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Beltane 2022 by Debbie Elliott

The year’s wheel continues to turn. Get the flowers out, light the bel fires! The May Queen is coming down the road, the Green man awaits her at the altar. Together they meet and dance to the ceremony that is their marriage for the year. The beginning of May is a celebration of joy for the coming summer.

One can smell the sexual energy in the air, fertility is potent! Life is intoxicating! Our dreams and hopes are coming alive with the spring energy!

Beltane, Bel the bright one-is he a god? Is he a deva? He comes with the fire of the sun. In olden days the communities would light a special fire on this day, a fire to celebrate life, all life.

In the past young couple would jump through the fire, farmers would drive their cattle through the smoke to cleanse them of any ill misfortune. A Maypole would be erected and people would dance and laugh and make merry.

So, on this sacred day put on a ring of flowers, give a toast to the sun and dance with your loved ones!

Here is a talk all about the gods and goddesses of old, who I am sure still walk this planet and if you look carefully enough you might catch a glimpse of them…


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writer, theologian and broadcaster, my work can be found at Colyn Boyce is co-editor for Hermes Risen and is a writer, photographer and all round good guy.

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