects of consciousness and mind that have been mysterious for so long. I suggest that humanity has developed digital technology as a practical metaphor for its own nature. When the time is right the ‘penny will drop’ and this understanding will emerge. We are primed for an epiphany of realisation that we are all manifestations of one divine being exemplified by the number one, animated by its spiritual meaning of oneness or love. Numbers are the key to understanding the nature of thought. We are all just thoughts in universal mind, as is the planet and the entire universe. These ideas are not new. It is really all the same old stuff we have chewed over since Plato and probably before him. The change is in us. Technology has given us a new consciousness and a different perspective on reality. It will be our destruction or our salvation; the choice is ours. We cannot look to temporal power to assist us. No elected government is going to realise the importance of the spiritual life. Governments and commerce have nothing material to gain and everything to lose if we fulfil our evolutionary potential. The irony is that the people who hold office stand to benefit as much as any of us from a spiritual renaissance. We are all in it together. Materialistic forces in the quantum state of digital consciousness manipulate the manipulators.

Whys and wherefores

Free will enrolled us all in a virtual reality game. We act and the game responds but not immediately. Karma is a facet of subjective time in the unravelling story of this ‘pseudo-physical’ existence. We do not see it working. The game acts indirectly through corrective experience and suffering or through the rewards of the heart and the joys of living. Our choices call the tune. The downside of the game is a spider’s web of abstract systems of our own invention. If these systems were people, we would lock them up and throw away the key. As always, we have created them for a reason. Currently the systems of control and surveillance are constricting our lives. There are practical and necessary reasons for this in the external world. The external world is the dream of unconscious mind. The inner world has its own agenda; in this case to teach us the value of freedom by taking it away. Spiritual forces may seem irrelevant in this dimension. They are the wood we cannot see for the trees. Truth to tell there is nothing else that matters. Presidents and prime ministers, generals and police chiefs; all of them are total irrelevant in the reality of spirit except as aspects of the one being. Nobody is more important than anybody else in the state of oneness. In the play, dream, drama, game they are just role-playing actors delivering a script[7] created by the hive mind of the human collective consciousness. ‘Reluctantly’, they strip us of rights, freedoms, pleasures and livelihood ‘for our own good’. Those in power do not understand that the universe will hold them accountable for all their actions, positive and negative, to weigh them in the balance. Follow this link for an example of how society cares for the poorer families in this quantum-digital state of existence:

We create our own virtual reality universe.  Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Christmas gets the turkey vote

My point here is not political. It is spiritual. In the quantum-digital state of existence, we view all activity through the filter of value. That is why we have created the concept of money. Poverty for the many creates wealth for the few. The mechanism that drives this natural consequence is the relationship between positive and negative that we identify as Tao. If we had retained significant stake in the analogue-wave dimension, we would view activity through the filter of heart-felt love and integrity. We lost all that with ‘The Fall’. The people who do these things are not really to blame. They do not know any better. Their souls have no substance. If they did, the game wouldn’t pick them for those roles. The world’s resources are not ours to take. We should use only what we need and that done with fairness and generosity. We will never find a solution to our troubles in politics. It is simply another aspect of the quantum-digital game that controls our lives. Society has a hierarchical structure that mirrors the entity model behind the quantum-digital information of the physical dimension. The people that run the world suffer from a superiority complex. Those who rule society may see themselves as the highest when they are the least among us. This is not a judgement; it is a consequence of nature. We can think ourselves important in our heads but not in our hearts.  If you want to see an example of the kind of thinking behind ‘the new world order’ just look at this from a key player in the game:

Climbing out of the pit

However, this cosmic manipulation through chaotic mind is subtle and far too powerful for us to anticipate and control. Through the subjective nature of higher universal mind, time works backwards to draw events towards inevitable foregone conclusions. This ensures that no experience is wasted. Infinite spirit is why we are here; it is what we really are. We are pseudo-finite aspects of infinite being. Ultimately, the dissolution of materialism will force us back to the higher, analogue, spiritual layer[8]. Nobody is to blame for what we are going through and yet we are all responsible. It is time to choose love before separation and truth before lies. There is no way back. There is much evil on the planet. Dark forces emerge from the collective unconscious ranging from abusive personal relationships, all the way to satanic practices and secret societies. The coming of the light will show it for what it is. Nobody is perfect. We each have a toolkit of faults and weaknesses to work with. What counts is not the things we have done and the mistakes we have made but the good we will do when we understand who and what we are. We must set our own house in order to take our rightful place in the greater universe.

