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Consciousness Revealed Part4 by Terry Edwards

Translating Oneness into Form

Universal consciousness employs the idea of dimensions as a means of stratifying oneness into pseudo separation like the layers of a sandwich. These layers may be thought of as planes of consciousness. Finite mind employs classification as a way of mapping structure onto existence to impose form on the formless. By analogy, academia classifies entities in nature with Latin terminology. In daily life we experience existence in form, not as substance but as the perception of it. We dwell on an imaginary dimensional ladder with us at the bottom in the zero state, ‘unworthy’ of climbing the heights of spiritual evolution. Do these dimensions exist? Do we exist? As always, the answer is a paradox because there are no absolutes other than oneness or love, consciousness, beingness, spirit, light, God, etc. The key to it all is the idea of implication. Light implies or begets shadow, the imaginary opposite, the ‘not’ version that gives it meaning. In these implicit pairings of thesis and antithesis, positive and negative, on and off, in and out, up and down, we have the appearance of duality.

Something and Nothing

Duality does not exist except as oneness implies it. There is an implicate order behind it all that generates imaginary dreams of separation and individuality. At our current level of evolution, our consciousness focusses in the zero dimension of points. This perspective allows generalised notions of beingness to be particular, literally as particles or atoms. This virtual, quantum-digital universe has a companion state, the linear dimension of one. Linearity embodies a web-like structure of lines of light in a crystalline matrix that shimmers with colours and vibrates with sounds. These dimensional levels are a metaphor. The antithesis of wholeness and unity is separation and individuality. To be separate from everything else is not a ‘physical’ reality. It is an act of perception. Our centre of meaning is a unique point of view. We do not exist but if we did, this is what we would be like and this is how we would think and behave. The time is approaching when we must get to grips with an awareness of being all dimensions in multiple states of existence. We are simply telling our stories in a dream, drama, game and play that has outlived its usefulness. It is time to wake up.        

Catch up

Time is the mechanism that our higher dimensional aspect employs to generate the universe in which we appear to live as static frames in a high-definition movie. The points of light that constitute matter are as far apart in relative scale as the stars in the night sky. Consciousness is the medium or mode of existence. The analogue or fifth dimensional being employs time to regulate its story. Space is the imaginary venue, the theatre. The higher dimensional aspect of being creates a wave function, template or blueprint that defines the physical body as an aspect of the entire universe. It measures itself out in space relative to some scale such as the Planck units. It does this in the light of understanding of who and what it is in the context of the universal story. The individual aspect that inhabits the body is blind to the big picture, the story expressed as subjective essence in the infinite domain. The objective element of the universe denotes the limits of personal consciousness. A conceptual network or matrix comprising the values of numbers underlies all finite thoughts and the fractal structure of physical objects. The heart of that is the number one that has the property of unitary meaning. The one unit takes on two identities. In the digital state it expresses the notion of existence as ‘I am’. Its subjective essence of oneness declares ‘one is’. ‘I am’ represents the ego-centric digital self. ‘One is’ refers to the fact that all is oneness on the analogue dimension. ‘I am’ is a singular entity whereas ‘one is’ is ambiguous and makes no distinction between the singular or plurality. Therefore, royalty designates ‘self’ as ‘one’ rather than ‘I’. This is nonsense because our deepest, inner consciousness is beyond trivial notions of status. People are only important in their own heads or because the rest of us allow them to be. The heart is beyond ego. We cannot be more or less than divine essence because we are divine essence.

In non-duality, we have a simulated experience that divides the conscious entity into twin aspects, the creator of experience and the experiencer of creation. Our story and its drama belong to the infinite state. Events and their themes exist in spirals. A circle simply repeats but a spiral is a circle that’s going somewhere. Click on these links to see how spirals permeate our lives in DNA, planetary motion and in nature. Nature (living mathematics) abhors sameness and repetition. Today we see the regulators of human society all around the world locking us down to eliminate freedom of thought and choice of action. The explicate reason for doing this is the pandemic. The driving force is our fear of death. Humanity is going into its chrysalis phase. In implicate terms, current events are driving us away from materialism towards a renaissance of spiritual values. Our dormant analogue avatars within are due to emerge in their full glory but we cannot know when it will happen. Here is a metaphor for the eventual changes to come. Disease allows nature to put us where we need to be when the universal game changes. It takes out those who are not ready to take on a new paradigm of virtual reality. The spirit[1] knows when it has completed its task in the simulator and chooses freedom to celebrate and enjoy a well-earned release. The pain of death is with those we leave behind. Death is not a disaster if we do not seek it before its time. Liberation into the spiritual dimensions is a reward for enduring here, not a punishment.

