In part one of this article I explored the widely-predicted notion of the emergence of an avatar as well as the appearance of advanced beings or masters. We’ll explore these ideas further and examine what other developments we can expect from this new age apart from chaos, panic, degradation and conflict. Of course, predicting the future is impossible and usually entirely futile but here are a few loose but, in my opinion, likely possibilities.

The Re-appearance of the Mystery Schools

The ancient Mystery Schools thrived for millennia across the planet in ancient Egypt and Greece, across the Middle East in such locations as Babylon and Chaldea, throughout Vedic India and the Himalayas and in South America. The pyramids, Stonehenge and ruined Greek temples which hosted these schools are testimony to their power and influence.

          The central role of the Mystery Schools in all locations was to focus on death and the awakening of the soul. Via ritual they provided detailed route-maps for personal spiritual evolution, transformation and enlightenment. In some cases, these psycho-dramas were highly elaborate and lengthy. A candidate could find themself placed in a stone sarcophagus re-enacting a highly realistic after-death journey. Often powerful mind-altering drugs were used to enhance these lengthy symbolic death journeys which could last for up to three days.

Although the schools were often aimed chiefly at the elites and influential members of society, the Greek Mysteries were open to many citizens. In Greece the philosopher Plato, the mathematician Pythagoras and the historian Herodotus all passed through their portals.

          Most of the Mystery Schools demanded a binding oath of secrecy. Anyone revealing their secrets to the profane or the uninitiated straying into their private precincts was often punished by death.

          In Greece and elsewhere the Mysteries were split into two divisions, the Lesser and the Greater. The Lesser were aimed at neophytes and involved preparing the candidate for the path they would take via study and a close focus on emotional and physical purification.

          The Greater Mysteries were for more advanced candidates and emphasised the idea of consciously accelerating one’s development so that they regarded themselves as evolving and awakening souls. More importantly they now saw themselves as part of the One Life. The  Greater Mysteries also involved the study of esoteric secrets.

We’re told the Mystery Schools finally closed their doors by the third or fourth centuries of the common era. In 396 CE the last of the Graeco-Roman Mystery Schools was destroyed by the invading Goths. Then the knowledge they transmitted went silently underground to be revived eventually in diluted form by the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and possibly the Rosicrucians. Or did these schools continue in some clandestine way?

          ‘The Mysteries, when finally restored, will make real – in a sense incomprehensible to you at present – the nature of religion, the purpose of science and the goal of education. These are not what you think today.’

          This somewhat enigmatic quote written decades ago by the prominent esotericist Alice. A Bailey strongly suggests the eventual although not necessarily imminent re-emergence of the Mystery Schools. She proposed that these updated and rejuvenated schools would focus on planetary rather just than personal change to create a world of compassion, love and universal spirituality.

          She indicated that the new schools would be in locations strongly associated with their historic predecessors and connected to historic monuments, ancient temples and other places of initiation. More importantly, she said they would form a global network.

          It’s been proposed by Bailey and others that the new generation of Mystery Schools would involve the equivalents of the Lesser and Greater Mysteries seen in antiquity. The former would effectively be preparatory schools for novices teaching that each individual was an eternal, evolving soul on a voyage of discovery. The aim will be to produce fully integrated individuals who are whole, independent and service-driven.

          The Greater Mysteries will develop this work further and explore deeper levels of being with the ultimate aim of uniting and reconciling the lower self (personality) with the higher self (soul or individuality) to create new creativity and purpose.

          Perhaps this revival is underway already in covert settings and enshrouded in secrecy. Possibly these schools never disappeared entirely. Maybe there will be a gradual re-emergence. Or else unknown and unpredictable events may somehow stimulate their more rapid reappearance. However, it seems certain that humanity is destined for a new, individualised world wisdom religion in which the evolution of the soul is put centre-stage.

Closer contact with devas and nature-spirits.

Unseen and unrecognised by the vast majority of people, there is a hidden commonwealth of invisible non-human entities creating, protecting and preserving life-forms in all nature’s kingdoms. These unseen empires are widely referred to throughout the theosophical literature but are rarely discussed. They involve vast hierarchies of nature-spirits operating in the four elements of air, earth, fire and water principally on the etheric and astral planes. At a higher level there are even more powerful creative figures – the devas (or shining ones) of the angelic kingdoms who operate on the mental and astral planes.

