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Consciousness Revealed Part 5: Another Fine Mess. by Terry Edwards

Does humanity have a future?

If you are worried about the future of humanity, you can now rest easy in the knowledge that we do not have one. At least, we do not if the proponents of electronic biochemistry and artificial intelligence have their way. If you wish to see their idea of the future just watch talks by Yuval Noah Harari from 2018.

You will learn that you are just a computer algorithm based on data that you do not own, that is easily hackable and reprogrammable. He explains how the technological elite will take on the ‘role of God’. They intend to direct the transformation of life in the universe into something beyond our feeble understanding. Who would be willing to take on that ‘divine responsibility’? Here is one suggestion – a man called Klaus Schwab whose ambitions for us to own nothing and be happy are outlined here:

Both these videos deal with subjective, personal issues that could affect us all. You might not agree with or believe what these pundits are telling us. The danger here is that they represent what many influential people appear to be thinking, especially people who have no idea of the spiritual dimension. My intention is to suggest how we arrived at this irresponsible plan through ideological manipulation. The contentious question is not ‘will it happen’? It is ‘are they already doing it to us now?’ Given the nature of the human collective consciousness in this quantum-digital state, the systems that control us are not likely to tell us the truth about anything they are doing. This is not a political essay. My only concern here with the state of the hive mind that has brought us to this situation. We are pawns in a virtual game of shadows that relies on the weaknesses and desires of frail human beings.

The first video, ‘Will the Future be Human?’, comes over as a threat. If the more light-hearted second video, ‘Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World’, is true it seems to be a warning. To put this idea into context, imagine you are the designer of the most elaborate and complex virtual reality game ever conceived (which you are). Would you trust the characters you created to tinker with their own and the game’s design? Would you be happy for them to revise the software that sustains the nature of their own existence?

The obvious snag with reprogramming human DNA is that biology on the cellular and quantum levels is far more complex and multidimensional than they realise. A small tweak here or there could have untold and devastating consequences. Why do many countries in our world operate and fund biological warfare laboratories that develop targeted diseases? It might be a mad conspiracy theory to suggest that they have played a role in recent human history. Nevertheless, is it reasonable to believe that so many governments spend all this money on biological research for no purpose? According to the ideas I am putting forward in these articles, it is not human beings that run the world. Our true ‘enemies’ are the system entities that operate in the great universal unconscious mind in the shadow state of opposites. Why should we put so much energy, money and activity into creating wars, weapons, nuclear and biological systems that threaten to obliterate our existence? On the face of it, this runs counter to our natural survival instincts. Who wants to be murdered by the military? A great deal of money, effort and ingenuity goes into making this a serious possibility. The more our higher-dimensional aspect seeks to draw us into the light, the greater and deeper is the pit of darkness around us. Why? Because cosmic forces operate in a manner akin to the laws of physics. For example, inertia counters acceleration and entropy resists order by creating chaos. We see increasingly that organisational interconnectivity turns the simplest process into an intricate operational quicksand. “Can’t get the parts, mate.”

Galloping complexity has overtaken the conceptual network or matrix that makes it all possible. This is a result of our expanding digital computational and communication systems that are dominating our daily lives. It forces us to live in the head at the expense of the heart, in objective mind in the absence of feeling and meaning. Our bodies have become more important to us than our souls. The soul is where we incubate the successor organism we will become when we have exhausted the possibilities of our current version of humanity.  Our game players descended into the game and became us. We are seeking to rewrite the software and purpose of the program without a full grasp of the purpose and nature of the system. The paradox is that we might be caught in a double-blind experiment to fulfil a higher purpose beyond our understanding. Our innermost desire is to fully integrate with the light, to go beyond ego, pain and suffering and to leave the karmic trap behind us. It is the ego and fear of death that keeps us in darkness. Why should that be so?

The systems of the quantum digital universe control our perception of reality to reinforce a materialist vision of human existence. The next logical step is to manipulate our bodies and our brains to conform with somebody’s intellectual, egocentric agenda. Because you can do something does not mean that you should. In my view, there is a globalist agenda, whether conscious or unconscious, to prevent us from fulfilling our true spiritual purpose. In a superficial sense, many people believe we are the victims of a coordinated conspiracy being run by a group or groups of individuals and secret, arcane globalist organisations. My insight into this tells me that the entire scenario originates in the pseudo-duality that operates in the shadow aspects of human consciousness. Collectively, we created this virtual reality game simulation to test and evolve our understanding of the light of oneness by experiencing its opposite.  The most direct way to learn about impersonal, unconditional divine love is to experience its absence. We are facing poverty and deprivation on an unprecedented scale. If you don’t believe the systems are corrupt, watch this video about a property buying scam that hit many people in Australia:

