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Jesus Revealed By Terry Edwards

My introduction

When I was about seven years old my parents decided to send me to Sunday school. They didn’t go to church themselves. I went because they took me there. This introduced me to The Bible, palm leaves and various other accoutrements of the faith. All this seemed unreal but it was the story they told me that really upset me. They kept on about somebody called Christ who was the Son of God and died a horrible death to save my sins. This made no sense. What sins has a child of that age committed? How can one person’s suffering take away another person’s responsibility? I couldn’t put it into words but it felt all wrong. Every Easter two things would happen. I had a chocolate egg, which I loved and I was sick because of the crucifixion story. I could have been the chocolate but I think it was the distress. Something would invariably go wrong for me at the Sunday school. Finally, they sent me to a local evangelist. This was the worst class of them all. With white spittle coming from his mouth, he would rave at us that we children were evil sinners, born in sin and living in sin. Because of our wickedness, God would open the earth beneath our feet and swallow us up. I ran off at the end, terrified that it would happen before I got home. When I told my father, he took me round to see the evangelist to complain. The man was quite surprised by my reaction. He said that most children didn’t take any notice of him at all. He was most impressed with me. Eventually my parents, with great significance and gravity, took me aside. They said that they had sent me to the Christians so that I could know what other people believed. They told me that they were spiritualists. “I know,” I said. “Grandad told me.” It was a wonderful relief to learn that I did not have to be a Christian.

My Disbelief

I never did read the Bible but I heard enough about it at school and Sunday school to form an opinion. I found the miracles were hard to believe. When I was young, I had a Catholic friend. He told me about Lent and confession. Apparently, you could do something wrong but God will forgive you if you perform the appropriate penance; something called a Hail Mary whatever that was. I also heard that a baby that was not Christened would be denied eternal life. This idea outraged me at the time. Now I see it as ideology designed to control the masses with fear and not good physics. At that age, I was unable to reconcile how people could accept the scientific and religious versions of reality that were diametrically opposed. Now I understand that we can compartmentalise belief systems when they relate to separate centres of consciousness or chakras. The heart knows the universe in a way that the head never can. The head takes on its information from dusty old books[1] that present a distorted version of truth. Quantum-digital consciousness deals entirely with objective information and excludes direct access to subjective meaning (gnosis). Why rely on a book about the universe when you can learn to read it directly with your higher mind? Once, humanity was in harmony with the natural world and we understood the oneness of things. The overriding impression I received as a child under ten years of age was how muddy are the waters of belief; how irrational, inconsistent and fanciful religion seems to be. I felt that there ought to be a more rational way of understanding our place in the universe. A Christmas present of a book about science at around 10 or 11 years of age inspired me to want to know more. While science fascinated me as a subject, it totally omitted my early experiences of the spiritual world. That was my first indication that there was a great divide between these two world views. It raised a vague desire to somehow bring science and the spiritual into balance focus.

Jesus of Nazareth

I have never been a Christian and I do not claim to know anything about Jesus. All I know about the New Testament is hearsay. I have written elsewhere how I entered an altered state of consciousness at the age of 43 and began to acquire a different vision of consciousness. Almost 30 years later, I was writing down as much as I could about this model of the universe when I had a massive insight into the role of the story of Jesus. How closely the story is true to the reality of the man is impossible for me to know. The original text of the Bible has been translated backwards and forwards between Greek, Aramaic, English and other languages, often resulting in unintentional as well as deliberate changes of meaning. Selective editing occurred at different times for the purpose of promoting some political, doctrinal or sexist agenda. I offer these ideas as suggestions only in the hope they might be helpful. 

Give it a Chance

My explanation of the role of Jesus has no meaning except in the context of my model of consciousness. That does not make my version necessarily true but it makes perfect sense to me. Ultimately, we are all responsible for what we choose to believe. Belief is an overrated occupation. We are not our thoughts. We are not our beliefs. Everything boils down to experience. I am quite content in the opinion that if I touch a candle flame I will burn. The idea that Jesus was the son of God is somewhat more complicated. How did the creator of the universe and everything in it suddenly acquire strands of DNA? Why would they be human in design? How does an infinite being intervene in a physical situation? The alternative idea I am proposing is more logical but requires an understanding that goes beyond the introspections of theology. It also has the limitation of being totally unfamiliar to almost everybody that might read it. In the end, we might as well decide what to believe about anything unprovable on the role of a dice or the toss of a coin. I am alone in the full understanding of my model because I am the one it came to. I sincerely hope that will change in the future. These ideas are essentially abstract and very difficult to write down in a simple, coherent way. Therefore, I have the benefit of seeing how this theory about Jesus fits perfectly with the overall thrust of the argument. Unless people are able to appreciate the scope of this model as I have outlined it in my articles, it will be some time before people understand the situation we are all in. The limitation is not in us, it is in the nature of the quantum-digital level we inhabit. I believe that Jesus came here to tell us how to get out of it and return to the spiritual dimension we originally came from. I find it difficult to see how anybody can view the state of the world today and not think that a good idea.

The Historical ‘Jesus’

This is a minefield of contradiction. Some say that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi called Joshua Ben Joseph. The name Jesus might have been YaH’Shua, Joshua and Iesius depending on Latin, Greek or Hebrew sources. I have read that the title ‘Christ’ or ‘Messiah’ means ‘The Anointed or chosen one of God.’ All we can say with confidence is that a large portion of the world worships a man called Jesus Christ who may or may not have existed and who was not actually called Jesus. Even the identity of ‘the god’ that chose Him is open to question. He might have been the God of the Old Testament or, for the Roman Empire that shaped orthodox Christianity, he was Zeus. Whatever you call him, God is traditionally male so females need not apply. In prehistory they worshipped the Goddess. How is one to know what to believe? What does it really matter? It seems ‘you pays your money and takes your choice’. Take up a religion, pay your subscription, wear your robes and believe what they tell you. The key word here is ‘belief’. You could live a life of heartfelt generosity, service and love and be barred from eternal life because you didn’t back the right horse. There are alternatives; science and atheism allow you to do what you like for as long as you remain alive. Then you can die happily, looking forward to your reward of non-existence having gone through a totally pointless experience. The mystery of the materialistic belief for me is how a body made of atoms can replace those atoms several times over a lifetime and yet remain the same person. Perhaps we can apply the analogy of Trigger’s broom from Only Fools and Horses.