The devas are often likened to architects while the nature spirits are described as builders.

Without these hidden hosts there would be no life as we know it. These entities keep us alive, heal disease and are central to our reproduction. They operate on animals, plants and in the mineral realms. They even play a pivotal role in the weather as well as in natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. And yet the vast majority of people on this planet don’t even believe they exist.

Both angels and nature-spirits appeared prominently in the myths, legends, religions and folklore of virtually all cultures and all epochs. But now they’re largely forgotten and almost completely ignored. In recent centuries they’ve been squeezed from view by the domination of materialism and industrialisation and the move from the countryside to the cities. They’re widely seen as the crude superstitions of supposedly primitive people and completely ignored. But they’re humanity’s most vital ally. In the coming decades and centuries, we’re destined to rediscover and co-operate much more widely with the inhabitants of these concealed worlds.

The decline of religious influence.

In a world where fanaticism of one kind or another has reached epidemic proportions it’s difficult to even contemplate religious fundamentalists of varying faiths abandoning their crude, dogmatic and literal interpretations of their scriptures.

However, a new emergent wisdom religion will ultimately appear. It will bear little resemblance to the established world religions as they currently operate although it will draw on some of their ideas and traditions. It may grow very gradually. It may never initially be for the masses. But it will be an important new spiritual current. Over time it will have an impact although religions are so impervious to change and almost geologically slow in their development that they will undoubtedly be around for centuries to come.

And, of course, religions also still retain a powerful psychological and emotional hold on billions of people even though they largely offer pickled dogma rather than spiritual enhancement. Two millennia since its inception the influence of Christianity is finally waning although despite numerous scandals the grip of the Catholic Church remains extremely powerful.

          Fourteen hundred years after its formation Islam has reached the same kind of expansive and evangelistic vigour which Christianity achieved fourteen centuries into its existence during the Crusades and overseas conquests.

          Hinduism, one of the oldest surviving spiritual systems, a way of life rather than a religion, is still centre stage for hundreds of millions of Indians and their descendants abroad. Similarly, the various strands of Buddhism remain vibrant as do lesser- known spiritual traditions around the world.

          However, since change is inevitable even the most banal beliefs and practices are ultimately destined to disappear – just the way long-forgotten religions of the ancient past have been swallowed into obscurity by history.

          The primary purpose of any new wisdom-religion is to teach the essential and crucial message that human beings are first and foremost souls who happen to be in physical form. More importantly, it will not promote the idea that human beings are wicked and guilty sinners to be punished by a vengeful god but evolving souls aiming for divine status and rising or falling by their own efforts.

          Equally central to its teachings will be the true nature of death and re-birth. It will promote the realities of reincarnation and that all humans are entwined in an everlasting inter-connected continuum moulded and modified by the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect and wholly depending on their own efforts.

A major reduction in population.

In my lifetime the population of the world has trebled to 7.8 billion and is predicted to rise to 10 billion by 2050. As this relentless population explosion has occurred during the latter half of the twentieth century and first quarter of the twenty-first, key questions have been posed. Exactly how many people can the planet support? What happens when it reaches tipping point? Will the world’s population be dramatically reduced in some way? How might this happen? What’s the Earth’s ideal population and can this be achieved?

There’s much evidence to support the view that we’re in a period of enhanced evolution. The children being born today are nothing like their parents let alone their grand-parents. They are often more intelligent, empathic, compassionate and intuitive and they detest the old learning methods. Many are wrongly diagnosed with various bogus psychological disorders such as ADHD. Possibly this is evidence of the appearance of increasing numbers of forerunners of the new sixth sub-race of this fifth Root Race.

Perhaps because of the doom-mongering, millennial if not apocalyptic mood enshrouding this planet at the moment, many people currently entertain luridly dark end-of-days scenarios which they repeat mantra-like in their private echo-chambers. They may be right and the future may make the Mad Max films look like an Edwardian vicar’s tea-party.

