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Prostitution isn’t the world’s oldest profession. It’s pre-dated by an even more archaic endeavour – predicting the end of the world. This has been a favourite pastime since human beings learned how to think. And these days we’ve developed a number of deeply unhealthy forms of mass-psychosis – our imminent demise being one of them.Continue reading “THE RECONFIGURATION OF HUMANITY by Tim Wyatt”


Notions of truth and beauty, enshrined in so many classical philosophies and deeply embedded in the Ageless Wisdom tradition itself, also lie at the very heart of the human soul – and yet often sit there latent and deactivated. Truth and beauty are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without theContinue reading WHEN TRUTH AND BEAUTY DEPART by Tim Wyatt”

Consciousness Revealed Part 5: Another Fine Mess. by Terry Edwards

Does humanity have a future? If you are worried about the future of humanity, you can now rest easy in the knowledge that we do not have one. At least, we do not if the proponents of electronic biochemistry and artificial intelligence have their way. If you wish to see their idea of the futureContinue reading “Consciousness Revealed Part 5: Another Fine Mess. by Terry Edwards”

The Pledge of Kwan Yin by Wayne Gatfield

“Never will I seek nor receive private, individual salvation; never will I enter into final peace alone; but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the redemption of every creature throughout the world from the bonds of conditioned existence. “ The above is the pledge made by Kwan Yin and which each oneContinue reading “The Pledge of Kwan Yin by Wayne Gatfield”

Judith von Halle’s Spiritual Autobiography. Book Review by Antti Savinainen

Judith von Halle (2021). Swan Wings: A Spiritual Autobiography, Part 1. Childhood and Youth. Clairview. Original text in German, published in 2016. Translation into English by Frank Thomas Smith Judith von Halle, born in Berlin in 1972, has attracted quite a lot of attention and controversy, especially in Anthroposophical circles. This is not entirely surprising,Continue reading “Judith von Halle’s Spiritual Autobiography. Book Review by Antti Savinainen”

The Anatomy of Insanity by Wayne Gatfield

“The unconsciously prophetic fin de siècle, in short, is the long ago foreseen fin de cycle; when according to Manjunâtha Sutra, “Justice will have died, leaving as its successor blind Law, and as its Guru and guide–Selfishness; when wicked things and deeds will have to be regarded as meritorious, and holy actions as madness.”  (HPContinue reading “The Anatomy of Insanity by Wayne Gatfield”


From remotest antiquity sinister dark forces have had a disruptive and negative impact on much human activity. These malign energies and the evil entities who employ them continually shape-shift to suit the needs of the time they wish to influence. They operate esoterically behind the scene but also in plain sight. And their mission isContinue reading “THE ANATOMY OF DARK FORCES By Tim Wyatt”

The Real You by Wayne Gatfield

What are we all in Reality?  Is the person that goes through our day to day lives the real being? Sadly it is true that most people are the product of other peoples thoughts and ideas, they are living second hand; because most people have not the time or the inclination to think for themselves.Continue reading “The Real You by Wayne Gatfield”

Children of the Golden Age written by Wayne Gatfield

We are presently in the Age of Kali, or darkness, which still has 427,000 of its 432,000 years to run; according to Hindu calculations.  This is why so many people are susceptible to negative influences and why even religions are unable to live up to the teachings of the Spiritual Beings that came to earthContinue reading “Children of the Golden Age written by Wayne Gatfield”