The real power behind the throne

King Edward’s Chair, Westminster Abbey, England.
Photograph by Kjetil Bjørnsrud – Own work, CC BY 2.5,

The joke is that governments believe they know what they are doing. They think they are in control of events. However, a much higher level of consciousness directs the course of history in this virtual reality game. The struggle between light and shadow is illusion. There is neither struggle nor conflict. The universal wave function is like a gigantic flower unfolding and expanding into ever greater depths of complexity as it explores the unimaginable fractal wave of its own existence. It is the endless delve internally that shapes physical form and events externally. Only light is real; shadow is simply a filter to hide the truth of our divine nature. Politicians and organisations in authority simply tinker with outcomes. Totalitarian power is a double-edged sword that damages the one who wields it. Ultimately such power is impotent. It entangles those who would manipulate in a vast network of negative consequences far beyond their understanding. The framework of laws and rules they use to control us are spiritually bankrupt because they rely on fear and coercion to modify behaviour. Society would be better served by collective enlightened cooperation but that will not be easy to bring about ‘in the real world’[9] without a collective change of heart. The entire process of government works counter to the principle of oneness. The people who work for these systems at all levels of authority and responsibility enforce rules irrespective of outcomes. Some of their actions are beneficial. The rule that requires us all to drive on the same side of the road was a great success. However, many acts of legislation result in suffering. Nothing is clear cut in all this. Rule changes benefit some people and injure others. It is the people who create the rules or laws, those that enforce them and those that punish those who break them that bear full responsibility for these effects. So, the politician that starts a war will be required to work off the karma of every act of suffering that they cause. The issue for any and every action in the karmic game is not whether it is right or wrong but what it causes to happen. Issues of motive and intention come into play in the real life beyond physicality.

 Connecting the dots

We need to remember that experience in the pseudo-physical state happens for a deeper reason than we can appreciate while we are in it. While we are finite, we are like single pixels in a digital image. We cannot see the big picture.  Most actions that governments take benefit some and injure others. To the universe, the oneness, each action is an opportunity to learn something about itself. Karma does not take motivations for individual actions into account specifically in unravelling the large-scale digital game. Motives and the intentions of the heart are essential to the processing of the soul in the analogue wave state on the personal level[10]. There is only one way to test the consequence or meaning of an action and that is to run the same sequence without it. There are infinite parallel versions of the world and its virtual environment, some testing the negatives and some the positives. At the end of cyclic time-themes consciousness pulls the many threads together. This allows infinite beingness or spirit to fully understand its own nature. Somebody attracts you in this life, but nothing comes of it. In another universe you might link up in some relationship, hence the spark of recognition in this life. On a higher dimensional level, you are a quantum unit of light that experiences it all. Imagine the possibility that the entire planet is coming to the end of a quantum time-theme. We might all pull the threads of our multiple lives together to reveal what we really are. I do not know; I see only the possibility. Those who take part in activities that harm people or the planet can expect to be very busy putting it right in another life. No action is too trivial to have an effect. Even if we do destroy the planet, it will live on somewhere. We are the world. We are the universe. Each carries the other in its heart. It is time we lived accordingly.

Infinite matters

Infinity in Fibre optic cable

We cannot reduce the infinite state to finite concepts but that has never stopped anybody from trying (especially me[11]). Perhaps it would be better to speak of the oneness as having an infinite quality, rather than being ‘the infinite’. It is not a thing. ‘Finite’ existence is a metaphor for an unknowable abstract transcendence. Oneness does not require explanation. It is a book we can take as read. Oneness is the idea of existence, the notion of ‘I am’. The universe as we think we understand it is an exploration of that idea. In the end, these are just words. You cannot reason your way through the model. It is beyond logic. Allow the ideas to pass through your mind and the big picture might emerge of its own accord in transient flashes. Esoteric writings, art and literature have a transcendent quality that affects the higher centres of consciousness. It does not affect everybody this way. There are many people who embody the lowest aspects of consciousness. They are dense, insensitive and capable of harming others. Unfortunately, many of them run the planet and have all the money. Our decent into lower physical consciousness amplified the lower centres. This enhancement of sensuality and physicality is why we are ‘born in sin[12]’. It does not mean that we are inherently bad or evil; we are just lost. This descent reduced the functioning of the higher centres from the heart to the crown. Spiritual practices offer a way of reactivating the higher analogue mind. However, this quantised level of being is an experiment. It has opened a whole new way of being. Naturally, we fear pain, grief and suffering but look at it from the infinite side. When pure spirit enters the flesh and goes through dramas beyond imagination, the spirit grows and deepens. The earth is a fast track to spiritual evolution. It is a paradox. Materialism promotes spiritualism for as long as it is a means to an end. Materialism is the nightmare when it becomes the dream. The growth of digital technology and our increasingly computerised virtual existence splits the brain and the soul asunder[13]. The heart is more important than the head. Digital systems and their virtual states exclude this most fundamental aspect of our being. There can be no spiritual component to artificial intelligence, no matter how influential it becomes[14].     