Christ, You Know it Ain’t Easy

So sang John Lennon in a song[2] that was ambiguously devout or blasphemous. I could not decide which. Parts of America banned it from the radio, which almost goes without saying. The word was bleeped out on an Australian tv show. That probably helped it get to number one. That Beatles’ song highlights the strange aura around the word ‘Christ’ when even a non-Christian like me feels uneasy about it. The word means anointed; a term that does not carry the same aura. I prefer to use ‘Anointed’ in place of ‘Christ’ because it carries a totally different feeling. It cannot be wrong because it is the same word. For me, it shows how you can raise the mystique of a word by not translating it into English. You hear about ‘the Christ spirit’. Why not ‘the Anointed spirit’? Why doesn’t it evoke the same feeling? It is the same word after all. This shows how religion manipulates emotions. Nobody teaches mathematics, science, French or domestic science with emotional fervour. To do something religiously is to do it without thought or question. In finding religion, we tend to abandon reason and logic and replace it with implicit faith. “Here is a story. You must believe it because I tell you.” Virtually everything we are taught in this world comes under the heading of belief systems. It is not the facts of science that constrain the mind; it is the subtle, unprovable and largely unspoken assumptions behind it. “There is no spirit. The universe is material. Nothing exists unless we can measure it. Death is final.” If belief systems are mutually exclusive, how are we to find or recognise truth? If the universe really is a virtual reality as scientists are now saying, can we apply the same limitations to the simulator as we do to the simulation?

The Game

Collectively we have designed our material existence as a survival game motivated by the fear of physical death. The human view of dying convinces us that rebirth into a state of eternal joy and bliss is the worst thing that can ever happen to us. ‘It sounds all right in theory but I’m in no hurry to find out.’ We have nothing to lose because we do not exist in the first place. We are infinite being, pure consciousness, watching a film show from a state where nothing can harm us. The survival game distracts us from expressing our true spiritual nature. The need to survive makes the human species competitive, opportunistic and self-centred. This need translates into a story and a drama with pain and suffering. We invent stories of gods and creators to account for the apparent unfairness of pointless suffering imposed upon us by malevolent external forces. We create suffering through the chaotic nature of unconscious mind in the quantum-digital state. It is real to us; too real and painful to ignore. Two thousand years ago, a spiritually motivated man came to recommend a better way to live. We crucified him and relegated him to the status of a god. Ordinary people tended to believe the message. Either way, they were given little choice. They were enslaved by the class system. The structure of society might look different today but it continues to enslave us. It simply does it in a more subtle way. However, those that make the running on the planet, the rulers and the rich, carried on the same old game. With digital technology taking over our lives, we continue to descend into a virtual reality within a virtual reality. In this slide into ever more trivial activity, fear and drama, we risk diminishing the greater part of our true being. Without a light at the end of the tunnel we are doomed. Never mind, the light at the end of the tunnel arrived two thousand years ago. I believe this was the message of the story of Jesus; only through love, light and service can we resurrect the spirit. The serious difficulty in the way here is one of perception. The winners of the materialist survival game are the losers in spirit. Those who think they are exploiting others are really diminishing themselves. It doesn’t matter whether we believe or not. Here is a question: in the virtual reality game of life, are you the player or the played?

The New Kid on the Block

Science did not set out originally to create a materialist interpretation of existence. In Europe, science emerged from the shadow of the Catholic Church. The Church considered itself the arbiter of Truth long before we acquired social media to censor us. Being devout Christians, the Inquisition tortured and burned people who chose to think differently from themselves. They were not exceptionally evil people. It is simply the way belief systems operate to protect themselves and compete in the quantum-digital game. The story of Galileo Galilei was a landmark warning to all who would be scientists. I believe the materialist vision of science had more to do with its history with the Church than any conscious choice. Newton is credited with the mechanistic vision of the clockwork universe. In fact, he was an Alchemist trying to avoid conflict with religious authority, a very real threat in the 17th Century. Originally, the myth of turning base metal into gold through alchemy was symbolic of awakening material beings to their spiritual nature. In terms of our analogy of the universe as a virtual reality simulation, science investigates the simulation but excludes the processes of the game that generates and sustains it. To understand this, we need to look at how game designers plan their products. The most important question of all is who are the game players? Who uses the game and what do they get out of it?

The Grand Design

There is only one user and designer of the universal game: the state of infinite oneness, love or spirit. As individualised aspects of the one being, we are part and parcel of the creative process. Through the properties of the number one, the system allows one being to become many individuals. Originally, these individuals became game players. A game player might operate many individual characters or roles in sessions called incarnations. In game industry parlance these roles are called avatars, which is opposite to the original meaning of the term, an exalted spiritual being. We are characters in the game. A character has qualities or attributes, a role to play, situations to face and a means of scoring points to measure success or failure. The game we are playing is usually known as karma. I call it the action game. Originally the game players existed on what I refer to as the analogue dimension of waves and vibrations. The counterpart of the analogue dimension, I call the digital or quantum dimension. It is the dimension of zero, where everything is composed of points of light. This represents the quantum digital information from which infinite mind composes the experience of being in a physical body. This state is electrical in nature. The analogue state is the arena of the number one, the linear dimension. Here, the elements of information are lines as magnetic fields and superstrings, tiny units of vibration that generate particles of matter from mathematical wave functions. These two states, through the quality of infinite awareness, simulate the universe we inhabit without actually being it. There is no duality, only the experience of it. Duality is unity perceived from two perspectives, being and nonbeing or light and shadow.

Pawns on the Board

The characters the game players operated semi-remotely, belonged to the digital or quantum state. These characters had a form of primitive consciousness located in the brain. It was sufficient to handle information about the environment to survive, eat and reproduce. In the greater scheme of universal consciousness, the objective mind was little more than a sixth sense. It was sufficient to enable infinite being to interpret physical experience as life on earth through the process of virtual simulation. The game player on the analogue dimension was an intermediary energy being that could enter the physical mechanism like a ghost in the machine. It controlled the movements and activities of the puppet to experience the beauty and benefits of the simulation. Unlike the animal puppet, the game player had an innate sense of right and wrong. This was a time before the survival game we know today actually got going. The analogue dimension is timeless but the digital simulation operates in time like a computer chip with an internal clock. The key idea here is that each entity appears to belong to a separate physical vehicle, a physical form of some kind. Each entity or discrete physical object is a unique vision of the entire universe experienced in infinite mind. There is no whole universe, only parts representing versions of one totality.

