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Consciousness Revealed. Part 6: Going Deeper. By Terry Edwards

Getting the Point

It starts with the point, the centre, the origin.

The process from there is to create and experience consciousness within an apparently infinite state of beingness.

Taken together, the sphere with a centre represents one, the unit or monad.

The presence of one or zero bestows an entity with the property of number. The sphere represents infinite nothingness or void. The numerical aspect of nothingness is zero, a number without value. As such, it is the centre or focus of a basic coordinate system. (Zero is the origin point of a graph.)

In this idea, one relates to time and zero to space. During the pulse of time, the two states switch from being one to the other. The zero point determines the location of any discrete or separate object within space and time. This takes each object, entity or ‘thing’ from a general idea in infinite oneness to a finite state of separation and manifest physicality in shadow.

Where does the ‘shadow’ come from?

The light of the source of all consciousness conceives within itself the shadow that gives it meaning. That shadow, the ‘not’ version of its primary idea, is a slice of being known as a plane of consciousness. Planes like this serve to transform experience into the qualitative essence of numbers. We experience this essence as a pseudo-finite dream state, in our case, life on earth. The shadow or unconscious state does not exist in the way we use the term. It is a product of implication or entanglement. The shadow belongs to the light as an opposite or complementary idea. If light exists then, theoretically, so does its ‘not’ state. If light is consciousness, then the shadow state is unconsciousness, its antithesis. This mutual entanglement between the shadow and the light expresses itself as the Taijitu, the yin-yang diagram shown below. To say which comes first, the shadow or the light, is open to interpretation in situation. However, I suggest that, as active consciousness, the light is the primary source of everything and the shadow is an implied idea rather than a reality. The light, oneness, love, goodness or active consciousness is the only reality. However, paradoxically, we can say that the darkness begets light. All finite modes of existence are virtual rather than actual. Oneness is all. There is no duality within the context of infinity so physical existence is simply an act of perception based on mathematical principles, rooted in the concept of number.   

To be or to do

The activity of consciousness is the exploration of potential ideas and concepts implicated in and by the values and qualities of numbers. The universal mind does this through the creative power of entanglement, named the Implicate Order by David Bohm. Universal consciousness does not achieve self-knowledge by thinking but through active experience. In other words, it becomes that which it wishes to understand. There is paradox here because all possibilities are contained within the void of nothingness. The one being manifests entities of existence. They arise from infinite nothingness to become manifestations of the number one. Through the illusion of separation, the one idea explores the potential relationships between them. The number one represents entities or units of being. The zero dimension is about points. The point of any entity is its meaning, its purpose in the scheme of things. The number two deals with relationships between entities expressed in planes, layers or levels of meaning.

Elements of the Taijitu

The light and the shadow regions in the Taijitu seed each other with dots that represent mutual entanglement. The wavy line that separates them is symbolic of the waves or cycles of virtual movement that generate form. The outer circle represents the infinite state which is our underlying mode of ‘existence’. This is where we experience the output of our five senses and the objective, finite mind. None of these elements represents our manifest consciousness. The phenomenon of finite consciousness arises from cyclic interactions between the elements of the Taijitu. It comes from the frequencies and vibrations between the shadow and the light and the infinite and the finite. The sound from musical instruments or loudspeakers moves through the air around us. These sounds vibrate our ears but they are not musical in themselves. Music is an act of perception by infinite mind. You are a pattern of vibration but not that which vibrates.

Exploring meaning

The concealment in the unconscious, dream state of darkness allows complex stories and dramas to emerge. These take place in virtual reality simulations. We are two beings in one, a light version and a shadow version. The essence of beingness of an entity in the light falls asleep and descends into the environment of the unconscious, shadow state. It becomes what it is not to understand what it is. It does this through inference. Human experience is just one way of exploring the nature of self.  The yin-yang relationship translates physical experience into abstract essence through the five senses and the primitive brain. The objective brain-mind that processes information was never meant to be in charge. It was formerly subjugated to the subjective primary mind that deals with meaning. We know this event as ‘the fall’.

Dream or nightmare?

Why do we inhabit this planet earth where so much evil and negativity plays out on the world stage? Why is there evil? A common question is why does ‘God’ allow bad things to happen? The simple answer is that we make bad things happen by exercising free will. We are in a virtual reality game. We do bad things to learn about good. At its worst, evil is no more than the absence of love. In a universe of opposites, we are exploring our truly divine nature by experiencing what we are not to infer what we are. I do not believe in a creator separate from or external to creation. If ‘God’ is the oneness, then we are integral to it and it is within us. There is nothing separate from the light but there is always something greater that transcends what we know or believe we know. The answer is not fully understandable because the question is meaningless. It is quite clear from human behaviour in the virtual state that we are not ready to be let loose in a real universe.

