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From remotest antiquity sinister dark forces have had a disruptive and negative impact on much human activity. These malign energies and the evil entities who employ them continually shape-shift to suit the needs of the time they wish to influence. They operate esoterically behind the scene but also in plain sight. And their mission is always the same – to impede humanity’s spiritual unfoldment and hamper its evolutionary potential.

          I’m currently engaged in my own personal battle with these dark forces but it would be unwise to elaborate on the details. This has motivated me to explore this subject because I believe it’s a crucially important issue – especially for anyone on a spiritual path.

But who are these dark forces? What form do they take in the modern world? How and where do they operate? Can they be opposed or even defeated?

Let’s start with the concealed occult underpinnings of dark forces before dealing with the outward or exoteric manifestations of these malign entities and the negative currents they generate.

In esoteric circles, we talk a lot, but usually somewhat vaguely, about the existence of these malign forces which are busy manipulating and undermining humanity’s push for progress and impeding its ultimate liberation from the prisons of materialism. For reasons which are obscure and often difficult to understand they use their immense power to impose spiritual paralysis on humanity and stop it from progressing from materialism and evolving into more rarefied realms.

          In the wider, exoteric world, there’s also abundant evidence of a vast spectrum of evil enterprises, shadowy plots and the concealed power-grabbing antics of sinister and secretive elites with even more sinister and secretive agendas. We’ll deal with this later. 

          Recently a new or rather a very old word has entered the English language. This is wetiko, a word derived from native American culture where it denotes someone who’s entirely unconcerned with the well-being of others. During the Covid pandemic it’s come to signify a kind of mind parasite or virus of selfishness – effectively a collective madness. What it means essentially is that we don’t know who we are. We’re entirely unaware of our true identity. And for that reason we allow others to formulate and dictate our sense of self. It’s clear that the world has become widely infected with this mind virus and it holds much of humanity in its collective thrall.

          Whatever happens in the material world begins on the inner planes – particularly the astral and the lower mental. This is where everything is conceived and concocted before manifesting on the physical plane. So whatever outward phenomena we witness have invisible origins in those hidden realms. And this is why it’s so important to understand that the causes of all things originate on these inner planes – not in the outward world. So, when we observe what’s going on around us we should see these as effects and not causes.

          Outwardly, humanity has been waging war with itself for millennia. However, there’s also been an invisible perma-conflict raging on the non-material planes which hasn’t been just about the conquest of nations, resources, territories or peoples. The invisible war is a metaphysical one in which the dark forces’ wider esoteric purpose is to undermine evolutionary progress on this planet – especially as far as humans are concerned.

          This is basically a bitter conflict between the forces of good and evil or light and darkness. It began tens of millennia ago during a previous development phase of humanity known in esoteric circles as the Fourth Root Race. These people were the inhabitants of the now sunken continent of Atlantis. Most non-esoteric people regard Atlantis as a colourful and fanciful myth. But there’s considerable evidence of its existence. And one day it will be accepted as a historical fact along with its predecessor, the vast continent of Lemuria which covered much of the present-day Pacific region in the days before Atlantis.

Atlantis was originally a vast single landmass extending across much of the Atlantic Ocean and incorporating parts of the Americas, Europe and elsewhere. Its first phase of destruction occurred around 750,000 years ago when the continental landmass first began to fragment into smaller islands. A further major upheaval took place around 250,000 years ago when the already fragmented continent was further broken apart and some islands vanished. Finally, it was reduced to a single island Poseidonis, which according to the Greek philosopher Plato and Theosophists sank around 12,500 years ago in a single night.

So, this destruction took place progressively over a very prolonged period of time involving thousands of generations and the various development groups of the Atlantean race itself. Prior to the final cataclysms many Atlanteans migrated to the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia over many centuries. It may explain why people from as far apart as Peru and people from Tibet show such marked similarities especially in their facial features. It may also explain the origins of many ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Babylon and India.

          Many accounts suggest that Atlantis became a wealthy and sophisticated society with scientific knowledge, military prowess and highly developed technologies possibly far in advance of anything that we’ve achieved today. As human beings often do, they began to arrogantly misuse these technologies and ideas. In fact, there are many striking parallels between Atlantis and our world of 2022 with its obsession with science, technology and materialism as well as manipulative or black magic.

          Put simply Atlantean society split into two main groups with entirely opposite aims. The Lords of the Dark Face or Brothers of the Shadow were those who worshipped technology, revelled in materialism and tried to subvert nature’s forces for selfish purposes by using black magic. These followed the evil Left Hand Path. The other group was known as The Lords of the Shining Face. They followed the Right Hand path of white or beneficent magic and viewed humans as primarily spiritual rather than material beings.