Your Starter for Ten

All was well at first but then something went wrong. There was a fall of consciousness. This was before time began to drive the simulation in the way it does now[3]. The players descended into the game and relinquished higher analogue mind. This left only a primitive lower, animal mind to survive. Human beings became little more than hominid animals with brain-based objective intelligence. As modern humans evolved, language replaced meaning in their capacity for abstract thinking. Collectively, they took on time, death and taxes. The survival game began in earnest. Early people remained a part of nature – so-called primitives. When the divisions between societies came to be more important than natural unity, the power game we know today took hold. Life became a contest between the weak and the strong. Jesus came to tell us how to find a way back to freedom and liberation. This upset the political and religious belief systems. We know what actions they took to remove the menace to political and commercial stability – crucifixion. Even if Jesus was able to come back today, the ruling powers would simply repeat the process through character assassination and treachery, culminating in a mysterious death or faked ‘suicide’. This kind of thing sometimes happens to whistleblowers who try to bring light into darkness. We have a highly developed coverup culture today. The public accepts the misdemeanours of the rich and famous as long as it does not become too obvious. We see it in the way the UK government seems to ride rough-shod over the rules and procedures of Parliament.

Virtual Reality Gaming offers us a metaphor for how infinite consciousness experiences the physical universe on the basis of information provided by the quantum-digital information

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Game Designers

Here is a link to an article about the way some virtual reality game designers approach their work.

I suggest it is very telling about the way game designers are beginning to think along lines that mirror the way the universe works. Here are some key quotes:

“Immersion is this ability to create AAA quality graphics and production so you get that sort of physicality of the world around you. Whether it’s hyper-real, like Godling, or something more photo-real, just getting that visual quality is so key to the overall experience.” This perfectly describes the way humanity came to be so absorbed in the simulation that we totally believe in its reality. You can even climb Everest if you have the VR equipment (or your ‘avatar’ can):

Solfar is an Icelandic company that designs games with high-end realism. In conversation, a designer called Gunnarsson makes the following comments.

The team, he says, “got religion” after seeing the Toy Box demo that Oculus created with its Touch controller. 

“It proves that human interaction, human connection within VR doesn’t rely upon fully articulated, 3D avatars. It’s enough to just have that abstract presence and there’s something about the realtime, motion tracking kind of performance capture that you get just from the head, hands,” he explains.

This is a perfect description of how, as an abstract presence, the one infinite being experiences the universe. This accounts for the totally absorbing sense of reality that underpins our existence here. However, it also shows how the universe game requires three elements to create that experience:

  • THE ANALOGUE AVATAR – player – a being of magnetic and vibrational energy – manifesting through the quantum state to create a physical body – the one who directs the personal story – also known as the aura, the astral body and the fifth dimensional body
  • THE DIGITAL AVATAR – the played – a puppet or role made of digital information – the one who plays and is played by the game like a chess piece – perceived by infinite beingness as a physical being
  • THE PASSIVE OBSERVER – THE ONE WHO SEES AND EXPERIENCES EVERYTHING – the abstract presence the state of love and oneness analogous to the mind of the user who plays the game – the all-seeing eye.

Three in One

In universal terms, the abstract presence is the quality of oneness or love but we can call it God or the Holy Spirit. It really doesn’t matter what words we use. There are three elements behind the simulation: abstract or infinite presence, a mathematical algorithm to create the experience (analogue being) and a digitally generated ‘avatar’ character or role (quantum-digital being). The analogy for these three elements is better known as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In these politically correct times, we could call it Parent, Child and Divine Presence. Put all three together and what you have is consciousness experiencing its own nature as a thought in a universe that is no more than an act of perception.


There is no shortage of rumour, dogma and ideology concerning ‘The Fall’. Such characters as ‘the Devil’ or ‘Satan’, a cast of angels and no end of dramatic metaphors and holy texts. There might have been a triggering event. However, I think it was really a consequence of the players becoming so absorbed in the game that they lost touch with who they were. The players became the played. Our frequency of consciousness dropped to the limiting speed of light and we took on a greater density of matter. The ‘gods’ became like animals subject to the vagaries of Darwinist evolution. Collectively, humanity took all life on earth and the planet itself into a lower dimension of being. The game of life became a game of death. We acquired free will by default simply because we could no longer understand the consequences of our actions. In doing so we created the action game called karma. We lost direct contact with subjective mind. Our higher spiritual functions diminished drastically. The head supplanted the heart as the focus of our primary being. In time, objective mind became limited to the ever-present voice in the head.  Our lower centres became highly active. We acquired a greater degree of physicality, sensuality, sexuality and amplified emotions like fear and pleasure. Human existence reduced to a permanent mission to indulge the physical senses. We are literally born in sin, not because we are evil but because sensual physicality dominates our existence. Coupled with the loss of heart-centred feeling, conscience, telepathy, empathy and responsibility, we initiated a complex game to manipulate and control natural resources. The systems we created to manage our lives became monsters of the collective deep unconscious. They fulfil their function of enlightening us about the value of freedom by taking it away by means of ever tighter controls and surveillance. The systems drive the game and create negative karma for all those who work for them. A few massive investment companies control virtually the whole world, creating the illusion of financial competition. This shadow dimension shapes our attitudes and behaviour. It distorts our perception of who and what we are. A simple change of perception could change everything.  

Helter Skelter

The great descent was not a flash in the cosmic pan, it is a continuing process. If we do not step back from the brink, it will destroy us. We must not allow genocide to become the norm. There is so much to gain from rediscovering the divine love that gives us life and meaning. There is no need to suffer any more. The universe we see out there is just a virtual reality backdrop. It is no more real than we are. It was the systems underpinning the authority of the Roman Empire that destroyed Jesus, supposedly at the request of Jewish authorities. It doesn’t matter who was responsible and why. It is sufficient to say that Jesus represented a threat to all the political and religious systems of his day. Events in the spiritual game unfold as they must to fulfil a higher purpose. Universal consciousness will always find people with character weaknesses to subvert them in the cosmic drama. We can put it down to the human condition. Systems thrive when people are prepared to kill, torture and control for them. They do not know the consequence of their actions, something Jesus knew only too well. If humanity understood the action game, nobody would choose to do harm to another. We rerun events of violence from the victim’s perspective in the action replay mode of the universal simulation. Also, we are not the separate individuals we seem to be. Each of us exists in a unique version of the whole universe. So, any person or animal you harm is an element in the greater pattern of meaning that defines you.  Hence, do unto others as you would be done by. Individuals involved in an act as significant as the death of Jesus would carry a karmic burden. They would have agreed to this before they were born into the game. Karma might require them to complete some of the work Jesus would otherwise have done for the greater good.


I understand that as a boy, Jesus allowed his family to continue a journey leaving him behind. So where was Jesus? After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. When his parents saw him, they were astonished. This was probably one of the first occasions that Jesus revealed his true situation. When the parent, the analogue game player in this analogy, is in control of its avatar role, the child will seem mature beyond their years. In other words, on the analogue dimension, Jesus’ higher self was a fully functioning individual in his own right. The analogue mind is mature from the moment the soul enters the body. These are often the child prodigies we hear about. Here is an example of an eight-year-old girl called Angelina Jordan singing with the feeling of a mature adult of many years’ experience. She touches the hearts of her audience. She shows no sign of nerves. It is noticeable in the early videos that when the song is over, she reverts to being a child.

