GIVE PEACE A CHANCE by Wayne Gatfield

For generations the heart cry of every decent human being has been “Give Peace a chance.” which has fallen on deaf ears as regards some of the world’s leaders, who have lost touch with their humanity.

People in general crave peace and want only to go about their daily lives untroubled by rumours of wars and conflicts. When analysed we see that it is only a tiny minority who bring about these wars, always for selfish or trivial reasons. People who have power always seem to be the wrong one’s in that particular position. Is that due to the fact that this is known as the Age of Kali or darkness, where the morally and spiritually bankrupt are placed in positions of power?

We hear of ancient civilisations where the rulers were good and fair men and women, who always had the welfare of their subjects uppermost in their minds. They were not willing, as many are today, to see those subjects suffer and die so they could achieve their ends; which in most cases did not necessitate the death of even one person.  This is why the teaching of true Spiritual leaders is always one of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is to love one another as Jesus and the Buddha in particular taught, and these sentiments have been echoed by countless other teachers throughout the centuries.

Yet the fact that their words have been ignored by the vast majority has had disastrous consequences. Christians, who have before them the compassionate words of Jesus, have still indulged in wars and conflicts, despite the injunction to love their enemies.

The intolerance of pseudo Christianity and Islam and a complete failure to understand the Spiritual life at all, has led to these religions bringing only misery and suffering to the world.  Of course there are many good Christians and Muslims, but they don’t seem to be having a great impact on their respective religions.  Religion then has become a menace rather than a solace to humanity. This is true mainly of theistic religions, which distort the image of God and give him the lowest of human emotions, such as anger and jealousy.

Buddhism at least does attempt to follow Gautama Buddha’s teaching of love and compassion and to promote peace.  Hinduism generally has a much deeper understanding of what is meant by “God” and the many manifestations of Divinity.

However, the world is not run by Spiritually minded people. The world leaders tend to be materialists who have had a privileged upbringing and so are out of touch with the ordinary man and woman in the street. The masses blindly follow the guidance of these leaders, without stopping to think whether their dictates actually make any real sense in the scale of things. Certainly for a person on the Spiritual Path the ludicrousness of certain rules and regulations becomes crystal clear, but others who are following a materially orientated path cannot see this and believe them to be for their general good.  Obviously I am not saying all rules set up by governments are wrong, many are for the benefit of society as a whole, but there has to be discrimination.  The Buddha said that it is like being at the top of a mountain and looking down at the world. This is analogous to stepping back mentally, not being embroiled in the things of the world. From this standpoint we can see the insanity that grips the population at certain times.

There is a preoccupation and fascination nowadays with the lives of serial killers, whether in documentaries or films. This has to be looked into. Why do people enjoy watching accounts of gruesome murders and violent crime and why are people who do evil acts so popular with many people? Obsession with this kind of information pollutes the aura and shuts out the light of the Spirit, whether it be scenes of violence or lust. It is also infectious and can spread to others through contact or the eyes. It is a true pandemic! It also makes people susceptible to the influence of others with unscrupulous motives. It is an indictment of the darker side of human nature that people make films that show extreme acts of murder and torture and class it as entertainment.

It is also puzzling as to why mankind is so intent on killing animals, taking life for selfish profit- seemingly blind to the sanctity and preciousness of that life. Also, why people kill each other over trifling matters or to rob someone of their mobile phone, car or watch.  Everyone needs to awaken to the beauty and uniqueness of every living thing and develop a feeling of compassion, which seems to be in short supply in modern times.

The best way to be free of this is to think on Spiritual matters, read Spiritual literature and meditate on lofty subjects. It is also useful to listen to uplifting music, look at inspiring art or read beautiful poetry and to enjoy the company of likeminded people! There are many wonderful people and things on this planet if we only lift our eyes and look-whether the vision is inner or outer.

Love and Peace was the motto of the hippies in the 60’s, and if it quickly became mixed with more unsavoury elements, the message still has resonance today.

As said earlier, most people just want peace. If the masses were allowed to have their say, instead of being shouted down- we would have a more peaceful society. The Mahachohan, who is the Theosophical Masters, Master, says in his letter:

“The intellectual portion of mankind seems to be fast dividing into two classes; the one unconsciously preparing for itself long periods of temporary annihilation or states of non-consciousness, owing to the deliberate surrender of intellect and its imprisonment in the narrow grooves of bigotry and superstition – a process which cannot fail to lead to the utter deformation of the intellectual principle; the other unrestrainedly indulging its animal propensities with the deliberate intention of submitting to annihilation pure and simple, in case of failure, and to millenniums of degradation after physical dissolution. Those intellectual classes reacting upon the ignorant masses – which they attract, and which look up to them as noble and fit examples to be followed – degrade and morally ruin those they ought to protect and guide. Between degrading superstition and still more degrading brutal materialism, the White Dove of Truth has hardly room whereon to rest her weary unwelcome feet. “

This may seem a little harsh to some as there are many good intellectuals and an increasing number of positive trends. Yet there is still a lot to do to bring about “peace on earth and goodwill to  men” , women and all sentient beings.

By promoting the Spiritual side of life and trying to express the Beauty of existence in whatever way we can, we can at least help to leaven the consciousness of Humanity and purify the intellect so that the intellectuals of future times will have minds that are illumined by the Divine Light and not the dull light of their lower natures. The race of man is Divine, it’s just that we have created the clouds that obscure the Spiritual Sun, but we should never cease believing in the inherent goodness of Humanity as a whole and its ability to redeem itself and recover the innocence it once possessed. It just needs people to believe in this and to do whatever they can, no matter how great or little to bring about it’s manifestation in the world.

Om shanti, shanti shanti; peace, peace, peace.

Wayne Gatfield’s book ‘A Little book of Peace and Love’ is available now

A Little Book of Peace and Love: Gatfield, Wayne, Robinson, Barbara E., Lee, Mike: 9781900410663: Books

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