          It may be useful to briefly explain the differences between black and white magic. Black magic ceremonies involve the creation of powerful thought-forms and sometimes elemental spirits to carry out the magician’s wishes. Sometimes these thought-forms can linger for millennia. Black magic is about using ritual for selfish, destructive or evil ends. Any ceremony or magical operation designed to achieve personal profit or gain whether material or otherwise is effectively black magic. So are any rituals or practices motivated by selfish desires or which are designed to harm or kill others.

          White magic, on the other hand, is creative, entirely selfless, beneficent and aimed at helping others. It’s never about personal gain, advancement or prestige.

          Interestingly and worryingly, some of these thought-forms created during the dark forces’ sinister magical ceremonies in the distant past were so potent that they’re almost certainly still with us today, lingering on the astral plane along with all kinds of other malevolent inhabitants hell-bent on harm. They’re still playing out today. They’re said to be responsible for many of the ills of the modern world – and possibly for many modern diseases – although individual and collective karma also play their part in this.

          It’s said that this conflict and the harnessing of nature for evil or material gain precipitated the progressive collapse of Atlantis. It’s essentially the flood story seen in many religions including Christianity when higher powers punished humanity for its wickedness. However, that battle was never fully resolved and it’s continued been playing out in the astral world ever since – thereby shaping events and conflicts in the material world we see all too clearly in the modern era.

          Esoteric writers such as Alice Bailey predict that this dominance by dark forces won’t end any time soon – but ultimately they will be defeated. The rather sobering news is that this triumph of spirit over matter will not occur until the next major cycle of planetary evolution. We’re currently in the fourth round of this cycle and the dark forces will not be vanquished until the fifth, millions of years in the future. Let’s hope this isn’t entirely correct.

          To repeat – these dark forces are dedicated to maintaining the supreme dominance of materialism and by doing so, ensuring that humanity doesn’t achieve its spiritual potential any time soon. They’re also adamantly opposed to any world where there’s no other reality than the physical. They’ve been doing a very effective job in ensuring that the all-you-see-is-all-there-is worldview prevails.

          The intensity of the present overt and covert battles may also perhaps be an indication of the fact that we’re leaving one long age (Pisces) and moving into a new one – the Age of Aquarius. These times of transition are always marked by turbulent upheavals. The old order is swept aside to make way for new ideas and systems. Often, it’s not very pretty.

          In the material world you don’t have to look very far or very hard to realise that there are countless pockets of both highly visible as well as concealed and corrupt cabals as well as inward-looking political and commercial empires fuelled by self-interest and inbred greed. These often-criminal conglomerations along with sects of control-freaks and greed-mongers have a deeply corrosive effect on human well-being at all levels. And yet they usually seem immune to corrosion themselves.

          Many people will be entirely unconscious of the fact that they themselves are influenced or even driven by these forces. And this is why a degree of self-knowledge and a desire for spiritual evolution are valuable assets in deterring them.

          These forces which threaten to enslave humanity appear to have amassed greater potency and power than at any other time in recent human history. They operate both overtly and covertly. The jackboots and unfurled swastika flags may be absent but the grotesque and rampant rise of the kind of fascism seen in 1930s Europe is re-emerging in pockets across the globe, re-purposed and fully re-energised. The Covid-19 pandemic has assisted in an unprecedented authoritarian clampdown and assault on individual freedom. Ironically, many people actually like having their lives and behaviour curtailed and controlled in this way. This is why it’s so easy for systems like Nazism or Soviet or Chinese Communism to take root so quickly and extensively.

There is pervasive use of every variety of black magic in the world today. This takes numerous different forms, some of which we probably don’t even recognise in order to disfigure the human spirit and delay its destiny. Few recognise or admit this. Nevertheless, it remains a reality.

          The mis-use of technology and mass-control of populations are emerging at the apex of this hierarchy of evil enterprises.

          These dark forces take myriad forms. They’re as insidious as they’re often invisible. Their key aim is to keep human beings stuck where they are by promoting the outright lie that this is the only realm of reality and that spiritual dimensions are superstitious and primitive myth. Oh yes, and that you only have one life and that the universe is just a giant cosmic accident without plan or purpose.

          So, we find ourselves in a weird, elusive and asymmetric war that’s being waged against humanity. But the battle-lines aren’t always clear cut. It’s not always easy to identify the combatants or even judge who’s a friend and who’s a foe.