Beyond belief

The quantum-digital mind confines spiritual knowledge to an academic exercise in mystical theology. Meditation, contemplation, artistic expression, etc. can stimulate the subjective superconscious being. For some people, it is just a knack like riding a bicycle. When I express doubts about religion, I am not criticising spiritual practices and beliefs, or the comfort people get from their teachings. It is the nature of hierarchical systems that concerns me. Nobody should be responsible for what they believe but themselves. It is prescriptive dogma that limits progress. There is a balance to strike between sympathetic mentoring and rigid instruction. I know from my own experience that the analogue superconscious mind does not communicate in words or pictures. It influences us with abstract feelings that embody subjective meaning. I might find pleasure in interpreting those feelings as objective metaphors, but it is not necessary to do this. Becoming active on the spiritual dimension is not a means to an end; it justifies physical existence. The objective mind associated with the brain does not feel, it reasons. Activating the heart centre of consciousness elevates the entire being into a peaceful, blissful state. I get two things from this process: flashes of nostalgia that bring forward good memories of the past and, secondly, insights into the workings of spirit and consciousness. Having moments of nostalgia is not the same as thinking about the past. It is a fleeting and instantaneous sensation of experience beyond circumstance and detail. I let it wash over me rather than think about it. Being in nature, perhaps the countryside or a local park can encourage this process. This is just a taste of the ‘kingdom of heaven within’. Digital mind needs intellectual ideas to justify everything it does and believes. It does this by looking outside of itself. It is the pilgrim on a journey. Analogue being feeds on the light of consciousness in all its many forms and manifestations. It finds everything it needs within. Once you find the heart, the centre of your being, there is nowhere you need to go. You cannot leave your centre; you can only change the idea of where you are.

Deeds before words

Individually we can make progress if we live by a code of ethical behaviour. The key systems that rule our lives do not behave ethically – quite the reverse. Unless directed by enlightened thinking or purpose, their instinct is to create secrecy, follow hidden agendas, conceal motives and intentions, deceive and compete for survival and supremacy. The intrusion of modern technology and the demise of ethical principles has obfuscated the role of competition in the financial arena[15]. Secret networks facilitate further layers of deception such as cartels and fake competition. We are becoming inured to the existence of corruption and deception in all systems, whether financial, business, political or governmental. Cover-ups, conspiracies, fake accounting, fake news; very little surprises us anymore. The only sin these days is getting caught. When Which Magazine in the UK highlights fake offers in supermarkets and in online trading, nothing seems to happen. It just goes on. Heads do not roll. The fat cats get fatter. This does not mean that most people are less honest than they were. It means that the systems are becoming more expert at inveigling people into negative behaviour. We all must make a living.

Who needs truth?

The systems regard whistle blowers as their enemy. It does not matter what corruption or wrongdoing they reveal. They are martyrs, born to shed light on the darkest parts of the game. The systems use coercion and reward to hold us back from enlightenment. That is their role in the game. The systems are responsible for the poverty, conflicts and suffering on the planet. It is the people they employ that carry the karmic can; not the systems themselves because they are purely abstract. To evolve we must climb out of the pit of our own creation. Too many people play the survival game to win without knowing the cost. Nobody is to blame. These patterns arise natural in the shadow digital universe. The role of this pseudo-physical domain is to manifest the conceptual opposites of oneness. This is the dream, drama, game, play; it is the schoolroom for infinite being[16].

A Roman gladiator with a weighted net and a trident could entangle and defeat a heavily armoured opponent in the arena. In a universe of opposites, everything we do attracts a contrary force. Our success in creating complex systems presents us with a challenge. In this metaphor, the combined resources of humanity cannot stand up to the forces of entangled complexity in world consciousness.  Complexity is a relentless process that grinds on as new connections in physical and abstract systems arise spontaneously. We do not know it is happening but we live with the results. It is how the nature of thought evolves. Today we can have thoughts in mind that did not exist a century ago. The subjective context must arise before the links in the objective conceptual network can emerge[17]. The state of complexity in our society, our systems and services and our technology are a more reliable indication of the historical perspective than the clock and the calendar. Rules proliferate because hive mind functions in the quantum digital domain through the medium of mathematics that is rule-based. Freedom of choice is fading away to be replaced by collective dogma and coercion. Truth is giving way to authoritarian narrative. We are accustomed to thinking in terms of linear cause and effect. In a physical reality, this would be a perfectly reasonable assumption. However, we must think out of the box when considering a virtual reality simulation. Consider that the natural state for consciousness is a combined quantum-analogue amalgam of information entangled with subjective meaning. Instead, we are in the digital state of objective thought processes that are unnatural. It is made up of information. Meaning has diminished to an objective inference of words based on personal experience and prejudice. That is why there is so much miscommunication, legalese and contracts that none of us understands. The tacit experience of subjective essence in which we moved and had our being, vanished with ‘the fall’. We lost the capacity to think whole thoughts when spoken and written language replaced subjective analogue mind. This entire quantum universe is unnatural, an aberration and misnomer of its own and our invention. So, what the quantum mind is doing is manufacturing a false digital simulation of what it believes itself to be. It is reinforcing a fragile, abstract veneer of reality to distort our perception of what and where we are. We are living out a false dream. We are in a world that is impossible to understand or interpret because there is no truth, no integrity and no human kindness in the systems we have created. We are so much greater than this. We can find a way out of this mess. We will be free when realise that we can be. That will be when we know that we already are.