Units of Meaning in Pseudo Duality

The past never was and the future will never be.  All time is happening now. Time is the subjective story of existence unfolding in the present moment. While it feels as if we are moving forward towards the future, the truth is that time emerges within us. We are the centre of our personal versions of the universe. So, in the virtual state, time appears to be coming towards us. We are the finite core of infinite meaning. It is because the one unit within us all is experiencing everything, our dramas intertwine across all the planes of existence we belong to. There are also resonances through the medium of analogue-wave energy. Taken together, these two modes imply twin mechanisms at work behind entanglement, the implicate order or consciousness. One of these I will class as internal or implicit and the other as external or explicit.

Internal Existence

We are infinite beingness manifesting as quanta or particles of meaning, like seeds of possibility. Whole numbers are fragments of meaning. They emerge from the number one, the unit of being. The myth behind the explicate Big Bang is the explosion of implicate possibility embedded within the concept of number. Numbers implicate each other from zero to infinity. There is no stronger bond of entanglement. As a mechanism, it is analogous to machine code in a computer processor chip, in contrast to biological and mental activity that resembles high-level languages. In this model, numbers and their qualities are far more complex and significant than we can imagine. Consciousness translates this implicate potential into infinite modes of form and experience inconceivable to our minds. A plane of consciousness is a slice of analogue activity organised into units of pseudo-digital time. Each unit of meaning, each number, awaits situations of context in which to place itself. There is an infinite network of tendrils of association and communication. High order concepts like biological organisms send out roots in the multidimensional amalgam of units of meaning. This is the baseline of existence from which all possible concepts arise. Potential cells seek to connect to one another to drag themselves into existence in context. This is emergence. It is a process where chaos meets complexity. Their moment comes when they are imminent to the point of certainty. Then, the number one, the divine source, touches them and gives them life. This is the true immaculate conception. This is the universe within.

Time for Complexity

The current state of complexity is the true measure of time rather than the arbitrary ticking of some clock[2]. When novel states of complexity arise as patterns of existence, we assume that there is a thread of continuity linking the present to the past. However, each new moment is complete. Sentient consciousness generates a story to account for what and where it is. It does this by leaping from quantum moments of possibility like stepping stones across a pond. This is a feature of digital consciousness. In virtual reality, stories fragment into related incidents, complete in themselves but gathered together by high-level themes. Creation myths, including the Big Bang, are explicit scenarios that allow conscious entities to account for their own existence. Science does not understand how life begins, despite Darwin’s famous book. Darwin simply tells us that the origin of a species is its predecessor. There are all sorts of theoretical mechanisms to account for a bottom-up scenario. The quantum digital universe organises its data on a top-down entity structure. This is the way consciousness creates. There is no need to account for existence by some rational story. In a virtual reality, holographic universe, the system accounts for itself. The present moment requires no reference to an imaginary past to account for itself.

Photo below by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

The Lifeboat

While offering some comfort, the notion of absolute rationality is a limitation on the creative possibilities of the human mind. Terence McKenna said, “What we call reality is in fact nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination.” Events in the world today represent an implosion of this hallucination and a mass movement to tear down the rigid structure of time. Because the quantum universe is mathematical, which is rule-based, there is an explosion of rules and regulations stifling our perception of freedom. Life is forcing us to confront our tendency to focus almost entirely on materialism. We prize the ability to remember facts and trade information at the expense of wisdom, meaning and spirit. We are facing an evolutionary dead-end unless we can make a detour and step back from the brink of total self-destruction. Many have elected to leave the earth rather than find their true purpose in their hearts. We have become accustomed to living entirely in our heads. Many people are leaving the planet because they cannot express their highest qualities in a culture of lies, control and surveillance. The systems we have created are becoming gridlocked by their own complexity. This is the darkness before the dawn.  Do you remember the conundrum of the red pill and the blue pill in the movie, The Matrix? Have you taken your pill? Have you voted for transhumanism?

