The Magical Art of William Kearney by Debbie Elliott

William Kearney is an artist and a musician and he incorporates the two. In his persona as Sand Snowman he has made a number of musical albums and collaborated with various other artists. Will Kearney has also exhibited many of his works at exhibitions around Europe as well as using his own artwork for hisContinue reading “The Magical Art of William Kearney by Debbie Elliott”

The Centre of the Universe by Terry Edwards

Does the universe have a centre? Where is the centre of the universe? Science says that if the universe is infinite, it has no centre. There was a big bang and every part is expanding. This means that each part is moving away from every other part. I am going to suggest an alternative idea.Continue reading “The Centre of the Universe by Terry Edwards”

The Esoteric Art of Andrea Mclean by Debbie Elliott

Andrea Mclean and I became friends a long time ago because of our mutual love for the art of William Blake. I first heard Andrea talk about her art, William Blake and maps at a Blake Society event in London. She had collaborated with Henry Eliot on designing a map based on William Blake’s quotesContinue reading “The Esoteric Art of Andrea Mclean by Debbie Elliott”


by Mike Hall It’s 2005, 8:30 a.m., breakfast time. I am in Wills Hall, Bristol University, a delegate attending the English Theosophical Society Summer School. Next to me is a man I’ve never spoken to but whom I know well, our international guest speaker, the Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the College ofContinue reading ““YOU SAY MOZART, I SAY, ‘MICROTUBULES””

Glastonbury Holy Thorn-Story of a Legend: Book review by Debbie Elliott

The staff that sprang into a tree, that’s the story of the Glastonbury Thorn. The folklore says that Joseph of Arimathea came from the Holy Lands on a mission to spread the word of the Christ. He arrived in Glastonbury on Christmas Day and plunged his staff into the earth of Wearyall Hill, it immediatelyContinue reading “Glastonbury Holy Thorn-Story of a Legend: Book review by Debbie Elliott”

The Heartfelt Dance of Shiva by Max Leyf

Creativity & Annihilation Tracing the Process of artistic Creation in the dance of a copper shiva Nur durch das Morgentor des Schönen Dringst du in der Erkenntnis Land. [1] “Only through Beauty’s morning-gate Do you press on to the land of Knowledge” Before me on the desk is a small copper cast of Shiva inContinue reading “The Heartfelt Dance of Shiva by Max Leyf”

Evaluating the Primal Mentality by Nicholas Cope

“Art is the imitation of nature in her mode of operation…” St. Thomas Aquinas I recently read a piece by Ananda K. Coomaraswami entitled ‘The Primitive Mentality’.[i] Its subject matter, that of the ancient’s perspective compared to our own, is of such far reaching significance that any attempted discussion or commentary by myself on itsContinue reading “Evaluating the Primal Mentality by Nicholas Cope”

(Re)generation and Biology by Graham Pemberton

Spiritual traditions, including Theosophy, say that a human being is a hierarchy of several bodies other than the physical. Some names that have been given to them are etheric, astral/emotional, mental, causal, and soul. The causal body has been described as being responsible for the generation of the lower bodies. The etheric body is seenContinue reading “(Re)generation and Biology by Graham Pemberton”

Tending the Seed of Man: The ‘Spiritualization’ of Man from a Fourth Way Perspective by Joshua Denny

In the ideas The Fourth Way, Man is seen as only ‘half-baked’. This refers to the process of development and transformation that is the potential of each Human. Each person is born in an ‘embryonic’ state regarding this possible transformation, each person has this ‘seed’ of potential regarding the possible further transformation that is theContinue reading “Tending the Seed of Man: The ‘Spiritualization’ of Man from a Fourth Way Perspective by Joshua Denny”


In 2007 and 2008 I presented a series of talks to a number of Theosophical  Society lodges up and down the country entitled “Visions of the Future : An esoteric view of the future of the human race as indicated by spiritual astrology.” We are aware that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, andContinue reading “ASTROLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF PLUTO IN CAPRICORN By Ted Capstick”

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