Note the role of the banks in that story. Earlier this year, experience in Canada with the trucker’s protest revealed to the world how much we can trust the banks and the governments. They can switch off your bank accounts which is little more than theft. See this article ‘Who owns the money in your bank account?’ (Be sure it is not you. When they move us to digital currency, you won’t have any money at all. You can’t trust the banks and yet you won’t be able to buy anything without them. They operate the financial computers.) How long could you survive without money? If this model of consciousness is valid, then the corruption of our systems is not just an unfortunate occurrence; it is inevitable. Why are the energy companies being allowed to put up prices while making record profits? There are all sorts of explicate or material reasons why these things are happening. Lots of people are investigating and speculating about this. Here is a BBC article explaining how the super-rich people on the planet benefitted from the pandemic while everybody else lost out. My concern is the implicate or spiritual reasons for world events. Here is another BBC report on the economic collapse of Sri Lanka.

The key reason for the negative processes that are manipulating current situations, war, famine, climate and so on lies in the nature of the virtual reality simulation we inhabit. If you take the dualist viewpoint, then what we are seeing is the ancient struggle between good and evil. However, we do not live in a dualist state. The so-called universe is a simulation. People are gullible. They believe the war in Ukraine was inevitable, like some unavoidable hurricane hitting a coastline. People start wars. Multinational organisations fund them by selling weapons to both sides. The systems could not come out and say we are going to cut off your food supplies and take away your petrol, gas and electricity. Instead, they create a believable human drama to lull you into unwitting acceptance. People are dying unnecessarily. We have never had democracy. We have party politics. The world is tribal. All that has changed is way we designate tribes. As elements of universal consciousness, the systems we have created ensure their own survival and success by ensuring a world is run by people with  minimum integrity and the maximum greed and ambition.  

We are infinite beingness masquerading in form

When you enter the system at birth, you no longer know who you are. Nor do you understand the consequences of your actions, good or bad. In the quantum dimension of action, nobody knows what they are doing. We are being driven along by the waves, currents and influences that move matter and the unfolding story from the analogue perspective. We never leave the state of oneness and divine love. What we experience is a hypothetical story sustained by the power of the implicate order, through a process known as entanglement. It is all just data organised from zeros and ones, translated into infinite consciousness from the mathematical properties of numbers and the rules of physics. The shadow domain is imaginary because nothing can exist outside the light of oneness. The upshot is that we accept poverty as an unavoidable property of nature like an errant storm or hurricane. Planet earth is the ultimate television programme that you cannot switch off because of the fear of death – even though there is no death. Nothing can harm infinite beingness, which is what you are.

To express this idea to the best of my ability, I am borrowing a sequence of diagrams from Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. I have made an alteration or two and put my own interpretation of them. I am not attempting to reinterpret Theosophy. Rather, I am seeking to illustrate the common ground between Theosophy and the model of consciousness I am using. I have written extensively in these articles about what I call the quantum digital dimension (information) and the analogue wave dimension (meaning). They are not actually separate, just complementary aspects of the same process. The danger I see in pursuing a totally materialistic information-based mode of existence is that we will cut ourselves off from our intrinsically divine nature. The world we have created is like a university where hardly anybody graduates because we are trapped in the darkness by the characteristics of the quantum dimension. We are stuck in hell while heaven is just a heartbeat away. Through the genius of Queen, we can hear a poignant illustration of the situation we are in through the words of Bohemian Rhapsody performed here by Pentatonix. It illustrates the impression we have of life as comprising fear, death, pain and suffering while asking from the start ‘Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?’ Fortunately, the real life is none of these things. It is infinite love and light in eternity without form that nothing can ever harm.

The shadow, the deep, the dark and the unconscious state that affords us finite experience does not exist directly in the light. We experience it indirectly through the power of implication as simulated finite existence. The issue for the light was how to acquire and explore the meaning implicit within its own makeup. Being infinite, the wholeness of the light cannot fragment into individualised parts directly. So how to create the great experiment in self-understanding by experiencing itself in the form of a story. That story is time unfolding. The idea of opposites is irrefutable. You cannot avoid the fact that every idea carries within it the ‘particular’ idea that gives it meaning – its antithesis or complementary. By particular, I mean something finite and specific rendered in atoms or particles. The point gives meaning to an idea by bestowing some property that affords it individuality. Physical form is an act of perception rather than a true reality. The infinite makes sense of it all by gathering its knowledge through individual experiences in a great story. The mind that experiences the story is an aspect of the light. The entire state of light consciousness senses that meaning coalescing in a state of abstract mind. This takes us to the quantum digital domain, a hypothetical arena for a highly complex, mathematically structured dream.