When the analogue body (aura) stirs in its sleep

The needs of primary consciousness shape the properties of the environment and events within it. In this case, we are the primary consciousness. It is our simulation. Other animals and plants have their own simulation but we cannot really conceive of what that might mean. When we domesticate animals, we drag them down to our level. Survival of the fittest and natural selection are not what they seem. The collective need shapes the circumstances required to evolve in a particular direction. Everything that is happening to us with the pandemic is the hive mind pushing us into a different sense of self. Materialism is giving way to an enforced regime of spiritual necessity. We must find our inner resources or we will leave the planet. Death is not a tragedy; it is a release when it comes to us and provided we do not seek it. If we use it as a way out of our problems, we simply take them with us. Time on earth is composed of quantised fragments of eternity, an orchestrated performance of our unfolding story. It is the analogue wave structure that embodies all the positive and negative feelings of past karma. It creates the moment-to-moment experience of your life and resolves them into a state of oneness through love and joy or pain and suffering. The past does not exist in some other time gone by; it lives inside you now in the form of incidents of time upwelling to be recognised and resolved. You are unaware of this because your ego-driven consciousness focuses in digital-electric separation. Your impersonal analogue self belongs to the magnetic state of repulsion and attraction that sorts out the subjective story of your virtual past into harmony with all existence. Our only means of influencing this flow is through acceptance and detachment. Rejection and discontent simply block the flow of light as it negotiates discontinuities and diversions. The lower, animal being cannot choose what situations arise, only how it responds to events. If we could restore our connection to higher being we would understand that what happens on the outside resonates within.

Being digital

Digital or material existence consists entirely of information (light in formation). On its own level, it is devoid of meaning. That is why we exist in a mathematically organised game. We act our roles and make our moves with no idea who we are and what we are doing. This blindness reduces us to creating intellectual models of reality and false histories to justify our existence. This focus on outward, material existence prevents us from experiencing the coming revolution of the spiritual world within. Events might occur that awaken elements of consciousness and hidden forms of life that vanished with ‘the fall’. It is already happening to some extent. That is why there is so much anger and aggression. We are losing control of ourselves. Our belief systems will crumble away. Everything we have been told about the world and our history is a lie. We have subjected ourselves to an act of mass self-deception. The true conspiracy comes from the desire of the heart to displace the dominant intellect in the head. As infinite beingness we are immortal. However, our material bodies and finite objective animal minds are not. Our physical beings fear death. We are totally immersed on the digital dimension so we take on that fear. No belief system can save us from ourselves. We cannot think ourselves out of the mess. Acting from the heart is the only way to live. If your employer makes you sign a non-disclosure agreement then there is something wrong with what you are doing. You are living a lie and it will poison your soul. The same applies if your job requires you to suppress somebody else’s truth. You are creating hell on earth and you will pay the price. I am no different. I have been there. I know what it is like. We are all in the same boat.

A person wearing a crown

Description automatically generated with low confidenceThe elephant god, Ganesh. Photo by Bhumil Chheda on Unsplash

Do not disturb

Spiritual life is not something to practice for an hour a day, a Sunday gathering or an annual retreat no matter how good these activities might be. We can activate the higher mind by meditating or other practices but it would be better to be in it all the time. To awaken the missing layer of analogue existence, the ever-present elephant in the room, we need to live the life, be the soul and do the deeds with integrity. It is the interior dimension unseen that will no longer be denied. The light is coming. The digital world we have created will seem no more than the chatter of starlings when the time stream of the body gives way to the eternity of the soul. It will come but the question is when? All we can say for certain is that the speed of change is accelerating beyond anything we have ever known in our lives. It does not matter to me; I am in my seventies. It is the mental welfare of young people that concerns me. They deserve better than this nightmare that the bankers, the brainwashing media and the military industrial complex is creating. Nevertheless, we must not lose sight of the fact that there is always a greater purpose behind events that is beyond our finite comprehension. The greatest imaginable fortune is existence and we all have that. Whether we enjoy it or not is down to us. As human beings we are just passing shadows stumbling around in darkness looking for the light while all the time it is inside us.