External Existence

If we represent internal existence as points of shadow in the light, then the external equivalent is dots of light in the shadow. In terms of our number entities, internal activity is a product of meaning or subjectivity. External activity comes from numerical value, the quantifiable properties that underlie finite consciousness. This gives rise to objective thought, and the structure of material existence. As biological organisms, we exist as a state of equilibrium between the explicit and implicit versions of the universe. The virtual reality simulator allows us to believe that we exist separately from the environment and each other. The quantum-digital universe is limited by the speed of light or the pulse of time. Time is the property that coordinates actions and objective thoughts in the game, dream, drama, play or story that everything is an integral part of. In analogue terms, this is the music of the spheres, orchestrated by the soul or psyche. The essential infinite self is the one who experiences it all via the senses and the brain and expresses itself through the analogue or wave being. The analogue being manifests on the energetic dimension of vibration and magnetism. The digital domain is electrical in nature.

Lighten Up

Imagine you are light, infinite, unknowable and indescribable in finite words. A quality of light is the idea of ‘is-ness’ or beingness. ‘Is-ness’ is more abstract than beingness. Beingness implies limitation by being something. The question then becomes, being what? What does one do? One assembles a set of building brick ideas from the simplest patterns, structures and elements implicit in mathematics. It is the implicitness of mathematics, the immutable logic that generates our perception of material existence while we remain aspects of infinite light. The output of all this is infinite essence. There are no separate states outside the oneness. The entire universe and everything within it, is no more than a shadow negative of the light. It exists through the power of implication as ‘not light’. This is the virtual reality simulation where our negative aspects struggle to avoid death, live in fear and pursue our desires. The myth of the devil represents the negative or ‘not version’ of universal consciousness. Its job is to subject us to temptation and let us have our desires fulfilled with no idea of the consequences.  Those of us who see through the lies of all the systems might think it is the fault of the people who run them. However, it is the level of consciousness we are inhabiting that is the cause. The systems operate as mechanisms of  abstract, synthetic consciousness in the virtual reality game we inhabit. 

The Systems have the Solutions

Systems by their very nature are incapable of operating with truth, integrity and love. Their role in the game is to test and strengthen us spiritually. Unfortunately, the process has got out of hand because of the excessing collective karma of the human race. They exploit and oppress us. They promote those individuals who will further their profits and power. It would be better if the human race organised itself locally and organically in full awareness of what it is doing. We cannot expect integrity in a quantum-digital universe. We must restore the balance with the analogue-spiritual dimension such as existed before ‘the fall’. We can do it; we will do it if there is anybody left alive. If I read the signs correctly, the systems globally have a cunning plan. Gas is being removed in favour of electricity, which has the benefit of being easily cut off. They are already saying we do not have enough wind power to run the UK’s national grid. Petrol supplies will also be hit (we’ve had a practice run). Food will become scarce and over-priced. People will freeze in their homes. But don’t worry; the rich will be alright. Nothing will affect them. The UK National Health Service will break down and be forced to use novel solutions being trialled in New Zealand, especially for pandemics.  Being now in my seventies I am not enthusiastic about this situation in the US.  Energy and food will become unaffordable and unobtainable for most of us. The systems will deny responsibility because everything that happens is beyond their control. Really? Is it all doom and gloom? Not necessarily. The universe wants us to change our minds and our hearts. Everything we know manifests from, by and for love or oneness. If we embrace universal love individually, the power of the game will succumb to divine will.  Your head might belong to Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple but they will never own your heart.    

By Gustave Doré – Alighieri, Dante; Cary, Henry Francis (ed) (1892) "Canto XXXI" in The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Complete, London, Paris & Melbourne: Cassell & Company Retrieved on 13 July 2009., Public Domain