Consciousness is the quality or essence of an idea acquired through the experience of its antithesis.  The opposite of an idea is not its equal. You can measure heat but not its opposite, cold. But you can measure coldness in a different way, through subjective experience. Living out an idea in consciousness is the only way to know it in the deeper sense. Consciousness is the way in which abstract ideas in the spiritual dimension seek to know themselves though practical, co-ordinated activity. To go from pure consciousness to active, aware and vibrant beingness requires an unfolding fictional story based in the domain of opposites, the ‘physical’ universe. The infinite takes on pseudo-finite form to know itself. A human being is the antithesis of an undifferentiated divine, spiritual quality or essence. We do not know who and what we are while we are in form. The extreme opposite of pure and radiant light is total darkness. This accounts for why bad things happen even though pure spirit is indestructible. We who are human are aspects of the one light that are not yet fully realised. The only way for something new to emerge into consciousness is through the experience of individuality. The time is coming when this story of inhuman deprivation and suffering will give way to easier, more humane modes of existence. Humanity has made great strides in its spiritual evolution. Our difficulty lies in the accumulated residue of karmic darkness in the virtual reality system. A clearing of karma is taking place. The old forces of corruption and evil that run the world are showing their true colours. We are moving towards a higher degree of unity. This flowering oneness will make it more difficult for these old dinosaurs of temporal ideology to maintain their grip on us. We are waking up. We are shifting from a value-based universe towards one of meaning. The darkness we have created is making a last stand to survive the coming of the light. The forces that direct the course of history with irrational corruption and control, seek to prevent us from reaching the light. The mega-rich are not interested in enlightenment. They are hooked on power and privilege. The global elites put us through suffering by tedious cycles of disease, warfare, draconian rules, a lack of resources of food, energy and money. This is the situation in America and in the UK. There are food shortages coming. It is a sign that something bad is happening to us when the mainstream information  technology media question whether human extinction is actually happening.

The sequence of ‘the fall’

Through the power of implication or entanglement, every positive idea begets its negative or opposite idea that defines. It contains within it the ‘not’ version that gives is meaning. So, coldness gives meaning to heat and darkness to light. Conscious experience comes from the tension that exists between these extremes. This relationship between ideas is not a contrived mechanism; it originates in immutable logic. Nothing we know, experience or become actually exists outside the oneness but if it did, this life on earth is what it would be like. What follows emerges from this notion and drives the sequence I describe below.

Active consciousness.  The source, the oneness, love, light, bliss, the infinite state of everything that is. This is where we are before we take on finite form in the virtual reality game of physical existence. The light is the arena of ideas and concepts that are currently manifest in universal mind. This is where we really are.

The unconscious, the state of somnambulistic sleep or trance. Nothing can leave the oneness in an absolute sense but we can and do so in consciousness or mind through implication. This is where we think we are.

The infinite state. Oneness and nothingness are infinite in nature. We are infinite therefore nothing can harm us. Nevertheless, everything that happens in the realm of conscious existence feels like reality, including joy, pain, loss etc. Being infinite does not mean that we are all-powerful; quite the opposite because force is a finite property. This is what we are.

The centre of infinity. This brings us to the process of differentiation that creates states of pseudo-separation within the oneness. The purely imaginary thought of an infinitely small point of centre of shadow or ‘not light’ allows the light of oneness to become many self-aware entities or elements. There is only one idea of a centre but with imagination and mathematics it can seemingly manifest as many. The rule is that each version is different and unique. This leads the one number to become many archetypal units of active consciousness, each identified by a number with both value and meaning. The presence of the dot allows the light to become self-aware presence. This is who we are.  

Macintosh HD:Users:terenceedwards:Desktop:Slide1.jpgThe rays. The rays are vectors of unit consciousness that have both value and direction. They project points of light into form in the darkness of unconscious mind as atoms, objects and thoughts. It allows them to take up their necessary location in space and time on the pseudo-physical dimension. The lines of light have intelligence and arrange objects and biological entities in the place appropriate for their role in the story of the universe[1]. They are also the basis of the universal conceptual network. This is a web-like structure that interconnects every entity to provide structure and meaning. This process is an active manifestation of what I refer to as the analogue-wave dimension. This deploys the material of our bodies into form as biological organisms using fractal mathematics; from simplicity to chaos.   

