Why We Need Memes by Kieron Devlin

Memes are everywhere across social media and are growing faster than a mushroom colony.  Funny memes especially have reached a pinnacle of use during the last two years in response to the duress people feel as humour relieves pressure.  That memes are proliferating faster than any alleged ‘variant’ should not surprise anyone. We consume themContinue reading “Why We Need Memes by Kieron Devlin”


PART ONE: CYCLES & SPIRALS Ancient esoteric ideas hinge on this key fact: there is neither permanence nor stability in our lives, the world or the cosmos. Any suggestions to the contrary are probably illusory. This is because everything operates under a cyclic imperative and nothing remains the same for the tiniest fragment of time.Continue reading AGES OF TRANSFORMATION By Tim Wyatt”


Perhaps I’m a touch over-optimistic but it seems to me that more and more people are reaching that pivotal point in their lives where they start asking those big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life? Where did I come from? What’s my destiny? What happens when I die?Continue reading “INTRODUCTION TO THE OCCULT – RICHARD SMOLEY Review by Tim Wyatt”

‘Lost in the Lakes: the Astrology of Coleridge and Wordsworth’ Written by Kieron Devlin.

On a recent visit the Lake District it struck me that Coleridge and Wordsworth have been co-opted by the tourist industry. This can obscure what truly defines these poets which was not just about landscapes- more their psycho-geography. They themselves loathed the term ‘romantic’ which was meant to be dismissive.  Coleridge lived at Greta Hall near Keswick.  He believed that poems should be ‘walked into being’ so he had strenuous slopes to climb to aid hisContinue reading “‘Lost in the Lakes: the Astrology of Coleridge and Wordsworth’ Written by Kieron Devlin.”

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