We are now being overwhelmed by the so-called ‘woke’ phenomenon. I suggest the reason behind this wave of consciousness is to force us to re-examine our attitudes to gender and identity. On the surface, it results in a change of behaviour and outlook. Underneath this nonsense is an emergent imperative to force us to wake up to the fact that we are not our bodies or our physical form; that appearance, gender, racial type nor sexuality is not identity. We have no finite identity. We are immortal beingness exploring its own nature. If our physical bodies were our true reality then death would be the end. Spirit is immortal and beyond form. We are love incarnate. Love is not a sentimental, religious or romantic notion. It is a mathematical expression of the abstract quality of the number one.        

The Taijitu represents the dual states switching between two extremes.

The light state is the domain of positive ideas or qualities that bear the property of oneness or love.

The dark state is the universe of ‘not’ aspects of ideas, the domain of negativity, the unconscious, the universe of opposites. So, darkness does not exist except as a logical expression of the idea of ‘not light’.

Time for complexity

Time is emergent complexity, a story played out in micro-units of graduated awakening. Entities, states of being, storylines are all examples of emergent phenomena, manifest in chaos and expressed holographically. Are you the dreamer or the dreamt? Are you the watcher or the watched? You are everything and nothing, light and shadow, conscious and unconscious. Chaos is not chaotic in the everyday sense because simple mathematical properties underlie it. However, it is the ocean from which all patterns of meaning emerge. Emergence is a process by which patterns spontaneously arise when appropriate conditions come about naturally. In a sense, the ‘future’ creates the ‘past’ to bring about foregone conclusions.   It happens on what I refer to as the analogue/wave dimension where we exist in fractal envelopes. It is through our perception of it that we create and experience this virtual reality.

The interconnection of all that is

There are so many ways in which the strata and systems of existence communicate and interconnect. The quantum digital layer deals with information (light in formation). There is the oneness of the light that influences all it embodies. There is the analogue dimension of waves, frequencies and vibrations that bring interactions of meaning and creative energy. This is where we ‘make waves’ through thoughts and actions. All entities and events interconnect through a network of lines of light. This is the linear dimension of one. Then there is the interplay of all these things as they resonate on the planes of consciousness on the dimension of two. We in the quantum digital dimension are made of points of light that organise in ‘particular form’ as atoms and molecules. We are here in the dream, drama, game, play where we exist virtually rather than actually.  The non-existent physical universe is the stage and the school. You are the infinite dreamer, imagining the story of your own creation as a character of pure fiction. The light of oneness and consciousness is evolving through your experience as a human being.

The one great light

The network or matrix that acts as a blueprint and foundation for the universe, consists of points of light reaching out to every entity or thing and every concept that you have some direct relationship with. Your body is composed of untold points of light representing every atom and cell. On a certain level, you have a single point of light of unit that represents ‘you’. Taken together, we can see that there is only one point that represents everything. It follows that there is a version of this one unit that resides in the shadow of unconsciousness, the void, that radiates lines of light that consist of all interconnections in the greater universe. This single source of light flickers and grows with time and complexity as universal consciousness evolves. By this means, all things are known by the one unit and all things and events influence each other no matter what, where and when they seem to exist. I suggest that this central light is what is sometimes referred to as the central sun. It is a bright light beyond our imagining.

Inadmissible Evidence

Generally, scientists assume that the simulated universe is the only valid reality. They make noises about us living in a simulation but fail to consider the consequences. They regard research into the software behind it as ‘pseudo-science’. Religions muddy the waters with a creator separate from creation, usually male. The system is self-creating within the context of one idea, the number one, that is everything.

Playing a virtual reality game reveals nothing about the technology behind the application. It could be a mobile phone, a desktop computer, a laptop or an iPad. It might be the same game but a different technology enabling it. The simulator transcends space and time and is beyond physical measurement. Physicality is a mathematically organised set of numerical properties. A solid material is mostly empty space. Its hardness comes from quantum digital properties such as the Planck scale and the atomic binding energies.