Cellular Form

Fractals are imaginary cells that allow the infinite to know itself from a finite perspective. Infinite mind embeds itself inside a fractal formula, not literally, but virtually. The light becomes the fractal and inhabits the form created. Each individual fractal belongs to a single overarching formula. We use a computer to show the image of the fractal as a pattern on a screen. In nature, the fractal is totally abstract. Infinite being displays it on the screen we call universal mind. We construct ourselves and our personal versions of the universe within infinite mind on the from basis of sensory essence. Complex algorithms allow the mathematical element to form the experience it enjoys. It is bliss and beauty for the light to be expressing those properties in form. This is biology in action. Your body has a life of its own. ‘You’ just ride on it like a flea on the back of an elephant. The game player is the one who is asleep and dreaming all this. This is the one who needs to wake up. In the game player metaphor, it is where we left our knowledge of self, of love, of truth, etc. Your internal, implicit self is the light within the shadow. You perceive yourself to be a physical being. This is your external, explicit form composed of shadow arranged in cells of quantum foam. The fractal structure on the analogue dimension gives the impression of angel wings. I think that the angels of the Bible were analogue beings descending or projecting into the digital state. Heaven is the fifth dimension. I think the entities observed as UFOs and aliens are higher dimensional beings projecting themselves here in ‘avatar’ bodies, such as greys, or as orbs of light. We share the same planet with some of them but on two different levels of existence. They are here to help us ascend to their own dimension or an intermediate ‘twinned’ layer. Unfortunately, we are under a misconception that we own the world and have exclusive rights over it. We do not.

Gaea (Gaia)

The Impact of Loss of Species

If life on earth is a spectrum of species, then the impact of loss is significant to the state of the planet. If we see the world as an inanimate physical object in a material universe, then a species here or there would make no noticeable difference to our lives. However, it isn’t. In the infinite sense, the world is a spiritual entity. In simple quantum digital terms, it is the superior unit in an entity data model. It owns us. It seems safe to assume that the original design of our virtual reality simulation consisted of far more species than we have now. Ideas define each other in the implicate order. The whole system of the earth has a composite meaning based on every element, atom and biological organism it contains. The loss of anything makes a difference to its total meaning. The loss of a species means far more than the loss of an individual creature. So, humanity loses part of its meaning when our fellow species vanish. It might sound theoretical or too subtle to matter but this is not so, especially if we carry the karmic debt for what happens. In destroying the planet, we are diminishing ourselves. Each creature and each plant extinguished would have represented a spectrum of biological archetypes. Symbiotic interconnections are far more subtle and extensive than just bees and flowers. By using pesticides to kill bees we are opening the door to extremely serious consequences for the future. The same goes for extensive monocultures such as crops dedicated to biofuels. They are not inanimate, utilitarian objects. It is time we realised that plants are a stratum of planetary consciousness. It is likely that technologists are suppressing the use of superior forms of clean energy simply to maintain a profitable petrochemical industry and inflate fuel poverty. As always, it is the people involved who are accumulating a karmic debt for these practices, money being supreme in a value-based, explicate state such as ours.

Planned Extinction

We could liken the first conceptual expansion of life on earth as a kind of biological big bang. The implicit model of a world may alter. When a species departs, it is a necessary part of a greater plan. Nevertheless, that does not absolve us from responsibility for what we do. Given the principles behind the evolution of consciousness, complexity, variety and originality, we can assume that the more species there are, the more niche points on the circle, the simpler each species needs to be to fulfil its role. When species die out then the pressure to adapt to changing global patterns increases. Existing life presumably adapts to fill the gaps or faces extinction. The critical factor is the interdependence of species. We cannot see how life on the planet reorganises itself to meet changing circumstances because we are part of the pattern. Humanity has made itself a primary mover in the functionality of the great simulation. We are now paying the price by allowing the systems that control us to set a plan for our own extinction in motion. The analogue state has about it a natural order that could solve many of our problems if we could only learn to activate it. It has the motive of love. Chaos is fundamental to quantum digital existence. It has the motive of fear. There is no easy answer. The only way is trust, acceptance and love. That is easier than it sounds when you are choosing whether to freeze or starve. I do not favour the concept of faith. It looks to solutions from outside us. I much prefer trust because it comes from within.

Species Regulation within the Simulation

As species die out, the conscious entity behind the planet modifies the algorithm behind the simulation to compensate for their loss. It does so within the logical constraints of circumstance. High level quantum changes to the flora and fauna may happen within the implicit state but we who are explicate are unaware because of the need for continuity within the storyline. Gods and goddesses are personifications of abstract intelligences within universal mind. Discontinuities in the fossil record reflect these periodic adjustments. It would be illogical for the consciousness behind the world to rely entirely on natural selection, which is a semi-explicate mechanism. We may put such shifts down to natural disasters, etc. but science is simply papering over the cracks in the explicit narrative. What we can assume is that quantum shifts in the virtual reality model maintain energy conservation. I am reminded of computer aided design (CAD) systems. Users input generalised schematics for new products. The software fills in the detailed physical properties for eventual construction. These days, 3D printers can churn out the components. This sequence reflects a very complex function of universal consciousness. It is fortunate we are not personally aware of creating our own bodies, let alone the entire universe. What a mess we are making of running the world – just because we know better than nature. We think we initiate change but we may just be fortuitous agents of natural phenomena.

