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Hermes Risen says;

Welcome dear reader to Hermes Risen online magazine!

Hermes is a magazine that promotes writing and thought in esoteric, theosophical and philosophical as well as historical subjects with themes that cover the A-Z of faith and belief, from the Absolute to Zoroastrianism.

We welcome thought provoking articles and dialogues that look deeper into the world of humanity, the universe and the connection to the Divine.

This magazine is an independent publication that celebrates alternative and conventional perspectives on religious and spiritual contemplation. Each issue is run for three months and during that time articles will be added. There is an archive section with all the articles from past issues.

We are all truth seekers here and there are many paths to the truth, and just like Hermes who was the messenger of the gods, we too would like to be messengers of new and old notions.

We welcome submissions from writers and artists as Hermes would like to publish written articles, alternative media and art that expresses a positive outlook at the multi faith world that we all live in.

Hermes is a non-profit publication; all our writers and staff do this for free because they appreciate these topics and themes.  

Holy Hermes, with your winged feet
And thrice great,
Who brings messages to us from the Gods,
And takes our prayers to them,
Fly free, fly fast, our guru,
And help us with eloquent speech
That our pens write true.

Hermes Risen is a magazine created by writers from different traditions.

We bring articles and messages on theology, philosophy and esoteric themes, book reviews, interviews and more for the truth seeker.

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