The problem for Jesus was to explain his mission to the people around him. Today we are clued up on the virtual reality concept. We know about game players and their ‘avatars’ or animated roles in the universal, holographic simulation. It does appear that the metaphor Jesus chose was the father and the son. As a physical being he was ‘the son’. The analogue, higher dimensional being was ‘the father’. Had Jesus incarnated as female, we would be hearing about ‘the daughter’ and ‘the mother’. When the Father was active, he would have controlled the Son like a puppet master, directing his objective mind with higher subjective ideas. This was only possible because Jesus would have had an active pineal gland[1] to link both hemispheres of the brain to higher mind. Either at the time or shortly afterwards it seems that people totally failed to understand the true nature of the father. By assuming that the Spiritual avatar was the creator of the universe, they totally distorted the truth of the mission. I do not believe that the outcome of Jesus’ incarnation was the one he intended as far as they concerned the public teachings. Individually, many people did try to live spiritually positive lives. However, in my opinion humanity collectively failed to put his advice into practice. I am not seeking to belittle the role of Jesus – quite the opposite. In reducing the scale of the phenomenon, I am enhancing the significance of the achievement. The scenario went beyond the facts of the drama as reported. It was nothing short of an intervention by spiritually advanced forces into the metaphysical functioning of the game. The problem I have is that I do not know how accurately the bible reports the story of Jesus and how reliable the English translations are. If we look at the sayings Jesus is supposed to have made about the Father, this interpretation puts them in a totally different light.

The Father and the Son

Here is a typical webpage with translated sayings:,-Relation-To-Father

My assumption is that when Jesus spoke of God, he meant God. When he spoke of the Father, he meant the higher dimensional being that entered into a joint incarnation with him. This would have been an analogue-wave entity that selectively took charge of his physical body, mind and personality in order to manifest a conscious presence on this dimension. It seems from the story that the ‘Father’ occupied the ‘Son’ in appropriate situations that required his presence or intervention.

When they asked Jesus what it was like to be controlled by an analogue being, his response was quite graphic. I feel that these statements make more sense in the context of this model of reality than if the creator of the universe was in the driving seat.

  • Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner.
  • …but so that the world may know that I love the Father, I do exactly as the Father commanded Me. Get up, let us go from here.

This strongly suggests that when the Father was in charge, the Son, while fully conscious, was controlled like a puppet. While active, not only did the Father take over vocal communication, he moved the body as his own. These two phrases indicate that the experience was not entirely straightforward for the Son. This takes us to the core of the state of consciousness before and after ‘The Fall’. Did something go drastically wrong? Did it unleash evil on the world and allow forces of darkness to take over? In a sense yes but in another sense, no. What we call evil goes with the territory of the quantum-digital fiction. In finite existence, we are in the domain of negative concepts – the ‘not’ version of positive ideas that give them meaning. Evil is ‘not love’; it does not exist but it has a great deal of impact on infinite consciousness. As a physical human being, the Son, the man, had the sort of limitations we all have. He was like us except in having a constant supervisor directing his day-to-day existence. Did he have much free time to be himself? We cannot know what the Father was like because our equivalent spiritual avatars are asleep. We can only imagine what it must have been like. This is why I think life on earth is different from other worlds where sentient beings have not lost their analogue minds.  This novel state of digital existence makes the earth and its life here a cosmic experiment. This planet offers a potentially superior means for spiritual beings to evolve out of suffering and adversity. Our spiritual avatars have bonded with us directly in the quantum dimension. They are learning far more through direct experience than by vicarious observation. I sense that the human experiment has greater potential than the original simulation to produce god-like beings. We are a small but significant part of universal consciousness. Entities from all states and dimensions are observing what happens here. It seems now that the systems have it all their own way. The forces of light are on the move. A shift of some kind is possible but we cannot know when or how it will occur. Dark things may become apparent that have been hidden for too long. Perhaps our spiritual avatars are on the verge of awakening. If we must be somebody, we might as well be ourselves. 

Relationship with the Parent

Clearly all humans have a potential higher being. Those who are more spiritually aware have access to that dimension. Practices like meditation, prayer, music, poetry, dance and artistic creativity assist awakening. It doesn’t matter how different we might be from one another on the surface; underneath we are all the same infinite beingness experiencing. The concept applies equally to both genders and all races. How it applies to animals I cannot say for sure. I presume they have a rudimentary analogue being. Many people have access to higher mind without realising it. We have all lived many lives. Religions like Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and Shinto involve spiritual practices that can assist. It was different for Jesus. His higher consciousness was a dominant, autonomous presence within his material being. I think the spiritual hierarchy must have created special conditions for this to happen. Some of the stories in ancient writings about angels might well have been echoes of analogue-dimensioned beings visiting or even living within the earth’s multi-dimensional system. It might be that not everything on the analogue level descended to the purely quantum state with the Fall. There have always been stories and legends of fairies and other strange creatures, beings of mythology that were closer to our ancestors than to us. Our materialist life has taken us far away from our spiritual roots and if we allow it, artificial intelligence and digital technology will aspire to cut us off totally from our true nature.

Heaven and Hell

It seems that the analogue dimension was heaven in the metaphor. Heaven is an upper room in the universal mansion. It is also the fifth dimension, sometimes called the astral plane. It may be what we mean when we speak of the new earth. When Jesus said, ‘the Father and I are one’, he was clearly confirming that they were aspects of one unit of being or a single monad. The Father sent the Son to incarnate here and employed him to perform many actions. I assume he gave out far more knowledge and wisdom than we know about. Some sort of soul division between the analogue and digital aspects of the one spiritual entity must have occurred. The natural parents would have agreed to this before they incarnated in the game. It does appear that the Father made the running on when to intervene directly in events. That is evident in the way Jesus felt abandoned when he was on the cross. Presumably the analogue being could have taken over during the suffering and minimised the pain or ended it altogether. For some reason this did not happen. While in the tomb after the crucifixion, it appears that his physical being was raised from the digital to the analogue dimension. I presume the Father and the Son merged into a single being. This was without the usual intermediary phase of becoming a merkeba or light body. I believe it had been intended or hoped that humanity would adopt the principles of behaviour that Jesus taught so that the race might restore the balance between the levels. This did not happen because the teachings warped into a belief system instead of a formula for living. If heaven is the analogue dimension of creative expression, then hell is the quantum information state. This is especially true now as our lives are becoming increasingly controlled by people who have no morals, no conscience, no heart and they own 99% of the wealth. They will have little to look forward to when heaven does return to earth. The only people who win the real game are those who do not play it, hence the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Who Would be God?