Photo Brian McGowan,

The Totalitarian Playground

Humanity itself is now subject to a quantum shift. The silent majority cannot believe how evil the systems of control on this planet are because most of us are basically decent. We do not understand that systems are elements of consciousness in a virtual reality game. The systems are not people. They use us as pawns on the board and we allow it because we do not know any better. The universe is drawing our attention to the nature of systems by letting the tigers loose in the children’s playground. Our choice seems stark; grow up or withdraw from the game. The billionaires and oligarchs will seem no more than crud on the foundry floor when the ingots emerge into the light of day. The systems cannot overcome the one love that makes us what we are. Nobody is to blame for what we suffer on this planet at the hands of the systems except ourselves. Control by the systems is intensifying in pace with our materialistic tendencies. The intellectual, materialist paradigm that underlies our collective consciousness is intensifying. The systems are the agents of digital conscious control that is struggling to contain the spiritual renaissance now emerging. The systems are routinely coercing people to act in ways that are totally unethical. This goes along with the hardening of our prevailing materialist paradigm. Nevertheless, the silent majority is beginning to awaken to the new spiritual forces emerging from higher mind.

Universe, Multiverse or Metaverse?

The digital systems are sucking us down into a virtual universe within a virtual universe. The next step is emerging in the form of the digitally based metaverse. This will further cut us off from the internal, higher dimensional consciousness and take us even further away from the analogue dimension of the heart. To limit our relationships to purely virtual ones is to lock us down into a prison for the soul. That will take away our purpose for being on the earth in the first place. That is the reason the systems brought in the lock-down phenomenon. It was a physical trialling of what is to become a mental process. There is an upwelling of the internal, spiritual life inside us that the systems are responding to with rules, regulation, mandates and military force. The internment camps are back with mental and psychological torture outside and beyond the Geneva Convention. There is no limit to the horrors people are prepared to enact on their fellow citizens, given the right incentives. The systems are waging a guerrilla war to decide who owns our bodies. If they win, then “Goodnight, everybody. The last one puts the light out.” All this will change when we understand how karma works in the virtual reality simulation. Why torture yourself? The one light does not wish you to suffer. If we are destined to return to the higher, analogue state then we will find a way. It would be more than just a change of mind. It could mean a new physics that could spell the end of digital technology. I once had a very graphic vision in a dream of the moon lighting up and travelling away from the earth at instantaneous velocity. I do not say it will happen; it was just a dream.   After all, this universe is only a virtual reality game. We are immortal, infinite, divine beingness manifesting in form; know it, be it, live it.

The History Fiction

If we think of the analogue domain as the medium of causation, then the digital state is its effect. Since ‘the fall’, we no longer consciously instigate what happens to us, we just experience it. The result of this separation is karma and free will. We make our choices and we live with the consequences whether we like them or not. At first sight this appears to be a demotion from being gods to being the victims of forces outside our control. However, our existence on earth is a unique experiment. Few of us would choose the material life we are leading where a selfish few live off the suffering of the impoverished many. It does not have to be like this. We imagine that other inhabited worlds would be the same as this one – driven by concepts like value, ownership, competition and hierarchy. This is because finite mind operates entirely in the value aspect of numerical information in a hierarchical data entity model. So, a society rooted in both meaning and value, would look nothing like ours. There would be balance between the analogue and digital processes. There has been a long-term exercise of manipulation by the systems to keep us in the dark about the existence of extraterrestrials. No doubt the people involved have their reasons but the issue for the systems is straightforward. Artificial quantum digital organisations lie, cheat and beguile because that is what they do; that is their role in the game. The reality of non-terrestrial life is far more exotic than most people realise. The reason for this excess is positive. We exist at the negative end of the medium of conceptual meaning. Everything here is the ‘not version’ of the positive. We are learning about the value of ideas like love, caring, sharing and working together by exploring the opposites (see my table of contrasting qualities of analogue-digital societies). What better way of understanding honesty than by acting out the opposite and experiencing the consequences at first hand in action replays in the simulator? The systems are simply one of the mechanisms that consciousness uses to educate itself. Actions speak louder than words. The systems are squeezing us to the point of destruction – wake up or die. When is a democracy not a democracy? When the forces of law and order work for the state and not the people. This is our last chance to retain any freedom. The people who work for the systems who are destroying our culture and our lives are taking on the karmic debt for us all. If they succeed in crushing the light, they will pay an unimaginable price in what is left of our world. We will suffer now but they will suffer far more in the years to come. Far better that we embrace the light now and work together to extricate ourselves from the quantum-digital state.