To do or not to do

Our existence comes from a desire in abstract universal oneness simply to be. That is not enough for digital being; objective mind wants to be active. We see digital existence as an opportunity to do. Our digital society has created a monster, a gladiator with a net of our own making. The tension between being and doing generates unpredictable opposites. Cause and effect work differently in the subjective universe. The spiritual being constantly tests its material counterpart to find its limits. You rush to your vehicle to drive off on an important errand. You drop your car keys down a drain. Nothing much happens in the analogue state but with every pulse of digital time everybody is doing something. It is this tension between being and doing that created the game of karma. Nobody acts in isolation. All human activity interconnects through the hive mind. When an individual tries to push against the inertia of the group he or she creates opposition. Relativity theory, quantum theory, Darwinism[18]; they all went through trial by fire. Without consensus the hive mind is like a blind elephant charging through the jungle. It is the role of communal subjective consciousness, working with the process of karma, to steer the elephant by influencing individuals[19] who are born into those roles. Einstein never did receive the Nobel Prize for Relativity for many complex political reasons. Personally, I think it was a quantum leap too far rather than an incremental development. He took the elephant where it did not wish to go. We move together or not at all. In this universe, the systems are more important than people and we hold money to be more powerful than love. Both these fallacies are self-defeating.

Tea with Cybermen anyone?

Automation is beginning to make us unnecessary. Will artificial intelligence find us superfluous to its own existence? This would create a paradox because systems have no souls. There is more to sentience than processing information. If the purpose of the systems was to free us to lead richer, more rewarding lives, they might become a blessing. Instead, they seem bent on controlling and spying on us. Our descent into a dark shadow of materialism seems inevitable. It is as if we are only of value if we can make money for somebody else. The stranglehold of complexity is making the systems unworkable. Even before the pandemic, the proliferating rules were becoming onerous. Consider how our digital systems force us to click on incomprehensible terms and conditions with every action we undertake online? We have no option but to click. What kind of mind conceives of this nonsense? Why are they doing this to us? Can you not see how illogical and inhuman this is? The paradox is that the wage-slaves who design and implement these algorithms are themselves ruled by them. It seems that the universe gives temporal power to soulless, heartless psychopaths. Who benefits? The answer of course is the quantum digital hive mind that we all belong to. Every day we work harder and harder to achieve less and less. They say the devil is in the detail. If so, we put him there.

Exponential complexity

Emergence and complexity are mathematical certainties. Every day you wake up, the world has become more complex. It is inevitable that when complexity overwhelms the processes, chaos will break it down. We will go to bed each night and find we have done nothing at all during the day. To some extent it is already happening. People tell you that they will do this or that for you. When the time comes, they are too busy making promises to somebody else to do it[20]. ‘I’ll get back to you’ translates as ‘don’t hold your breath.’ It is not their fault. No sane person would have chosen to live as we do now. It feels as if there is a malignant force squeezing and manipulating our lives. What has made this so is our total attachment to the materialist perspective. Collectively we are denying the impersonal, unconditional love that created us and gives us being. Ultimately, we do not exist ‘to do’. We exist ‘to be’. With good will and kind hearts, it ought to be possible to fulfil both these imperatives.    

We are on the verge of a breakthrough

Intellectual ideas will not make a significant difference no matter how enlightened they are. Spirituality is something to live, not just read about. The hierarchical society will dissolve along with the vanishing systems. The arena of change will be the hive mind itself. As an entity, hive mind has no heart. It is the human collective being that needs to change. It is the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz looking for a heart. There must be an upwelling of a new consciousness through the mechanism of the collective heart. All it needs is a trigger. There is a plan. It will take a change of heart on a massive scale. Sometimes it comes about through the life of an individual. Remember the death of Princess Diana and its impact on the world. It was because she touched peoples’ hearts. Everybody could see this except the cold, cynical people who rejected her humanity as trivial. Why would anybody want to ban landmines? Profit before lives is their watchword. The timelines are converging on an event that will answer that question for us all. Only the one being knows when that will be.