Points of light in the void. The rays have creative intelligence that enables them to insert points of light into the void of nothingness. These adopt geometric patterns that simulate particles of matter in the quantum-digital dimension. They locate objects in pseudo-space in the pulse of quantum time. Each point emerges into space-time based on mathematical calculations that take the state of all matter into account. Everything affects everything else in the universe. These points in the state of universal unconscious mind give structure and texture to the virtual reality simulation we inhabit.

Planes of consciousness. The horizontal line reflects the levelling properties of the planes of consciousness through the creative power of implication. They subdivide the oneness conceptually into layers and qualities of meaning and experience. Each entity has a plane of consciousness. So does each family or nation, etc. The upper semicircle also represents the analogue or etheric dimension, the lower is the quantum or physical layer. Shared properties or activities bring entities together on shared planes according to the situation and location of the moment. The most basic, fundamental planes represent the values and meanings of numbers. The diagram indicates the duality of spirit and matter in the parallel analogue and digital planes of existence. The fall took the focus of our consciousness from the balanced state between the high and low dimensions down to the pseudo-physical dimension of the lower portion. The planes allow sentient entities to function as individuals within the context of universal mind and meaning against a backdrop of separate planetary scenarios.

Avatars of the analogue dimension. The outer circle represents a spiritual being enfolding a pseudo-physical biological entity. This is how the original sentient beings who devised and inhabited this virtual reality environment. It was to become the planet earth we know today. These light or energy beings had abstract, subjective minds with which to control their biological or animal counterparts like puppets. These physical creatures had limited objective, brain-based minds sufficient to survive on earth when unsupervised. The avatars were born or created in the full knowledge of who and what they were. They communicated telepathically and were not subject to the karma game we have since established. They did not know death as we do. They could withdraw voluntarily from their bodies. They had psychic powers and could manipulate matter like ‘the father’ who over-lighted Jesus. They might have been what we have known through history as angels or light beings. Their dimension is home to some of the extraterrestrials we hear about. They are often observed as orbs that flit about in space. Some may also project material bodies into our dimension that seem like aliens such as some ‘greys’, etc. Many such beings are gathering around the earth to assist us or just to observe our return to reclaim our divinity. This is how some of us once existed before we fell into the karmic trap. This is what many of us might once have been. 

The Decent of Consciousness. This diagram is the same as the previous one except for the loss of the upper portion of the cross. I put this down to the original avatar beings becoming totally absorbed in events in on the physical dimension. They switched from being watchers to participators.  As a result, they lost the full functioning of the higher centres of consciousness. The outer circle remains complete, suggesting that the entities involved were not entirely physical. Their way of life changed from fully spiritual to semi-material. It seems to have been a gradual process rather than a total collapse. Whether this was a fully human species or an early hominid is difficult to say. However, it does seem that these beings would have had a diminishing higher mind. Their physical brains became their principle focus of consciousness. Speech replaced telepathy. Their lives would probably have been agrarian rather than technical and they were probably vegetarian. The survival game began to take over from a more sharing, female-led society.

Where we ought to be. Had we moved into the quantum dimension without losing touch entirely with our higher mind, we would have become a more balanced physical being. Part of the reason for losing the higher chakra functions was our dependence on language for thinking. Our ability to have ‘whole’ thoughts gave way to the ever-present voice in the head.

Total physicality. These were fully physical beings without the benefit of spiritual abilities and innate wisdom. Survival became paramount, leading to aggression and competition for power and resources. Ownership of land led to the medieval ruling class structure and enslavement of the powerless – in other words, modern life. We are totally immersed in the quantum digital dimension, fully awake in the lower centres. Fear replaced unity as sensory desires, emotions, greed and brute force dominated any remaining spiritual qualities. In other words, the angel took a dive. I regard it as either an experiment or a fortuitous happening that the spiritual hierarchy allowed to proceed. Having no awareness of our divine nature and the consequences of our actions, we have created a game based entirely on actions (karma) rather than thoughts and beliefs. All that matters in the game is what we do. What we believe is not a part of the game except indirectly if it moderates behaviour. The brain mind is the sixth sense. The shift towards digital technology and artificial intelligence has made our situation much worse than it has ever been before. This is what we have become.

