Lucifer and Madam Blavatsky by Debbie Elliott

Madam Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, launched a new magazine for Theosophy members and she named it ‘Lucifer’. To her the name Lucifer meant; the light bringer. The first issue was in September 1887 and one of her leading articles was to explain why she had titled the magazine withContinue reading “Lucifer and Madam Blavatsky by Debbie Elliott”


In part one of this article I explored the widely-predicted notion of the emergence of an avatar as well as the appearance of advanced beings or masters. We’ll explore these ideas further and examine what other developments we can expect from this new age apart from chaos, panic, degradation and conflict. Of course, predicting theContinue reading “AGES OF TRANSFORMATION by Tim Wyatt PART TWO: THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME”


PART ONE: CYCLES & SPIRALS Ancient esoteric ideas hinge on this key fact: there is neither permanence nor stability in our lives, the world or the cosmos. Any suggestions to the contrary are probably illusory. This is because everything operates under a cyclic imperative and nothing remains the same for the tiniest fragment of time.Continue reading AGES OF TRANSFORMATION By Tim Wyatt”

Unfolding Consciousness with EDI BILIMORIA by Tim Wyatt

EDI BILIMORIA Born in India and educated at the universities of London, Sussex and Oxford, Edi Bilimoria presents an unusual blend of experience in the fields of science, arts and philosophy. Professionally, Edi is an award-winning engineer and consultant to the petrochemical, oil and gas, transport, and construction industries. He has been Project Manager andContinue reading “Unfolding Consciousness with EDI BILIMORIA by Tim Wyatt”

The Anatomy of Insanity by Wayne Gatfield

“The unconsciously prophetic fin de siècle, in short, is the long ago foreseen fin de cycle; when according to Manjunâtha Sutra, “Justice will have died, leaving as its successor blind Law, and as its Guru and guide–Selfishness; when wicked things and deeds will have to be regarded as meritorious, and holy actions as madness.”  (HPContinue reading “The Anatomy of Insanity by Wayne Gatfield”

An Interview with Pam Evans, founder of Peace Mala. By Debbie Elliott 

Hermes Risen likes a good book and so was delighted to read the recent release ‘Madam Blavatsky and the Masters of Wisdom’ by Hermes Risen’s friend Pam Evans. Hermes Risen popped over to Wales to have a chat about the new book, its message and the Peace Mala charity. HERMES RISEN: Congratulations on the newContinue reading “An Interview with Pam Evans, founder of Peace Mala. By Debbie Elliott “


From remotest antiquity sinister dark forces have had a disruptive and negative impact on much human activity. These malign energies and the evil entities who employ them continually shape-shift to suit the needs of the time they wish to influence. They operate esoterically behind the scene but also in plain sight. And their mission isContinue reading “THE ANATOMY OF DARK FORCES By Tim Wyatt”

The Real You by Wayne Gatfield

What are we all in Reality?  Is the person that goes through our day to day lives the real being? Sadly it is true that most people are the product of other peoples thoughts and ideas, they are living second hand; because most people have not the time or the inclination to think for themselves.Continue reading “The Real You by Wayne Gatfield”

Lucifer Resurrected by Tim Wyatt

September 1887. China’s Yellow River floods killing up to two million people in one of the world’s worst natural disasters. In England almost two hundred people perish in a blaze at Exeter’s Theatre Royal. And Emile Berliner patents the Gramophone. Unknown to most people at the time, alongside these newsworthy events another significant development unfoldsContinue reading “Lucifer Resurrected by Tim Wyatt”

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