“I am, therefore I think”

Our future depends on freeing ourselves from the virtual reality game we have unwittingly created. Even scientists like Brian Cox and the engineer Elon Musk are talking about the universe as a virtual reality holographic simulation. I wonder if they realise the deeper implication of this idea. Religious and scientific dogmatism drives a cultural wedge between spirituality and materialism. Belief systems take sensible ideas and encapsulate them in intellectual bubbles. This isolates the common ground between them. There is one idea that underlies all existence. Science dehumanises it while religion anthropomorphises it. Oneness, pure consciousness, is beyond materialisation or personification. It is bewitching to believe that we exist when really, we are only imagining or dreaming ourselves and the environment into pseudo-physical form. Our analogue being generates a mathematical template called a wave function. The pulse of time in the digital universe causes this wave function to collapse into a shower of points of light. These points project themselves as an array of numerical entities that consciousness perceives as atoms. Thus, the element of reality does not lie in the substance of the body but in our infinite perception of it. We can put this down to the speed of light in this domain, which determines the rate at which the pattern refreshes itself. As infinite being observing the material universe, we are convinced by the seeming reality of the simulation. There is not much satisfaction in being infinite beingness from the perspective of earthly pleasures and benefits. That will all change when our hearts open to the energies of divine consciousness. Belief systems are not necessary in order to experience this universe. You do not need to cling to some conceived notion of your own existence. The wave equation that you express is purely mathematical in nature. It is not even yours. It belongs to the entire state of the universe in the moment. No concept exists except as every other concept defines it. The digital being is driven by an innate insecurity about its own reality. We are encouraged by the ego to be positive, to announce our existence to the world, to achieve great things, to ‘be somebody’. Our analogue-wave counterpart is content just to be. It has nothing to do and nothing to prove. Wonderful!

Doing what we are told

The Economist published an article on 17th December 2016 entitled ‘China invents the digital totalitarian state’. This might sound like an unlikely scenario for Western countries, but it is coming in everywhere. Any political model adapts to suit the culture of the society that adopts it. The right of peaceful protest is under threat almost everywhere. Increasingly police around the world attack passive demonstrations with rubber bullets and teargas. It seems strange that they are willing to sacrifice their spiritual integrity to protect corrupt systems. The reason is simple. People believe they can do what they like without consequences. Governments rule by passive consent. We are being spiritually sedated because there is nothing more dangerous to digital systems than a well-informed, liberated population. The closer we are to waking up, the tighter is the control through social engineering and behavioral modification. Military and paramilitary training strips people of their conscience. It encourages them to do things they will deeply regret. Why would any sane person choose to live the way human beings do on this planet?

  • Capitalism is a system that legitimizes the exploitation and abuse of one part of society by another.
  • Communism – ditto.
  • Politics is a system that allows individuals to choose between two or more systems of exploitation and abuse on the basis of mindless rhetoric, lies, misinformation and dogma.

Boris or Biden today – cornflakes tomorrow

The use of psychological marketing techniques sells political parties in the same way that advertising sells products. All this seems very negative and depressing. However, behind all this superficial activity there lies a deeper reason that is entirely positive and illuminating. We are infinite being serving the purposes of the light of consciousness that allows us to exist in a state of individuality. Every infinite idea has an implicit opposite that gives it meaning. This entire material universe is a state of antithesis of light and love. All this negative experience is simply a means to reveal our true spiritual nature to ourselves.  We are learning about freedom of the spirit by suffering its opposite.

Consciousness and systems

In an analogue universe, we would not have systems of organization. We would cooperate organically and pragmatically. Our values would base on the subjective qualities of numbers; in other words, love and meaning. In this quantum-digital state, systems take root in the collective conceptual network that underlies the hive mind. Here we live by the values of numbers. The epitome of that value manifests as money. Profit is the primary motivation of almost all systems. One of the most damaging aspects of systems over the course of history has been religions. I admire spiritual people who lead good lives and do their best to help others, who pray or meditate to commune with their higher mind. My beef is with the abstract organisations that promote them as belief systems. They express the worst traits of volatile, chaotic, objective consciousness. I opened this article with comments on belief. What does it mean to believe? It does not matter what we believe if we do not lead spiritually motivated lives. Belief alone offers no guarantee of ‘paradise’. Read ‘The Criminal History of the Papacy’:

 We cannot criticize these actions because belief systems offer nothing of value in themselves, only when applied with integrity and honesty. The temptations of temporal power and our obsession with financial profit in the quantum universe override all moral considerations. People are not to blame. It goes with the territory. Analogue being serves oneness, digital being serves separation. The idea of religious institutions like churches is fundamentally unsound.

