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Civilisation Art and Beauty by Wayne Gatfield

One of my favourite articles by HP Blavatsky is “Civilisation the death of Art and Beauty.” The only part of it that I wasn’t keen on was the word ‘death’ which I thought was a little pessimistic! In this article she bemoans the fact that countries like Japan, who have strong Spiritual traditions, began toContinue reading “Civilisation Art and Beauty by Wayne Gatfield”

Pleine Aire, the Art of Sharon Ormerod written by Debbie Elliott

 I was lucky enough to meet Sharon Ormerod in person at the European School of Theosophy, we had been friends on Facebook sometime before that. Finally, I got to spend time with this talented lady whose artwork I had been following on Facebook. I began asking her to tell me more about herself: SO:  IContinue reading “Pleine Aire, the Art of Sharon Ormerod written by Debbie Elliott”

Evaluating the Primal Mentality by Nicholas Cope

“Art is the imitation of nature in her mode of operation…” St. Thomas Aquinas I recently read a piece by Ananda K. Coomaraswami entitled ‘The Primitive Mentality’.[i] Its subject matter, that of the ancient’s perspective compared to our own, is of such far reaching significance that any attempted discussion or commentary by myself on itsContinue reading “Evaluating the Primal Mentality by Nicholas Cope”