There does appear to be a prevailing mood that something or other will and indeed must happen to dramatically reduce the world population. Being a sentient living being like the rest of us perhaps Mother Earth may finally decide she has spawned too many children and needs to take urgent remedial action.

Might this be a parting of the ways for humanity with some sections progressing to more elevated graduate schools and lesser spiritually developed cohorts facing periods of re-learning?

The emergence of an avatar or world-teacher.

Avatar is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘descent’ and indicating a higher authority who comes down to earth to impart wisdom. Widely predicted as an impending future event by many religions, spiritual organisations and individuals, this seems to assume that the individual in question will be a Christ – or even some Robin Hood-like saviour figure to free humanity and transmit fresh knowledge or spiritual wisdom.

          Huge numbers of Christians believe in the second coming of Christ. According to the Catholic Church this will usher in the reign of God, consummate the universe and mankind as well as bringing salvation. Different denominations have vastly differing views on the nature and timing of Christ’s return with many predicted dates now in the distant past and some in the far future.

Kalki is the proposed tenth incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu destined to appear at the end of the current Kali Yuga (one of Hinduism’s four long time-cycles outlined in part one of this article). In the Puranas Kalki is described as the avatar who rejuvenates planetary existence by ending the times of darkness and destruction.

For Muslims Muhammad was the final prophet of Islam.

In Buddhist circles Maitreya (spelled in various ways and derived from the Sanskrit word for friendship) is another key candidate who will incarnate as the next Buddha. As a bodhisattva (or person on the path to Buddhahood) he will appear at some indeterminate future date to achieve enlightenment and teach humanity the true dharma (directly untranslatable in English but signifying ‘righteousness’ or ‘merit’).

Maitreya has been more widely adopted by other non-Buddhist spiritual traditions usually as a distinctly millenarian figure whose return has been predicted for decades but who has yet to make an appearance.

There are numerous other predictions about messianic figures about to manifest on the physical plane to transmit cosmic truths to errant humanity. The internet is choked with channelled messages from supposedly ascended masters or other ex-planetary or cosmic beings about to materialise in superhero comic book fashion and save the people from themselves.

As we shall see, other wise teachers of lesser rank may also emerge. Avatars arrive when the cyclic imperative demands it, not when some sections of humanity demand it. And perhaps the next avatar will not arrive in any spectacular or miraculous fashion but just blend into the world and do their work unnoticed, unsuspected and unacclaimed.

          Perhaps the next avatar is already here and they could be that very ordinary person living next door to you.

The appearance of adepts and wise beings.

We’ve already discussed the top tier of wise beings but operating beneath them are other elites of the wise and enlightened. These go under numerous names but in theosophy are generally referred to as The Masters of Wisdom or the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood. In the late nineteenth century two members of this hierarchy Master Morya and Master Kuthumi communicated with Madame Blavatsky and other early adherents of the Theosophical Society in a series of communications known as The Mahatma Letters. By the end of the nineteenth century these interventions ceased.

          From the 1920s to the 1940s another adept from this fraternity called Djwal Kuhl or The Tibetan dictated a series of more than twenty books to the esoteric writer Alice A. Bailey.

          For many decades there has been speculation that more adepts will cease operating covertly from behind the scenes and take a more visible role in the world. Traditionally they are seen as ‘overshadowing’ and influencing certain individuals involved in various enterprises from philosophy, science and religion to social reform, technology and the arts. They rarely if ever intervene directly in order not to infringe human free will. This emergence – if it happens – is known in esoteric jargon as the externalisation of the hierarchy.

          These days the internet is awash with millions of pages outlining the channelled wisdom of supposedly ascended masters and entire eco-systems of elevated entities. Much of this is likely to be bogus but there may be pearls concealed among the detritus.

Major planetary upheavals.

Given that we’re at the mid-point of the current processionary cycle – ie at the summer solstice – major global changes are very much in evidence and further convulsions seem inevitable. Far-reaching world upheavals accompany the transition from one age to another as we’re currently witnessing in the transition from Pisces to Aquarius but to repeat, these tend to be more exaggerated at times of solstice and equinox – roughly every 6,500 years.