Blessed are the children

The Church suppressed belief in reincarnation in order to exercise control. One life implies one chance and for many, no chance. Priests and church leaders take on a heavy karmic debt for controlling peoples’ beliefs. Such responsibility has its downside. Heads of religions that dictate how people should live in their intimate personal lives have no idea what shadows they are creating in their own lives, let alone in other peoples’. Ask yourself why so many religious institutions carry out regular abuse of children. Why do so many devout worshippers listen to these people? The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published a report in September 2021. Here is a link:

Quote: ‘In this investigation, the Inquiry obtained evidence from 38 religious organisations with a presence in England and Wales, which vary greatly in character and size.’ The investigation took evidence from 38 religious organisations with a presence in England and Wales. The details are painful. It says: ‘As set out in the report, we have seen egregious failings by a number of religious organisations, and cases of child sexual abuse perpetrated by their adherents.’

Here there be demons

I maintain that there are no bad people because we are all aspects of one infinite being. Jesus incarnated to show us why we are stuck in this quantum dimension and taught people how escape this trap through right living. The systems killed Him to prevent this from happening. It was bad enough that they crucified the man but the real betrayal was to follow. Organised religion negated the sacrifice by distorting and suppressing the message. How to live became what to believe. They murdered anybody who showed innate spiritual gifts, especially women accused of witchcraft. I must emphasise that I am not attacking religious beliefs or religions per se. I appreciate people who live from the heart with love and integrity. It is the nature of dogmatic objective belief and the people that control it that I question. Human beings that seek to curb sexuality and greed in the lives of others may find that they cannot control it in themselves. This is how karma responds. The game presents them with material and sexual temptations. The quantum-digital unconscious mind is awash with demons of our own invention. Judge not lest ye be judged is no idle threat.

Get on with it

There will be no saviour to rescue us from the plight we are in. He’s already been and gone. What more do you want? Who could possibly equal that achievement? Our way out of the mess is through the redeeming nature of oneness, what we might call ‘I am’, the divine presence. When we had an analogue gameplayer using a quantum digital body as a ‘virtual reality avatar’, we did not need bread or breath from the world. With the fall everything changed. Human beings are not evil or sinful by nature. It is when we descended into quantum-digital form that we acquired physicality, pleasure and fear. We became responsive to pleasure, hunger for food, sexuality and heightened emotions like anger and excitement in the gut. Genetic lineage became more important than love. It was this shift that generated the competitive game we call karma. We are not born into sin because we are inherently evil. The capacity for sin is built into the quantum level of being where the material needs and pleasures of the body are the dominant experience. We have no choice in this. The feelings of the heart are our true legacy. This is the kingdom of heaven within. They are gentle, loving and very subtle and get lost in the noise of life unless we consciously seek them. Jesus showed us how to rise above the physical dimension to become a being of light on the fifth dimension beyond the third and fourth dimensions of space and time. It would have been a supreme sacrifice for a sensitive, enlightened being just to be here, let alone tortured by the military, political and religious systems of the time.  Muhammad, Elijah, Enoch and Ezekiel were also said to have ascended into heaven. I infer that this was through the integration of the analogue fifth dimension with the digital fourth dimension into a single spherical unit or orb, collapsing the seven chakras into one. (See my article on Orbs.) Jesus ‘the Anointed’ appears to have raised the consciousness expressed through His digital being entirely into the analogue dimension. I think this was the first time it happened and in doing so a doorway opened for the remainder of humanity to follow. Unfortunately, most human beings failed to adopt His advice on how to live, preferring instead to indulge in possessions, money, power and pleasure.

The dimension of quanta

The drive to find the inner depths of consciousness has no limits in the analogue-wave dimension. The quantum dimension is different because of its particulate nature and the properties of the number one. The finite aspect of the number one is the unit of individualised experience. The infinite aspect is oneness or love. Conflict comes from the apparent dichotomy of the inward flow into extended fragmentation and the outward movement towards oneness through integration. Evolution takes place in regions of darkness and antithesis in the hidden layers of unconsciousness. The human game is taking place in a state of antithesis of love and light where nature seems a callous friend. Alfred Lord Tennyson put it this way:

Who trusted God was love indeed

And love Creation’s final law

Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw

With ravine, shriek’d against his creed.  

Nature, consciousness, love, call it what you will, creates conditions of shadow for new things to emerge in the darkness under directing principles such as complexity, originality and novelty. Forget the universe you see around you. This is not how things are. It is simply a shadow dream of emergent possibility of what might be. The finite unit of being in this quantum-digital dimension is the foundation brick in the wall, the pixel in the image. One day the light will come and reveal the true miracle of what we have all created through our innate wisdom of love. It is a natural stage in the cycle of spiritual evolution. We will awaken to what we really are. We will let the darkened shadows of the past dissolve and emerge into our much-deserved state of divine being. 


[2] See the 5th article down the page.