But then it’s been this way for long ages. These malign collectives can be found on every single page of human history. Even when defeated they reappear in new clothes and with updated plans. And often new technologies, too.

          It often appears that they’ve declared war on the human spirit itself by attempting to obliterate anything noble and altruistic – or non-material. They have no recognition of higher values such as truth or beauty. And more specifically, they’re working directly to subvert the evolutionary plan which humanity is destined to follow.

          These dark forces are the enemy especially of anyone with even the faintest hint of a spiritual identity. They do not want to you to know who you really are because once you do, you’ve taken the first step in releasing yourself from their clutches.

          Talk about these forces and you’ll probably be called a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy has become a deeply loaded and misleading term, often deployed to besmirch anyone who asks too many of the right questions. Taken from the Latin it literally means to ‘breathe with’ and for the past few centuries has come to signify a ploy or a plot of some kind. Conspiracies are never about anything good.

My own view is that there are certainly conspiracies we know about or suspect as well as those of which we’re entirely ignorant. Some people believe they’re ubiquitous and that virtually everything involves a conspiracy of some kind or other. Personally, I don’t subscribe to that view. However, these dark forces do represent the biggest and most co-ordinated conspiracy the world has ever seen. Their power is more potent than ever. These days they have technology to assist them in their shadowy work. This is no theory.

          It may be worthwhile identifying some of the more prominent players among the dark forces’ earthly dramatis personae. Given that there are so many, the list of suspects will inevitably have to be brief and incomplete.

          As we’ll see, large parts of this consist of what we might call the Military/Medical/Media Industrial Complex.

          Governments. The ruling establishments of all countries do their best to promote the view that they’re independent and autonomous when in fact the opposite is true. Concealed from view, a variety of vested interests usually pull their strings, issue orders and compel governments to follow their agendas rather than those of the voters.

          Would it be too cynical to pose the question: How many governments now or in the past have ever acted in the best interests of the people rather than in the best self-interest of the government? It’s difficult to think of a single one. The prime motivation of all governments is to achieve power and to retain their ability to wield it.

          In the last few years look at how many national leaders have wound up being tried and sometimes jailed for corruption. Just to name a few, the former leaders of South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Italy and France have all been found guilty of graft. We’ll mention other politicians shortly.

          Look at some of our world leaders today and their bizarre and outlandish behaviour. Are these really the best people to lead us? Often their routes to office are deeply mysterious and even more suspicious.

          Since the pandemic especially few governments around the world seem to be observing the Four Freedoms outlined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in January 1941: freedom of speech, freedom to worship in one’s own way; freedom from want and freedom from fear.

          Science. Science is almost entirely devoid of morality. At best it’s amoral but more often than not it behaves without morality of any kind. Whether it ever entertained ethical considerations is a moot point. It spews out cutting-edge technologies without a single thought as to how these will be used or more often misused when they inevitably become commercialised, weaponised or used as tools of control and exploitation. Science tends to see its work as an end in itself without consideration of motive or how particular developments will be deployed. Science needs to develop a conscience.

          We’ve seen the remorseless rise of technocracy and technocrats and the ability to manipulate people via technology. This poses a huge threat to humanity with deeply worrying agendas such as transhumanism which is blending machines and humans. Unlike the techno-junkies of the world I find this extremely disturbing. Perhaps I’m rather old-fashioned.

          Intelligence, security and spy organisations. Virtually every nation on earth has some kind of surveillance apparatus to monitor its own people and eavesdrop on the affairs of other nations. The CIA especially has become a byword for dubious dealings, black ops, power manipulation and spying constantly cooking up assassination plots, drug deals, regime changes and weapons sales. And then there’s all the truly bad stuff. The CIA and its counterparts are essentially black magic cabals cooking up satanic rituals. But they’re not alone in this.

          The nought-point-nought-nought-nought one per cent. These are the ultra-rich and mega-wealthy beneficiaries of a world dominated by crazy casino economics. They’re the sole beneficiaries of globalisation. This exclusive but expanding club of billionaires and other assorted financial philanderers view wealth not only as power but regard it almost with religious awe – a kind of holy sacrament. Their methods of achieving wealth are many and varied and often not very admirable, honest or ethical. As we might expect, exploitation and criminal activity of one kind or another feature prominently along with currency and stock manipulation, speculation, hedge funds, the creation of toxic financial products and many other devious means.