          Cataclysms and major geological changes, extreme weather and climatic events are likely to feature prominently in the coming decades. But we know that the Earth is constantly re-shaping itself. In the past continents such as Lemuria and Atlantis have been destroyed by water and fire and there’s no reason to suppose that this process won’t be repeated since everything has its assigned life-cycle.

          An increase in both mental and emotional intelligence.

All studies overwhelmingly show how human intelligence has increased dramatically over the past century and a half thanks to wider education, mass communications, more extensive travel and other factors. Many of the children now being born are showing even higher levels of intelligence and it seems as if this is likely to continue. However, emotional intelligence has failed to keep pace with the mental uplift. Emotion still rules a great many people’s thinking.

          The digital domination of the present era adds an extra dimension of agitation into the collective emotional body of the world. Some people are starting to regard such things as social media not as a communication tool but as an invasive pollutant further inflaming rampant raw emotions.

Humanity has learned to exert a high degree of control over its own physical bodies but controlling the mind and emotions is still a distant elusive reality. But unless and until this is achieved human beings will remain essentially child-like or at best as unruly adolescents.

A spiritual uplift and moves towards cosmic consciousness.

Despite lack of emotional and mental control and the outward turmoil erupting on this planet, substantial numbers of people are experiencing a major spiritual uplift which has been gradually unfolding for some decades. This is likely to intensify and yet appears strangely at odds with external events.

          The evidence is that increasing numbers of people in the West regard themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. Dissatisfied by scientific and religious orthodoxy many are embarking on personal quests to discover their own spiritual natures. Belief in reincarnation of some kind has gone from a cranky fringe belief six or seven decades ago to being far more widespread and even mainstream.

          The emergence of a new world religion based on the principles outlined earlier combined with the gradual but progressive dissolution of religions will open up pathways for spiritual self-discovery outlawed in past epochs. The Mystery Schools mentioned earlier will be catalysts for this.

Latent powers revealed.

Humanity is not only largely ignorant of its inner identity and destiny, it’s also mainly unaware of the vast, undiscovered and untapped potential concealed within each individual. For many reasons we can be a highly self-limiting species constricting our thinking and confining our view of our own abilities within extremely narrow limits. This is due to a variety of factors such as religious and family influence, scientific prejudice, the media and out-of-date educational systems.

          The Ageless Wisdom tradition is quite clear that ‘we are gods in the making’ because we are ‘sparks of the divine’ – not weak-minded, sinful devil’s spawn who should feel permanent self-recrimination for being born in the first place.

          Throughout their history human beings have achieved amazing feats in every sphere of activity. But it’s the brave, lone, maverick and often marginalised individuals who reach these heights setting the bench-mark for future achievements. As part of the spiritual uplift now unfolding growing numbers of people will learn how to detect and harness these enhanced abilities.

These latent powers cover a number of areas – greater imagination, deeper intuition, more penetrative inner knowing, access to non-physical realities as well as the development of psi and noetic faculties such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho-kinesis and predestination.

Rejuvenated healthcare

We will, of course, witness new economic, political and social structures but there are few surprises here because these systems are always being re-formulated to suit the needs of changing times. I don’t see a soul-based financial, political or educational system emerging in the immediate future. Although still beyond the far horizon, soul-based thinking will nevertheless progressively emerge in this age and the next and this will affect the way we use money and the means by which we govern and organise ourselves.

          There will be an eventual paradigm shift in our views as to how we regard healthcare and the way we treat illness. We’re set to completely revise our understanding of the origins and treatment of disease. The chief means we employ today – surgery and drugs – will, I suspect, play a far less prominent role than they do today. A century now our prevailing ‘drug ‘em and cut ‘em’ medical culture will be regarded as primitive and barbaric as the leech-doctors and blood-letters of the past.

          Medical science will eventually re-discover and re-embrace what the ancients knew all along – that we have subtle as well as solid physical bodies and it’s in these realms where the real roots of disease lie. Our etheric or energy bodies especially will be treated via their energy meridians known by acupuncturists, Reiki healers and others from Eastern traditions. Plant- rather than mineral-based drugs will be preferred where necessary.