By declaring Jesus to be the son of God and not the analogue gameplayer, the Church effectively made it impossible for anybody to think of following Jesus’ example. Who could emulate a god? The upper echelons of the Church with its bloody Inquisition totally failed to live by the principles Jesus taught. The Witch-hunts, the massacres of Muslims in the Crusades and atrocious genocide in South America piled up the negative karma for priests and soldiers drawn in to carry them out. I am not saying that the Church was particularly evil. Historically, it was a product of its time. What I am saying is this: if the people who professed to promote the teaching of Jesus could not live by them, who could? What Jesus achieved was nothing particularly special for a god but for a man, it was supreme. The healing, the miracles, all these were to demonstrate what we could achieve by awakening the analogue game player in us. They were intended to be aspirations within our grasp if only we could live through the heart and not just in the head. In the quantum universe, it is the systems that make all the running. Humanity must rise above them and change the game to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth.


If Jesus was God incarnate then the miracles were neither surprising nor instructive because they would have been beyond aspiration. The Father was fully conscious on the level of the wave functions that deploy particles of matter in space and time. This meant that when he occupied the Son, he could perform what to us seem like miracles by manipulating physical material. Being worshipped as a god is about the worst thing that can happen to a spiritual teacher. Instead of putting the world right, people simply prayed for somebody else to do it for them.  The systems destroyed and betrayed Jesus and his message. Now they are seeking to limit human contact to cyberspace, as disembodied minds join up where the heart cannot follow. A life lived entirely in the head comes at the expense of the heart. We can express love through any medium of communication but our way of life is becoming increasingly marked by isolation, especially for older people and children. It feels as if our terror of death is preserving lives but what life can we expect when economies collapse, when food runs out and when the systems of communication and energy go down? Death is not the end. It is just the culmination of a session in the great game simulation of our own devising. The analogue father of Jesus the Anointed did not perform miracles to make us feel inadequate. He sought to inspire us with what we could do through a simple change of heart. The systems will fight us every step of the way but they do not exist. Only love is real. Perception is the key to everything. Change that and you have a real miracle. The digital game has us earmarked to become transhuman. This is a movement that believes human beings should merge mentally with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). They intend us to evolve into a state of online existence with extended lifetimes, possibly even immortality in physical form. This would be pure objectivity without subjective meaning – a life decaffeinated! They want to offer us what we already have in the universe in a far superior form. If this technology does not include the heart centre, the analogue being or the spirit, how can it further our spiritual evolution? This presumes that death is something to avoid. Dying is not a bundle of laughs but a life beyond in the greater universe is far superior to anything we can have in the quantum dimension. It is time to abandon the digital universe and climb back up to the state of analogue being we once enjoyed. The kingdom of heaven is within but to fully enter that state requires us to rise above artifice and technology.

The Belief Game

I have explained that the focus of the analogue state is to be. The focus of the digital state is to do. If we accept the idea that this universe is a virtual reality game simulation, then what is the nature of the game and how do we expect to win it? The illusion is the belief game. The reality is the action game. There is no game in the analogue state and yet it plays a key role in the operation of the digital game. How would a belief game work if you were its creator/designer? You would need to arrange for a set of beliefs to arise by sending in your divine messengers to found them. (We will gloss over what would have happened to those who lived before these beliefs arose.)  You would then decide which belief system would be the one to mark out success for the winners. Those choosing the wrong belief or none would be the losers. The reward for making the right choice would be some form of eternal life. The losers would get eternal damnation. This would rule out reincarnation. Why should people get multiple chances to pick and worship you? No, one strike and you’re out. Your successful believers would concentrate on superficial factors like what to wear or eat. Their rites and rituals would need to please you. You will be a jealous god. You might require them to kill those who back the wrong horse. You would not need to fuss too much about what they did providing it was in your name. The outcome will need to satisfy the winners. The losers will have eternity to curse your name if they are lucky or oblivion if they are not. Naturally, you would need to be feared. I am being deliberately cynical here. I am basing this on my perceptions of religions as a child. The reality is that people have derived a great deal of benefit and comfort from religion over the centuries. All spiritual activity is good for the soul and lifting us out of the materialistic quagmire. My point is that the belief game would be an illogical way of deciding who wins and who loses. If a religion or philosophy like humanism encourages a more positive approach to life, it is useful. I am simply saying that the universal game simulation does not process beliefs; it records and evaluates actions according to their impact for or against the state of divine oneness or love.

The Action Game

In this world, actions either come from the heart with love or they are intellectual and self-centred. There are really two games working out here. There is the deeper game, the oneness and there is the superficial shadow game, survival through competition. In this game, winning comes from putting one over each other to grab the greatest wealth and power and thereby create the most poverty for the losers. The people who are successful at outmanoeuvring others, cheating, lying and having a good time, are the ultimate losers. The people who appear to lose the material game, who help one another, show love and integrity in their actions are the real winners. The point is that it does not matter what we believe. It is what we do that counts. Belief might encourage right action but it plays no part in winning. Karma is action and it is our actions that speak loudest when it comes to winning and losing. The action game is a test and a trial to develop spirit; that immaterial quality of beingness that brings light into the darkness. The game that Jesus and other spiritual teachers taught is well known. Do as you would be done by and so on. This is much more than an academic recommendation. Actions speak for themselves. When you first replay and review your whole life in the next dimension, your motives are not important. It is the nature of the role you are playing that decides your behaviour. That issue is too subtle and complex to go into here. The universe records what effect your actions have on other people; you experience pain and pleasure according to what you do. It is as simple as that. The nature of the action is not especially relevant although it sometimes does have a bearing on how it might be resolved in another session in the game.  The universe has a taste for dramatic irony that is far more subtle than nonsense about an eye for an eye, etc. As far as the planes of consciousness are concerned, pain is a quantifiable phenomenon. It doesn’t matter what you do, good or bad. It all comes back and balances out in the end.

