Spiritual Anarchy by Wayne Gatfield

Nowadays we tend to think of anarchy as a violent concept, connected to anti-social behaviour and generally destructive in its nature.

This however gives a very limited view of the word.  Our old friend Wikipedia says:

“Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy. Anarchy was first used in 1539, meaning “an absence of government”….Anarchists seek a system based on the abolishment of all unjustified, coercive hierarchy and the creation of system of direct democracy.”

In a Spiritual sense this can refer to a state in which we allow our Higher Self to govern our actions and not those who have set themselves up to rule our lives by legislation divorced from any kind of Spiritual insight into human nature.  It would also mean that a government would consist of those who were living an enlightened existence and therefore in tune with the people they were governing. Unfortunately, the word ‘govern’ has negative associations in these corrupt times and therefore perhaps the word ‘guidance’ may be better.

In this case, those in positions of power would guide the populace with love and compassion, as presumably all lower emotions will have been transcended.  They would also listen to the people and realise that in most cases they will be able to provide the solution to any problem that arises in co-operation with any governing body.

Some may say all this is very vague and utopian, but if such thoughts arise a barrier is erected immediately and precludes any further investigation into the subject.  Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that government based on coercion and violence is not healthy for human consciousness and the planet in general.  Spiritually we are meant to evolve through a brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity and any divisive measures are impeding that development.  Therefore, we should be promoting the practice of loving-kindness and anything that builds bridges, instead of walls.

There can be no room for harshness of any kind. Gentleness is the way to go.  Harsh and violent thought pollutes the atmosphere, more than anything physical, and the accumulated negative vibrations may cause convulsions on the planet, manifesting in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ‘freak’ weather and epidemics and pandemics.  So violence on all levels needs to be banished from our minds and our lives.  Eventually even from the dictionary!

True anarchy is to cease to be the puppet of others less aware, and to take one’s own progress in hand, through the development of the intuition.  In the “Secret Doctrine” by HP Blavatsky we are told to proceed by “self-induced and self-devised efforts”.  A Zen saying is “a thousand monks a thousand ways”.  We have all the guidance we need in the Spiritual literature of the world, how we apply it to ourselves is up to each one of us individually.  We are on the same journey at different levels of understanding and practice, but we are all on this pilgrimage to the heart of all things together.  We must not forget that fact and therefore we should always be ready help our brother and sister pilgrims on the often rocky road to the goal.  Yet even this goal may be the start of the next stage of our journey. We are all part of a never-ending story!

It is all a realisation that we have infinite potential and have only been limited by miseducation from pseudo-science which teaches that we are no more than automatons, doomed to fade into nothingness after so called ‘death’.  Also orthodox religion’s idea that we are ‘weak miserable sinners’ and are always subject to the will and whims of a rather materialistic minded ‘God’.

The truth is that we are in tune with the infinite and have limitless power for good.  Power for evil is always limited and therefore fails in the end, even if it causes much suffering and disaster on the way.  We have a ‘mind to embrace the Universe’, as our minds are manifestations of the Universal Mind and at one with it in essence.  We just need to wake up and realise, as Plato tells us, that “all (true) learning is merely recollection”.  We just need to remember who and what we are.  The glamour of this world had blinded us to our true nature and we tend to live second hand lives, absorbing others thoughts and ideas.  Fortunately, a few of us are trying our best to escape from this illusion. 

When we do wake up, we will realise that we need no guidance except, that of our Spiritual Self.  In the intermediate stages we will need the support of those more advanced, but the ones who guide us will be enlightened souls and their priority will be to bring out in us the Highest and ultimately that is the only guide we will need.

This is the true meaning of the word ‘anarchy’ and one that should be applied in our daily lives.

Wayne Gatfield is the President of the Bolton Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Editor of the North Western Federation Journal, National Speaker, he also writes poetry and stories which can be found at his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/LotusLight7

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