AN Archaic Manuscript — a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire, and air, by some specific unknown process — is before the writer’s eye. On the first page is an immaculate white disk within a dull black ground. On the following page, the same disk, but with a central point. The first, the student knows to represent Kosmos in Eternity, before the re-awakening of still slumbering Energy, the emanation of the Word in later systems. The point in the hitherto immaculate Disk, Space and Eternity in Pralaya, denotes the dawn of differentiation. It is the Point in the Mundane Egg (see Part II., “The Mundane Egg”), the germ within the latter which will become the Universe, the ALL, the boundless, periodical Kosmos, this germ being latent and active, periodically and by turns. The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all returns. Its circumference — a forcibly limited symbol, in view of the limitation of the human mind — indicates the abstract, ever incognisable PRESENCE, and its plane, the Universal Soul, although the two are one. Only the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows clearly that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy though it still is, that is attainable by man. It is on this plane that the Manvantaric manifestations begin; for it is in this SOUL that slumbers, during the Pralaya, the Divine Thought, wherein lies concealed the plan of every future Cosmogony and Theogony.

[7] This does not mean that every action we take is predetermined. We have qualified free will. If everybody chose to stand for the principle of oneness our lives here would improve. However, the game is structured to play on our weaknesses, fears and desires and it usually takes great courage or sacrifice to go against prevailing circumstances.

[8] Jesus showed how to ascend back to that state through forgiveness, right action, truth, integrity and by living a good life. In the final act His quantum digital body transformed into its analogue counterpart or ‘lightbody’.

[9] When scientists say we are living in a simulation do they mean that this world is real? If you play a computer game, is your ‘avatar’ character more real than you?

[10] This was illustrated in the old religion of pharaonic Egypt as the weighing of the heart.

[11] My only defence is that I experience it in abstract consciousness and then attempt to translate it into objective expression.

[12] The Church invented the idea of sin as a means of control through guilt. Selling absolution to the rich and powerful became a nice little earner. There’s arrogance for you.

[13] The old Pink Floyd song, Welcome to the Machine, is becoming increasingly apt.

[14] My novel Missing Time explored the possibilities if the spiritual dimension was able to co-opt AI. The leading character is an android with a soul shared with a remote viewer in the secret space program.

[15] There does not seem to be the same scope for secret cooperation with belief systems. “My God is bigger than your God” seems to apply consistently in the extremes of religious anthropomorphic deities. The Romans killed Christians in the early days and then the Christians killed Muslims in the Holy Land during the Crusades. And so the wheel turns. Religious thinking can be quite flexible at times. Apparently “Thou shalt not kill” and “Love your enemies” are conveniently conditional on circumstance. The illusion of separation is compelling while we are immersed in the game. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because we do not exist in the first place. We have the comfort of knowing that we will experience at first hand any suffering we cause. It all balances out perfectly. The Tao sees to that.

[16] In the universe of opposites, birth and death are reversed. When we start a new session or incarnation in the game, we are born anew. This represents the death of the old role or personality we acquired in the previous session.  When we die here we see it as the end of life. In fact, all it means is that we have completed our mission here. After physical ‘death’ we go on from this imaginary state of being to start the real life in spirit. While we are here we are embryos in our cosmic eggs. Death is when we hatch into new state of being – whatever that might be.

[17] We do not have thoughts – they exist in their own right. Thoughts ‘have us’ when our brains resonate with their patterns in the universal conceptual matrix.

[18] I see Darwin’s ideas as a subset of something greater. Natural selection as described is mostly an explicate mechanism of change and takes no account of the implicate order. We can view the environment and the individual as being mutually entangled, attempting to satisfy a collective necessity in concert. Evolution works implicitly through the environment.  

[19] Sometimes the same idea emerges from more than one person. It is a karmic insurance policy to back more than one horse in the race. Spirit plans carefully over several generations and multiple incarnations to achieve its goals.

[20] When engineers are required to perform repair or maintain complex systems, they are supposed to conform to a predetermined schedule that is impossible to achieve in the allocated time. Pressure from above in the contractor’s chain of command says ‘don’t bother to do all of it. Get on the next job.’ They might know that the result of cutting corners will be catastrophic failure in the longer term.  Their supervisor will not take responsibility for that failure; he or she will blame the engineer. Sometimes this dilemma involves life-critical equipment in the medical field. Should they do the right thing and risk losing their job? I met a man who was sacked for being too conscientious while certifying life support equipment. Who is right? The systems create this pressure. It falls on everybody, right up to the fat cat bosses with elastic principles. They distance themselves from the mundane detail of the work without taking responsibility for the consequences. Life does not have to be like this. It is all because of the value-obsessed nature of quantum consciousness. We treat quantum-digital time as a commodity. You can even buy time in carparks if you can work those awful payment machines.


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