          Sometimes for public relations reasons these ultra-rich engage in high profile but dubious philanthropic or charity enterprises from their private islands but these are very often not what they seem. George Soros, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and many others seem to have global agendas in which we the people are nothing but pawns for their manipulative fantasies and grandiose experiments. Gates, in particular, seems to have a particular fascination with needles and a fetish for mass-vaccination programmes. This has sparked much speculation.

Many of these hyper-rich are also involved in various shadowy organisations which also entertain a global control agenda, constantly pushing for an ever more rigid surveillance state with 360 degree monitoring via ‘security’ cameras, satellites, smart phones, credit and debit cards. Not to mention health passports. By these I mean such groups as the Bilderberg Group, the Tripartite Commission or the G7. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum entertains a particularly bleak and sinister almost neo-Communist blueprint for humanity. Its publicly stated message is: ‘You’ll own nothing and be happy.’ In other words the 0.0001 per cent own everything and the rest of us are renters without property rights or individual freedoms.

You may never have heard of the World Economic Forum or Klaus Schwab but essentially he’s a one-man grooming gang whose sole aim is to indoctrinate would-be leaders with his twisted notions of a New World Order – code for a global dictatorship. His devotees and former pupils include Tony ‘Dodgy Dossier’ Blair, the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (convicted of corruption), former European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker, the billionaires Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Other acolytes include Chelsea Clinton, New Zealand’s sour-faced prime minister and apprentice dictator Jacinda Ardern, the equally dreadful Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel now thankfully put out to grass.

          Shadowy organisations and secret societies. Many of us have heard about societies such as the Illuminati, the Mafia, Skull & Bones or Bohemian Grove even though they’re meant to be secret fraternities. The world is awash with such groups, some powerful and others less so. Many have deeply unsavoury intentions. The truth is that a great many people would like to be a member of a secret society if they could. Doing things in secret has an almost aphrodisiac quality to it.

Even highly public organisations set up in the past few decades ostensibly for good purposes now seem either devious or defunct. The United Nations, World Health Organisation, NATO and even NASA may not be quite what they seem.

          Big business. Like governments, multi-national corporations are invariably more interested in generating profits for their directors and shareholders than in their employees or customers. Like governments they do two things very well –  they lie and they manipulate. The obvious nefarious examples in the Military/Medical/Media Industrial Complex at the moment are the large pharmaceutical giants known as Big Pharma. They absolutely love a mass vaccination agenda because of the eye-watering profits involved. These are the real drugs cartels of the world.

          Corporate greed by any means seems embedded in the business psyche. Like science, business is usually thin on ethics and big on profits however these are attained and at whatever cost to people or the planet. Both business and science have become ends in themselves operating almost in a vacuum.

Religions. Billions of people follow one religion or another – some zealously and many half-heartedly. For many they’re the only repository of crude, literal or devotional spirituality It’s generally believed that they’re a force for good. Some have been much more benign than others. And yet look at the history of, for example, of the Catholic Church and it’s hard to justify this. Inquisitions, torture, murder, rape, industrial scale child abuse, destruction of cultures and the suppression of knowledge aren’t exactly the most spiritual pursuits you can imagine. The dark forces have found much scope for their activities especially in The Vatican.

Religions are an obvious target for these malign forces because large swathes of their followers are entirely unquestioning about their teachings, edicts and scriptures. Asking questions is heretical.

The dark forces operating through religions have committed genocide and crimes against humanity. They’ve burned libraries, promoted ignorance and injustice and destroyed the histories and cultures of their opponents.

Social media. Social media is lethal. It kills people. It alienates, antagonises and produces mental and physical violence. It damages the mental health and well-being of many of those who choose to slither down its poisonous sewers. It’s become a global scourge shaping opinion, modifying behaviour, limiting free speech and the open exchange of views – the very things it was meant to promote.

Many people spend large portions of their lives on social media usually for egotistical or narcissistic reasons. Like many other things it can become deeply addictive and disruptive.

The big irony is that these systems of open communication and information exchange rapidly turn into means of creating division, conflict and alienation as well as exerting control.

Other members of the cast. We can start with the various military organisations, shadowy technocrats, organised crime (often conducted in conjunction with governments), bankers and financial institutions and the mainstream media. Dark forces operate through all these outlets but also manifest in the activities of terrorists, people smugglers and modern-day slave traders, hackers, slum landlords, money launderers and loan sharks. These malign energies fuel most evil and criminal enterprises from theft and rape, to paedophlia and murder.

Cyber-warfare, crypto-currencies and even the Green Carbon Neutral Agenda all bear the hallmarks of these evil fluences.