My Limitations

I do not claim that my version of consciousness is true. What I report feels right at the time of writing. It might change. In 2017 I published a book on Amazon Kindle called: Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon. You might benefit from listening to an interview with Mark Chatterton about my approach. In the book, I describe briefly how I came to have these ideas. I experience this knowledge in a state of abstract subjectivity and then translate it into metaphors like computers and networks. I am neither a mathematician nor an intellectual. Consequently, I have felt inadequate to the task of providing a technical or mathematical explanation of the experiences I have in abstract consciousness. Now I know that I do not need to do this because the mathematics behind consciousness already exists. What is more (surprise, surprise) it is one of the most famous mathematical problems in the world. It is known as the Riemann Hypothesis. I see it as the mathematics behind this model that I have been working on for 30 years. It appeared in an article published in 1859. Some statements expressed about these ideas confirm my insights and offer a more complex and profound picture of how consciousness works. I do not understand the mathematics but I see correlations with some of the statements made on mathematical websites. At least there is no danger of me winning the $1M prize on offer for proving the hypothesis.   

I suggest that the universe and the consciousness that creates it, is a solution to the Riemann hypothesis.

The Riemann Sphere

One of my early visions in 1992 was of an individual entity as a point on an infinite plane. This plane stretched out to infinity on all sides. It seemed to curl above me like an infinite vault. The furthest extent of the plane seemed to be a point of light at the top of the sphere. This point represented infinity. This was the internal perspective. In appearance, the sphere appeared to be like the night sky, a black void with a scattering of stars. This is my interpretation of the phrase as above so below. Whatever level of consciousness you are on, metaphysical, planetary, atomic and quantum, it looks like the night sky.

I recently found a sphere that fitted the experience in having a zero below and a point of infinity at the top. Since the beginning, I have regarded zero, one and infinity as the building blocks of the quantum digital realm. This diagram contains all three with the addition of complex numbers with the component ‘i’, the square root of minus one.

This is an external prospect of a finite sphere that I experienced from an internal perspective in my mind. I perceived it as an infinite void like a night sky with stars.

The red circle with +/- 1 and +/- i is the complex plane. (“i” is the square root of -1, which does not exist in the sense that is has no numerical value. “i” stands for the value it would have if it did exist.)

Somehow, universal consciousness maps out patterns of existence on planes of consciousness using the mathematics of fractals.


A line drawn through the two ones would be classed as real. A line through + and -i would be classed as imaginary. This use of terminology seems at first sight to be arbitrary but nothing that happens in life is arbitrary or random. By the rules of the number one, there can only be one line but consciousness can create a cross in universal mind by imagining a second line at right angles.

How the point at infinity creates the virtual state of matter on the virtual physical dimension will be the subject of part 7 of this series.  

There is no space, only notional centres or points separated by distances, constructed mathematically to reflect situation and nature. Each point represents some essential meaning according to its ‘particular’ role in the light of oneness. We can think of space as a distribution of ‘finite’ Riemann spheres. Each one is a perfect sphere in its own light but may be obloid in relationship to each other. This accounts for the effects of the Special Theory of Relativity. These cells connect multidimensionally across time but three-dimensionally in space.  

As a system, science does not investigate the metaphysical universe. However, I suggest that mathematics does touch upon metaphysics, knowingly or unknowingly, in topics such as the Riemann Zeta Function. I regard mathematics as the universe’s operating system like Microsoft Windows and Google’s Android. The premise here is that the universe is a virtual reality simulation. Science limits its efforts to studying physical activity, limiting research to anything that is physically measurable. This kind of metaphysics deals with the software and processes that operate in the processes that drive the simulation. In my opinion, this takes us into the realm of universal consciousness.

Simple explanation?

The Diamond Ring Effect during Solar Eclipse

Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash

Science regards the fact that the sun and the moon appear to be of equal size as viewed from the earth is pure coincidence. Coincidence is not about chance or randomness. I suggest that the eclipse phenomenon is a huge clue to the significance of the ideas of shadow and light put there for our benefit. It tells us that the positive and negative aspects of consciousness might appear to be equal and opposite but, they are not. What we call darkness is finite whereas the light of active consciousness is infinite and unlimited. As the moon crosses the central state of balance, the shadow of the moon reveals a bright light as the sun shines between mountains at the rim. We call this the diamond ring effect. This, I believe, represents a metaphor of the Riemann sphere. The bright light at the top as shown here is the infinite point of light at the top of the void of darkness that projects an individual concept onto the complex plane of consciousness.  

In my next article in this series, I will go deeper into the Riemann hypothesis and do my best to interpret its role in the fundamentals of consciousness.  


Missing Time a novel by Terry Edwards available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Also available from IngramSpark through booksellers.

The story is humorous and thought provoking if you like artificial intelligence, androids, aliens, secret governments, flying saucers and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Please note: I have reduced the price of the Kindle edition (and other e-versions) of the book to £4.99. I cannot reduce the print price because print-on-demand is expensive in materials and postage, etc.

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Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon.


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