Our True Nature

There are two widely held beliefs that do not conform with this model. One is that consciousness comes from matter. The other is that existence bases on duality. I think of this pseudo-physical experience as a holographic, fractal-based virtual reality, created and experienced in infinite consciousness. As such, the universe is entirely a product of mind. It is a thought. The universe does not exist in the physical sense. It is a quantum-digital simulation. See this physics paper from 2012. Space is organised units of nothingness called the quantum foam. Nothingness or shadow is the antithesis of oneness or love. Nothing can exist outside oneness[2]. Therefore, in physical terms we do not exist. The reality of our experience lies in our perception of it as we create it from infinite essence. The universe is also a game simulator. We have sessions in it called incarnations. At the end of each session, we review our time here by replaying events in tangible, visceral replays. These action replays allow us to experience ourselves from the point of view of other people. That is why we are advised to do unto others as we would be done by. The software behind the game converts subjective sensations into a quantum-based record (numbers) that quantify the good and the bad things we do to other people, to the planet and its natural life. In later sessions we restore the balance by putting right what good they might have done if we had not intervened. The essential element behind it all is the number one which has the property of oneness, unity or love (‘the Father and I are one’). It has the finite value of one, a unit of individuality. The good and the bad are simply aspects of love, arranged to teach us what we truly are, divine infinite beingness, the formless masquerading in form.

‘Do as I do’

Jesus of Nazareth incarnated to open a doorway to allow us to ascend back to the level we once enjoyed in an earlier form of existence. The way to do this would have been by expressing divine love or oneness in all our actions. He would have coupled this practical advice with some form of spiritual activity such as prayer, meditation or chanting or simple breathing exercises. This would lift the mind beyond objective thinking to the realm of subjective meaning to awaken the spiritual avatar within.  The hierarchical systems of religion prevented it from happening by diverting the focus from union with infinite presence to mental control and dogma. So pointless was this process that the church conducted services for the many in Latin, a language that only a privileged few understood. It seems likely that the Church also suppressed the idea of reincarnation to reinforce its temporal power and enhance its financial income from selling indulgences. It is nobody’s fault. The blame rests entirely with the chaotic nature of digital consciousness. On the other hand, the responsibility for doing these things falls to the people involved. I would say they were misguided rather than malevolent. People usually do what systems require of them rather than what is right. It is the way of the quantum world. The hierarchical phenomenon in human society is a direct consequence of the way the digital universe organises its data in a top-down entity structure.  There would be no such structure in a balanced analogue state.

Two Types of Society

The society we are living in now is almost totally ruled by materialism. It is nobody’s fault. It is how things are. I have listed below the characteristics of a totally quantum digital society on the left. The list on the right is how we would be if we could reverse the imbalance between the analogue and digital dimensions. Most people and some communities embody elements of both these extremes. Some indigenous populations have a history consistent with aspects of the second column. They value union with all nature and revere the planet. In other societies, the strong dominated the weak, leading to interminable conflicts over territory and resources. (See the story of the Peacemaker.) In the days of empire, it was the spiritual qualities and shamanic practices of indigenous populations that Europeans looked down on. Christian and Islamic belief systems drove their adherents to infiltrate or invade settled cultures and destroy local customs and beliefs. The karmic cost to those doing this was unimaginable. Imperialism today is more cultural than territorial. The so-called Woke Agenda illustrates how negative attitudes and injustice swing from one bistable state to its opposite[3]. Waves of consciousness in the analogue dimension shape our perceptions of sexuality and society[4]. Dogma is the curse of humanity. We could save ourselves a great deal of suffering if we saw through the forces that control us. You do not need to be a genius to see which of the two columns offers a better hope for day-to-day existence. Please remember that these are not about attitudes of thinking; they are distinctive states of being. Individually we are a little of both, depending on our spiritual evolution. Collectively, these two lists refer to two distinct states of being, one of which we surrendered through the so-called ‘Fall’. It was this that reduced the analogue state of being to a gentle, electrical glow around the body that some see or sense as the aura.

Table of Properties of Digital (4D) versus Analogue (5D) States of Being

Purpose: to doPurpose: to be
Value based (1,2,3…)Feeling/meaning based (oneness, twoness..)
Limited psychic abilityTelepathic, psychic, intuitive, etc.
Money based/profit drivenResource based/environmentally aware
Polarised wealth/povertyCollective sufficiency
War economyPeacefully organised
Differences emphasisedCommonality recognised
Dogma drivenCommon sense/accumulated wisdom
Gender inequalityGender balance
Emotions chaotic/unstable/engrossingFeelings steady/stable/dominating
Racially/religiously/politically polarisedSpiritually motivated pragmatism
Criminal activity/punishmentNo crime/no prisons
Possessiveness/ things and peopleMinimal possessions/ companionable
Intensely fashionable/wastefulUtilitarian/conserving
Relationships sexually motivatedRelationships loving
Hierarchical – ruledEgalitarian – organised
Nation states/borders/warOne world/geographic regions/no borders
Intense censorshipFree expression
Paranoid secrecyOpen transparency
Obsessive spyingDetached tolerance
System controlledCommunity focussed
Digital or quantum time baseTimelessness, rooted in eternity
Physical ageingMinimal ageing/ elective demise

Poor Cinderella

Collectively and individually, human beings are not totally digital in nature but a blend between the analogue and digital extremes. Even an ‘ideal’ society balanced between the two levels would have a little of both. The problems began when humanity developed power structures and organisational systems that enslaved the many for the benefit of a few. The nature of the enslavement has changed over the centuries. We are no longer peasants but being a wage slave is not a desirable life. For the systems of commerce, the human race represents an unparalleled marketing opportunity. Technology tempts us with products by creating needs that never previously existed. The story of Jesus showed a better way to live. However, the Church bled the poor dry to create fabulously ornate, gold-encrusted churches and cathedrals. The top people in the hierarchy lived in wealth and splendour. This is far removed from the life of Jesus. It is nobody’s fault. It is the effect of the quantum state of consciousness. While the Bishops dined like princes, the lower orders lived lives of privation in bare cells as monks and nuns.  There is a lesson in this. What hope is there for society if the organisation created to spread a message of love and service ends up like this? This is the problem with the fairy story. The life of Princess Diana of Wales illustrated the downside of fantasy as opposed to reality. A prince needs more than charm and a palace can be a prison. That is why marriages are not made in heaven under God’s ordnance. They are a product of The Game. Every game is a test and every story needs a plot. I suggest that our fantasies are an echo of a time before the fall. It was a time when we enjoyed an existence based on blissful feelings within the heart rather than mundane information in the head.