          This is by no means an exhaustive list and numerous other elements are at work. Nevertheless, this is pretty comprehensive and clearly shows how deeply the tentacles of these Brothers of the Shadow (to use esoteric parlance) are rooted in virtually all aspects of our lives.

So, we have a varied pick ‘n mix assortment of putative combatants from the dark legions. Of course, certain individuals may belong to more than one of these groupings. A few may be involved in many of them since many appear to be intimately inter-connected.

Many of these manifestations of the dark forces – especially the corporate entities involved – thrive through humanity’s innate conformity and its deep reluctance to engage in original thinking. People behave like sheep. Many like restrictions being imposed on them and we’ve seen this during the ravages of the Chinese Virus. The dark forces have no difficulty whatsoever in manipulating people with a herd-like mentality and shaping their attitudes and behaviour.

This is why dark forces can suddenly surround, sweep through and suffocate entire nations. This is what happened to Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Russia. These forces know that war can be contagious and addictive especially when fuelled by nationalism, religion, ideologies or cultural imperialism.

To this end these malign forces extensively employ the tactics of fear, uncertainty, restriction, chaos and shortages to further their command and control model. These are the principal forces of black magic. They also employ censorship and threats to oppose Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms.

          If we get deeply ethical about it, we could perhaps suggest that anyone who’s greedy, selfish, mean, deceitful, cruel or corrupt are also enemies of humanity. But given that most of us demonstrate these traits to some degree at some time or other this may be stretching the point too far.

          The world is and nearly always has been suffused with trickery and deception from the local level to the global arena. It’s all too easy to assume that everything is consumed and dominated by evil. Good still often prevails. There are frequent acts of mercy, tolerance, decency and benevolence where the kindness of strangers prevails.

          So, what – if any –  counter-measures can we employ to neutralise them? Can a final victory ever be achieved?

          The first step is to overcome the fear thrust upon us by propagandising politicians and their lackeys in the mainstream media. The media pretend to inform but their real use to the dark forces is to control minds and modify behaviour. I say these things with some inside knowledge having worked as a journalist for more than half a century – including for some of the big players.

          This all begs the question as to the nature of evil? We’re often told that because of the Law of Polarity one cannot exist without the other. Quite simply, they’re two sides of the same coin.         

          How many people are free from these influences? The truth is not many – if any.

          The dark forces have always mesmerised and manipulated the feeble-minded and morally weak to do their bidding. An unquestioning army of the compliant is always an advantage when trying to undermine humanity.

          Time, then, to start and appreciate the widespread influence of these malignities and to organise a resistance movement. These forces although deeply embedded physically and mentally can ultimately be disrupted and dislodged.

          It’s commonly estimated that it takes only three and a half per cent of any nation’s population to dissent from the mainstream in order to effect change. Or maybe even less than that. The Transcendental Movement found that it took a miniscule number. They found that if only the square root of one per cent of the population meditated in any given area it had huge benefits on the immediate community in terms of improved health and decreased crime. In a world of 7.7 billion that’s only 8,500 people!

          Although these forces are difficult to defeat, we can offer some opposition using the resources and capacities available to us – especially mentally. This is because our thoughts shape the world. The world is a collective mental construct. We all help build it.

          Each of us is involved in a spiritual war whether we realise it or not. I’m afraid there’s no sitting on the fence in this conflict. There’s no neutrality because this is a binary question. You sympathise with the forces of light or darkness or you don’t. There’s no grey. We all have the free will to choose.

Leeds Theosophical Society Online Talk

23rd: January: Doors open at 1330. Lecture begins at 1400.

Tim Wyatt: The Anatomy of Dark Forces

From the remotest past sinister dark forces have had a disruptive and negative impact on human activity. These malign energies and evil entities shape-shift to suit the needs of the time they wish to influence. They operate esoterically behind the scene but also in plain sight. And their mission is always the same – to impede humanity’s spiritual unfoldment and hamper its evolutionary potential.

But who are they? What form do they take in the modern world? How and where do they operate? Can they be opposed or even defeated?

In this talk Tim Wyatt argues that these dark forces are as widespread and powerful as they’ve ever been. Understanding how they operate is the first step in neutralising them.

Watch the talk here:

Tim Wyatt’s books are available from


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writer, theologian and broadcaster, my work can be found at Colyn Boyce is co-editor for Hermes Risen and is a writer, photographer and all round good guy.

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  1. Go easy on AAB (& DK), the many of these books I have studied provide a wealth of material towards the individual and group development of enlightened consciousness. Currently reading, at last, HPB The Secret Doctrine… thank you, Jamie


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