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Consciousness Revealed. Part 6: Going Deeper. By Terry Edwards

Getting the Point It starts with the point, the centre, the origin. The process from there is to create and experience consciousness within an apparently infinite state of beingness. Taken together, the sphere with a centre represents one, the unit or monad. The presence of one or zero bestows an entity with the property ofContinue reading “Consciousness Revealed. Part 6: Going Deeper. By Terry Edwards”

OUR SAVIOUR ‘DEATH’. OUR LORD ‘SHOCK’ (Electric?) by Paul Turner.

To become a man, as was spoken of eons ago, is to face death. Ancient cultures, ancient, not inferior savages, often had initiation ceremonies for when a boy became a man. This was usually done by facing death, or some other terror. To my view this proves that there was Real Knowledge if they recognisedContinue reading “OUR SAVIOUR ‘DEATH’. OUR LORD ‘SHOCK’ (Electric?) by Paul Turner.”