It will be appreciated that individuals’ karma is in fact the source of much illness and disease in any life. Esoteric psychology and astrology will increasingly be employed to identify individuals’ physical, astral, mental and soul ray structures as well as soul-purpose. This will assist both healthcare and education.

Mental illness has reached unprecedented and indeed epidemic proportions in some countries and societies. It’s widely accepted as an inevitable consequence of living in our twenty-first century world. More than a century of pioneering psychiatry and in-depth psychology have made some inroads into understanding the quirks of the human mind. But without an acceptance that the soul is the permanent organ of existence, all interventions will be superficial because we shall be treating effects rather than getting to the causal roots.

Earth repair.

Major and varied projects will be employed to restore and renew the Earth, repairing its systems and structures via benign rather than invasive technologies. This is by no means confined to physical issues but also involves work on the planet’s etheric, astral and mental vehicles which we as inhabitants of this planet create collectively. Humanity must permanently abandon the notion that nature can or indeed should be conquered (although humanity can be conquered by nature). Nature must be viewed solely as an ally not a profit-producing asset or providing resources to be squandered.

          This Earth repair will be a generational endeavour and involve full use of the elevated mind-set which is now emerging in significant numbers of people. It will require new modes of thinking and operating. Humanity will work in closer co-operation and harmony with itself, its host planet and all kingdoms of nature including the nature-spirits and devas mentioned earlier.

It would be hoped rather than expected that humanity will start to lose some of its more primitive, war-like traits which usually dictates that armed conflict is the only way to resolve differences. Let’s hope this doesn’t involve another ‘war to end all wars’ to achieve this because the next global conflict could be humanity’s last death-gasp.

And finally…

The most inept question it’s possible to ask is: ‘Are we alone in the universe?’

          Since the earliest development phases of humanity – when we bore absolutely no resemblance to the beings we are now – extra-terrestrial beings have intervened to assist our development by revealing new knowledge and fresh ideas. The theosophical tradition speaks of various off-planet entities such as the Lords of the Flame from Venus who played a pivotal role in imparting mind to a previously laggard humanity. The same tradition also speaks of the lunar and solar pitris (ancestors in Sanskrit) who also assisted.

          Beings from other worlds in and out of physical form have visited this planet since its inception and continue to do so. Despite the intense, decades-long efforts of governments (especially that of the United States) to deny, debunk, ridicule and explain away encounters with UFOs (now curiously renamed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and otherworldly beings, many millions of people have directly experienced these events. Not all of these are cranks, crackpots and conspiracy theorists.

          As a journalist of long-standing, I appreciate that the greater the denial, the greater the likelihood of something being true. If there were nothing to worry about, why did the CIA declassify 2,780 pages of UFO-related material in 2021? If it’s so unimportant why does the US government have tens of millions of classified documents on the subject ferreted away in its vaults?

          Beings from other worlds have always interacted with humans on this planet. By all accounts these extra-terrestrials don’t consist of a single homogenous group but possibly include up to a dozen different types of ‘alien’ entity. These range from the familiar large-headed bulbous eyed greys to reptilians and tall Nordic types. They are believed to have differing and possibly conflicting agendas as far as the Earth and its human population is concerned. Some are said to be more beneficent than others. They may even be in charge of world affairs without most people knowing about it.

          I suspect that ‘disclosure’ of at least some of the truth about this universal phenomenon throughout histories and cultures will take place very soon.

          Welcome again to the Age of Aquarius.

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  1. Apropå det du skriver om myserieskolornas bindande ed om sekretess. I Katarina Falkenbergs och Tommy Westlunds bok Alkemi det gudomliga verket skriver dom ”Alkemi finns inkorporerad i våra stra världsreligioner som en inre hemlig esoterisk tradition vilken genom tiderna endast förmedlats till de utvalda. Författarnas djupaste övertygelse är dock att ” mysteriet skyddar sig självt” och därför kan förmedlas till alla och envar, för att på så sätt också förhindra korruption och maktfullkomlighet i det att alla ges en möjlighet att förkovra sig i det gudomliga verket.”


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