Dualism in gender and consciousness. Gender is an obvious example of dualism in the human race. The emphasis on the lower centres of consciousness (physicality, emotionality and sensuality) enhanced the male/female divide, bringing a new element into the great game. When status and power became predominant, men sought to control the DNA lineage of their heirs. However, because the action game that drives society is naturally competitive, the ascendency of male over female has got out of hand. When religion took over from spirituality and dogma replaced common sense, history turned into conflict. Masculine dominance has led to poverty, privation, war and nuclear weaponry. Whether or not the new gender politics is an attempt by nature to restore the balance is difficult to say.  Waves of consciousness on the etheric-analogue dimension move events and change human consciousness. We think we are in control of our lives but this is not so. We are like weeds waving around in the water.

The forces of duality affect all aspects of life, from politics to fashion. Over the period we have been focussed on the physical dimension, the effect of dualism in all walks of life has provided plenty of scope for conflict and suffering in the great game. We need to climb out of the trap of our own making.

The Ankh, symbol of the key. Our predecessors were spiritual beings who took on biological roles to experience physicality. The circle with a cross inside it illustrates our original state as sentient beings. Here, the circle outside has gone. Blavatsky refers to it as phallic. The Ankh suggests we will develop a new state of being, a material form with a spiritual core within. Instead of the vertical line representing the upper chakras, there is a small circle. This represents the activation of the spiritual being. We have the capacity to develop this further with spiritual practices and meditation, etc. In the realm of universal consciousness, this is taking us into uncharted territory as a new form of advanced entity. So, in the symbolism, the circle outside will become a circle inside. I see this as a combined analogue-digital consciousness. In fact, many of us are already on this pathway. Anybody with an interest in the spiritual life is working to this end already. This is where many of us are in a rudimentary sort of way and where many more ought to be. Can we break free of the materialist trap?

The trap, the Satanist nightmare. We are caught up in a trap of our own making but not of our own deliberate design. Collectively, the quantum-digital dimension we inhabit has fallen to its lowest state. There is an overwhelming degree of negative karma wrapped up in the game. Too many people live entirely for self, for greed and convenience without understanding the consequences of their actions. It is because of the systems we have created that we are in this mess. The Jeffrey Epstein saga is just the tip of the iceberg. The involvement of royalty, billionaires and powerful politicians in the exploitation of children reflects the total lack of integrity and spiritual values. The move to transhumanism is another consequence of the materialistic, totalitarian agenda behind modern life. Evil entities abound in the darkest recesses of the collective shadow mind of humanity. Behind everything we see in a superficial sense is a process seeking to propel us towards enlightenment. This is small comfort if the systems destroy us. If we survive and can rise beyond all this hatred, surveillance and control, we stand to move into a higher dimension of existence. The human race seems destined to become a more highly evolved, enlightened species. The outcome is unknowable. We must hope for the best and resist authoritarian pressure as much as we are able. If enough people awaken, the world may yet return to a paradise. The planet is evolving and it would be wise of us to go with it rather than resist. The light is coming.

How we fell into the current state of negative consciousness

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom is a three-part BBC series written and directed by Adam Curtis in the early 2000s that takes on the idea of freedom, particularly as it pertains to a modern conception that sees humans as self-serving individuals obsessed with personal freedom. Here are links to each episode (no longer on YouTube). These documentaries are useful in suggesting how events on the planet took us deep into the mental trap of intellect without heart or deep feelings.

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

Reasons to be cheerful

I am conscious that much of what I have said in this article seems to be negative. Doom is not inevitable. All it will take to put us back on track for enlightenment is a shift of perspective. I do not know what is going to happen but I am optimistic that it will take only a small shift of perspective to turn it all around. The human collective consciousness, the hive mind, is seeking to break free of its materialistic restrictions. We are divine beings. We will ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The forces that direct the universe are far greater than our feeble systems. The truth will come out about the people who presume to rule over us. We will see them for what they are. None of it is real anyway. The only reality is love. The next two or three years will see whether we are going to survive. One way or another, we will return and the world will be a very different place.

The symbol of life from the religion of ancient Egypt.

By Inowen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Missing Time a novel by Terry Edwards available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Also available from IngramSpark through booksellers.

The story is humorous and thought provoking if you like artificial intelligence, androids, aliens, secret governments, flying saucers and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Please note: I have reduced the price of the Kindle edition (and other e-versions) of the book to £4.99. I cannot reduce the print price because print-on-demand is expensive in materials and postage, etc.

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Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon.

[1] The circle represents a Riemann sphere, an extended infinite plane of consciousness that projects points or centres of light into the quantum-digital state.


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