Visitors Unwelcome Here

If you click on the link of this title, you will see Iranian anti-aircraft fire being aimed at a flying object. It could be an alien spacecraft or it could be a secret aerial vehicle from a clandestine military organisation on the earth. At first sight it looks like an orb but at one point a clear shape emerges. Whatever the object is, it shows how we would be inclined to treat visitors from beyond this world or this dimension. The natural question is do they know what the target is and where it comes from? Perhaps American secret operations would be less welcome in Iran than aliens. Whatever the source of this device, one thing seems apparent to me; the reactions of the pilot are too fast to account for under normal circumstances. It is either controlled by some form of advanced artificial intelligence or by a direct mind-machine link. I have a scene in my novel Missing Time where the hero is flying in a borrowed alien spacecraft, being fired at by an orbital rail gun. The ship has a temporal radar that looks a few seconds into the future to allow him to find a safe timeline. Has somebody already got one? There is a similar scene where something happens to activate his Merkabah. He rises into the air as an orb and two RAF Typhoons arrive over the horizon to shoot him down. Unfortunately, this is typical of the response on earth to unknown aerial vehicles. This link tells of an incident in Los Angeles in 1942. Just to illustrate the fact that this potential for enlightenment is open to everybody, I have two other characters confused to find themselves becoming orbs of light. They happen to be two hoodies from South London, one black and one white. We are infinite spirit without shape, size, colour or status.  Truth can be stranger than fiction but not always as much fun.

Conspiracies, Myths and Aliens

The earth is no more than a virtual state of mental perception in a mathematically constructed layer of being. What lies outside may be more exotic than we can imagine but it is generally benign. We are the ones who have dropped down a hole into a dark pit of greed and depravity. Higher dimensional beings come to view us like animals in the zoo but they do not interfere except when we want to blow ourselves up. We ascribe our motivations and desires to them. The systems create fear by implying that they want to take our planet, eat us, take our DNA, etc. Why would anybody beyond this dimension wish to steal a virtual reality? There is no limit to what consciousness can create. There have been problems when these outsiders have visited our planet. It requires them to descend to our state of quantum-digital being in our electric universe. As a result, they risk taking on some of our characteristics and getting sucked into the game. This has led to a wealth of mythological stories that are common to many cultures. The great game we are stuck in perpetuates itself by concealing our true state of potential divinity from us. Only a change of heart can free us from this endless bondage and suffering.

Digital v. Analogue Societies

Below is a list of characteristics of digital and analogue societies, previously published in my article Jesus Revealed. These characteristics represent the extremes on an exaggerated spectrum. Many indigenous cultures have displayed strong elements of the analogue list. Many such cultures have paid a heavy price for their spirituality. The collective mind of humanity on earth is rooted in the quantum-digital layer. We do not have a collective awareness of the analogue-spiritual dimension, even though it plays a direct role in our physical bodies. The aura that some sensitive people can see is a remnant of the once-active light body our distant predecessors would have embodied. I suspect that the reported transfiguration of Jesus was a practical demonstration of an active, fully functional light body. The physical bodies we now use are limited to the four dimensions of space and time. The analogue being is the dormant fifth dimension. The sixth dimension is the level of individualisation where we exist as particular units or monads. Above the sixth layer we are into the subtle states of timeless, subjective organisation that transcend individuality and relate directly to infinite experience and beingness. That is our true reality. What would it be like to belong to an analogue, fifth dimensional society? Here are my suggestions based on this model of consciousness:

