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From remotest antiquity sinister dark forces have had a disruptive and negative impact on much human activity. These malign energies and the evil entities who employ them continually shape-shift to suit the needs of the time they wish to influence. They operate esoterically behind the scene but also in plain sight. And their mission isContinue reading “THE ANATOMY OF DARK FORCES By Tim Wyatt”

Life in Lemuria and Atlantis and their healing. By Eilyen Feirbairn

According to the writings it was discovered the Lemurian people were called the giants with their height ranging around 8 feet tall.  They were slim and attractive and had highly developed third eye frequency.  They were able to communicate through telepathy.   Amongst them were elders who held the sacred wisdom and aligned themselves in beingContinue reading “Life in Lemuria and Atlantis and their healing. By Eilyen Feirbairn”

Edgar Cayce and Atlantis by Debbie Elliott

Edgar Cayce (born 18th March 1877, died January 3rd 1945) was regarded as America‚Äôs best psychic, known as the sleeping prophet he could put himself into a trance and allow a different entity to take over his being. This entity, or discarnate voice, could speak through Cayce giving readings on peoples lives, medical advice andContinue reading “Edgar Cayce and Atlantis by Debbie Elliott”