Some final points:

  • The life of Jesus was of far greater importance than the death. However, it was the nature of that death that redirected the course of history. In some ways, the symbolism has had more impact than the events themselves.
  • The choice of crucifixion was necessary. I imagine Jesus told people that he was here to restore the vertical line of the cross and to reanimate the link between the heart chakra and the analogue universe. (The terminology is mine of course.) He would have encouraged the idea of living from the heart to promote oneness.
  • The vertical line represents the spiritual life. The horizontal plane is the grounding state of material existence. I will expand on this in another article.
  • The crown of thorns probably poured scorn on the way Jesus taught the importance of activating the crown chakra, the centre of consciousness located just above the head. This was powerful symbolism. Painters represented it in religious art as the halo. In the spiritual metaphor, all human beings are like kings and queens in having a crown and being filled with divine essence. This would not have been a welcome message to the systems of governance or religion.
  • From Jesus’ point of view, expressing forgiveness towards his tormentors was a two-fold blessing[1]. He emphasised the importance of forgiving as a way of ending the karmic game. Through forgiveness we free ourselves from entangled karmic relationships that require future resolution in subsequent incarnations. The consequences of materialism stick to us like Velcro no matter how well-intentioned we might be. Just incarnating in physical form would have been a hardship for somebody with a sensitive soul and an elevated spiritual nature. (Game playing is a natural consequence of the mathematics behind quantum-digital existence.) I incline to the view that Jesus’ suffering brought a light into the darkness and made a significant change in the course of history. His death went way beyond the need to clear any negative karma he might have made during his life here. Had human beings adopted the principles he taught us to live by the collective human race might have brought the survival game to an end. Instead, we carried on in the same old way. As a result, the systems are proliferating their control over us. We are bringing this about subconsciously to force a massive shift of consciousness on ourselves.  
  • It is virtually impossible to adopt human form without making some mistakes. It is why we are here. We come with a toolbox containing a set of negative qualities. That is the nature of the digital universe. At the most basic level, we come here to learn what we are by experiencing what we are not. Elevating Jesus to divine status means that people assume he was in some way perfect, without fault. It is just another way of diminishing his achievement. Faults and failings are an aspect of this dimension, not a reflection on the goodness or otherwise of a human soul.
  • When Pilate presented Jesus to a crowd wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe, he was pouring scorn on well-publicised aspects of the teachings. Pilate was making a political point. The crown symbolised the circle of light around the body just above the top of the head. Kings wear them as propaganda. The purple robe is a metaphor for an emperor’s divine status. The egalitarian view that we are all worthy of divine status would not go down well with a Roman administrator. When Pilate said, ‘Behold, the Man!’, what did he mean? People had heard about Jesus the material being known as the Son, and Jesus the spiritual being, the Father. For reasons beyond our conception, the Son faced it alone at first. Somehow, Pilate was aware that the spiritual avatar had withdrawn. ‘The Man’ had to suffer to make a supreme sacrifice to unite with the game-playing, higher being. I infer that people could tell when it was the Son or the Father addressing them. The child, the son had to suffer to elevate his consciousness to the level of the parent. ‘The Father and I are one’ was a practical statement. The metaphysical light generated by the suffering opened a doorway between the analogue and digital dimensions in the virtual universe embodying the planet.  The Father, the spiritual avatar, in joining with the physical avatar, the Son, brought a release of higher-dimensional energies. Jesus referred to this as ‘the light of the world’. ‘I am’ is a reference to the oneness or love, the highest aspect of consciousness and being. In that state, we are all one with the divine source. As finite entities on the digital dimension we are not separate, we belong to a whole unbroken continuum. Each one of us is the entire universe observed from ‘a particular’ point of view. We are not the particles of matter that we employ to manifest on this dimension. We are the spirit that moves them.

What do I think now?

I am aware that many people would dismiss these ideas out of hand. Am I demoting a god? Perhaps I am elevating us all. I am not belittling the achievement. In fact, I think it was the greatest accomplishment for a human being since we fell into digital time. Both the spiritual avatar and his physical counterpart were remarkable. They took on a tough job, coping with the chaos and complications of digital existence. In some fundamental way beyond my understanding, Jesus, the Son and the avatar Father, changed the physical quantum layer of the world. Jesus opened a door to the state of analogue being from which we once emerged. He told us how to live in order to step through that door and probably a great deal more that is now lost. In the greater picture, material opulence and power are a shallow compensation for discovering our divine status. Physical immortality is a ludicrous ambition. Uploading our brains to some advanced digital computer would be like distilling brandy to extract the water and throw away the alcohol. We are not our thoughts. Our quantum-level bodies are a role being played.  Jesus came to tell us how to move on from here. Unfortunately, most of what he taught has not survived. I do not think we have any conception of how deep and powerful the knowledge was that they shared as a group – men and women in the circle. When Jesus said we would do greater things than he did it was no exaggeration. Understand that nothing you perceive in this existence is reality. Nor does it have any meaning. This entire dimension is false. The only reality is the essence of the number one that creates everything we know based on its mathematical quality of oneness or love.

Impression in a Dream

I have said nothing about Jesus as a man because I do not know anything. Recently, I had a dream just before waking up one morning. I was with a small group of men, perhaps five or six, walking towards a meeting or celebration of some sort. They wore long, dark robes. There were two people to my left, one of which I knew to be Jesus. I did not turn to see who was on my right. Jesus, by whatever name he was known, was completely in charge. He was striding along purposefully and those with him were doing their best to keep up. It might have been a wedding celebration we were heading towards but I could have been wrong. In a brief moment of clarity, I formed an impression of the man. I felt that Jesus ‘the Anointed’ was very practical and anything but pious or unworldly as he is often portrayed. He was not a Christian. There was no such thing at the time. He was forceful but not arrogant. The feeling I got from this was that Jesus had a twofold purpose. Firstly, he sought to teach people a code for living a heart-centred benign life. He intended them to clear their negative karma accumulated in the action game over many incarnations. This he simplified for public consumption. The second part was to disseminate a wider understanding of the nature of consciousness. This would have meant referring to the virtual reality simulation in terminology available at the time. The obvious metaphor was the relationship between the heavenly Father, the fifth dimensional being, and the Son, the fourth dimensional, human being. It seemed to me that Jesus did not find it easy to keep up with the tasks his spiritual avatar set for him.

What’s Christianity?

Had Jesus been able to visit Christian churches that appeared after his death, he would not have recognised them. I make no reflection on the religion or what it has done for people.  My point is that it had very little to do with what Jesus was doing or teaching. When Jesus was alive, Christianity did not exist, how could he have taught it? Very little exists about the teachings but it is the story that has all the drama. History suggests that people found the plot to be much more interesting than the advice he gave.  Loving thy neighbour, turning the other cheek, doing as you would be done by; these are all worthy sayings but seldom adhered to.  He would have regarded the nature of his work and teachings to be his primary motive for being here. He would not have regarded his life story as justifying an entire religion in its own right. The significance of the story cannot outweigh the significance of his work and mission here. If people put all their energy into the narrative rather than the substance, they are completely missing the point of what Jesus lived to do. What is the point of worshipping a spiritual teacher if you do not put the advice into practice? What’s more, we are still stuck in fourth-dimensional consciousness after two thousand years. The enemy of Jesus was the systems. It was not the people who crucified him. They were enthusiastic until they were fed stories to hate him. The systems are the enemy of mankind. They have the power to whip people up to despising those they do not approve of. Pogroms, genocides, holocausts, these are products of mindless hatred stirred up by propaganda and psychological manipulation. It distracts attention from what is really going on. Today it is the turn of the unvaccinated. Internment camps for them are under construction. If humanity was liberated and free, the systems could not fulfil their material functions here. The systems rely on people being willing to exaggerate, lie, cheat, intimidate, steal, etc. in return for rewards or through coercion and fear. If people lived according to Jesus’ teachings, the systems would collapse. In fact, they might not even be needed. If we could find a way to raise our minds to the fifth-dimensional level, we would find our consciences restored.

Just a Thought

Imagine what it must have been like. You are a sentient entity on a higher dimension than ours. You are requested by colleagues in the spiritual hierarchy of the universe to take on an incarnation in very difficult circumstances. You reduce your frequency and you divide into two parallel incarnations. In one of these you are a spiritual being in the dimension of vibration and psychic energy, in the other you enter a state of material density under the rule of time. You struggle through a very difficult incarnation using belt and braces methods to cope. The higher being calls the shots. You take on all the work you can cope with until you suffer a horrible death. After all that, something ironic and distressing occurs; instead of following your advice, the human beings are worshipping you. The systems won. The disappointment that followed must have been unimaginable for those of us who lead ordinary lives, just doing our best.


I started with my earliest memories of religion and the Jesus story. These ideas came out of my work on consciousness. At the end of writing this I find that my attitude has gone through a complete reversal. I now believe there is truth in the story. I cannot know how much of it is reliable information. I have simply said what my interpretation would be if it is true. What I do not believe is the generally accepted interpretation of it by other people and by the systems that run the world. I can only admire and respect the Jesus of the story. I might have had a sense of the real person in a dream. I have no way of confirming this one way or the other. Humanity is at a crossroad. The systems are out of control. I have explained the nature of digital consciousness. I believe we are under the greatest threat in history. Jesus came to show us how to escape this trap. The systems only have power because enough people go along with what they do. If we all followed Jesus’ advice and live from the heart and acted with integrity whenever possible, we could set ourselves free. If we allow the digital technology to suck us into a state of virtual illusion, ruled by AI ‘gods’, we are doomed. It does not need to happen like this. Let the light come, let love be allowed to direct our future. Let Jesus not have died in vain.


I am a writer. I have been getting insights into the nature of reality since 1992. Hermes Risen, an online publication of the European Theosophical Society, has been kind enough to publish my recent work. My thanks to Debbie Elliott, Colyn Boyce and the Essex Branch for their support. This work is not Theosophy but it is extremely close in spirit.

The Centre of the universe: explains the basics of the imaginary idea of a centre of infinity. It suggests how this enables infinite beingness to create an experience of pseudo-physical existence in non-duality as a holographic virtual reality simulation.

The Information Universe: explains how in 1992 I applied the idea of entity modelling, a technique from systems analysis to the concept of a holographic quantum digital universe. It covers the role of information in an organic universe and touches on the significance of systems and their proliferation through the phenomenon of emergent complexity. See the 5th article down the page.

Consciousness Revealed Part 1: explains how the universe divides conceptually into two virtual layers. There is an upper analogue state intertwined with a lower quantum digital level. The upper level was where our distant forerunners occupied roles in a virtual reality simulation. This allowed infinite beingness to animate pseudo-finite bodies in the lower quantum state. At some stage the superconscious analogue being ‘fell’ entirely into the lower digital ‘animal’ state with a very limited objective mind. In losing its primary focus as subjective analogue consciousness, the human being forgot who and what it was and ceased to understand the consequences of its actions. By default, humanity acquired free will. However, this is the digital universe, so the inevitable terms and conditions apply in the form of karma. Karma is an algorithm within the simulation that correlates subjective response to physical actions. It records the analogue sensations accumulated throughout our lives from what we do to each other. Consequently, the simulator shapes a storyline that balances out the good and the bad experiences by shaping individual and global events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 2: contains a more detailed explanation of the nature of consciousness in two fundamental aspects, objective and subjective. The infinite state of oneness subdivides into planes of consciousness that allow infinite beingness to feel the sensations of ‘physical’ existence. The quantum digital state is the domain where subjective meaning takes on objective form as a pattern of information. The ‘user’ of this system is infinite being that constructs the entire universe of its own creation in abstract, essential mind. The Taijitu, the diagram that portrays yin and yang, acts as an analogue to digital converter to turn analogue wave functions into digital ‘physical’ form in accordance with David Bohm’s implicate order. The process is two-way. The Taijitu takes the digital response to the impetus of time and converts it into subjective sensory feeling. It is this that infinite being registers as physical existence with no attempt to judge or intervene in the unfolding events.

Orbs: This short article discusses the topic of orbs in three aspects, small glowing spheres that appear sometimes on photographs (visiting spirit entities), fractal orbs as elements in the structure of universal consciousness and large orbs as seen as objects filmed in space as sentient beings that have fully transcended from the quantum-digital state to full analogue-wave existence.

Also by Terry Edwards

Missing Time a novel by Terry Edwards available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Also available from IngramSpark through booksellers.

Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon.

[1] Some people say this statement was added later for political reasons. I am inclined to think it should be there. Forgiveness is one of the most significant factors in clearing karma. Without it, we bind ourselves to the game.

[1] The pinecone represents the pineal gland. It appears on church roofs, notably the Vatican. It has all sort of symbolism attached to it but its key role is in enlightenment. There is little chance of this happening today because of the fluoride in the water that calcifies the gland. Society considers teeth to be more important than enlightenment.

[2] This is a paradox. Nothing exists; therefore, everything is possible. The structure of space-time is a product of implicated thought brought about by the property of entanglement. Our existence is implicated rather than actual. Existence implies nonexistence.   

[3] Hopefully to achieve a reasonable balance in the long term. It all stems from the fact that we identify with our thoughts and attitudes, which are superficial in comparison with our true infinite beingness.

[4] This could make an article in its own right.

[1] Young people won’t remember books but they are still with us, translated into videos and social chatter. They have their place but a holy book is no substitute for spiritual experience.

[2] The Ballad of John and Yoko, 1969.

[3] You might say that this scenario does not accord with our knowledge of prehistory. We must remember that nothing about this universe is what it seems. There is only the present time. The past adapts to suit the current state of things. The continuity is in us as infinite beings interpreting the quantum digital information from which we inform our vision of the state of things now.


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