Table of Properties of Digital (4D) versus Analogue (5D) States of Being

Purpose: to doPurpose: to be
Value based (1,2,3…)Feeling/meaning based (oneness, twoness..)
Limited psychic abilityTelepathic, psychic, intuitive, etc.
Money based/profit drivenResource based/environmentally aware
Polarised wealth/povertyCollective sufficiency
War economyPeacefully organised
Differences emphasisedCommonality recognised
Dogma drivenCommon sense/accumulated wisdom
Gender inequalityGender balance
Emotions chaotic/unstable/engrossingFeelings steady/stable/dominating
Racially/religiously/politically polarisedSpiritually motivated pragmatism
Criminal activity/punishmentNo crime/no prisons
Possessiveness/ things and peopleMinimal possessions/ companionable
Intensely fashionable/wastefulUtilitarian/conserving
Relationships sexually motivatedRelationships loving
Hierarchical – ruledEgalitarian – organised
Nation states/borders/warOne world/geographic regions/no borders
Intense censorshipFree expression
Paranoid secrecyOpen transparency
Obsessive spyingDetached tolerance
System controlledCommunity focussed
Digital or quantum time baseTimelessness, rooted in eternity
Physical ageingMinimal ageing/ elective demise

An Interesting Example – Planet Serpo

There are many groupings and types of society on our planet but none of them is fully analogue (higher dimensional) because the collective consciousness of humanity is stuck in the lower quantum level. Variations between human cultures differ only in detail, language, culture, customs, etc. Even these differences are blurring as the world conforms to the Western model. Go anywhere in the world and you will see people with a tee shirt, jeans and a mobile phone. Since the Industrial Revolution we have seen many changes but not in the one key aspect. The planet and the virtual universe that belongs to it is essential materialistic and physical. The column on the left exemplifies life in the UK as I perceive it. Could we find a planet in the universe that conforms to the second column? There are rumours of such a world called Serpo, located 37 light years from the solar system in the star system of Zeta Reticuli. If the story is to be believed, the planet and its population, called Ebans, accord with the analogue characteristics. You would need to research the history of UFO activity in America to put the story of Serpo in context. Traditionally, the US government and military have debunked UFO sightings. However, a very limited disclosure happened last year. We have entered a period of disclosure in America about the presence of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ (UAPs). The military could not call them UFOs because it would dignify the traditional terminology. To see the public report go here:

The unclassified version does not state that any of these devices are of alien origin. In fact, it hardly says anything interesting at all. There is a gradual seeping out of stories of encounters with these mysterious devices by members and former members of the American military. The scorn that was once prevalent is beginning to diminish. However, the reporting is far from open and the high level of secrecy about the subject remains. I am not concerned here with whether the Serpo story is true. The website describes a society and way of life that conformed to the characteristics listed above in the second column. Whether or not project Serpo happened is immaterial. Even if the website was a complete fiction, I find it very interesting that the author(s) described a world that conforms to this model.

Project Serpo

Steven Spielberg’s film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), is believed by some people to be based on real life. There isa website ( created by Bill Ryan that carried details of the experiences of a group of twelve people that supposedly travelled on an alien spacecraft to its home planet known as Serpo. This was said to be part of an exchange program with the beings that crashed at Roswell in 1947. The Serpo story is widely regarded as a hoax but the same has been said of the writings of Helena Blavatsky. If it is a hoax then somebody put a great deal of work into the writing of the account. You could spend a considerable time delving into the Serpo website, including debates about its authenticity. Orthodox thinking in a quantum-digital world invariably denies anything that contradicts the standard paradigm.  I recently located some information shown below about the project at this website:

I have quoted some of the content below in italics. My comments are shown as bullet points.

First, I wish to point out some implications of the analogue-digital model that might account for some of the ‘alleged’ experiences of the travellers. I cannot confirm nor deny the hoax interpretation but it does make some of the coincidences even more surprising. How would the writer(s) have known about the implications of the model I have been describing in these articles? For example, the suggestion that the physics applicable to Serpo is different from that of the earth seems barely creditable by our conventional paradigm. I do not think we could account entirely for all the anomalies from the Zeta Reticuli system having two suns. I think it comes from the fact that the travellers’ natural state of consciousness is both analogue and digital whereas the human condition on earth is almost entirely digital in nature. So, for example, instead of a physical temporal dimension, Serpo would function on mainly subjective time. As a piece of faking, the writers were not very wise to bring in the more implausible aspects. Here is a quote:

In the end, our scientists found that some things relating to that particular system was different in physics compared to our system. There were some questions about how our team measured the orbit and other calculations based on the lack of a stable time base. For some reason – and I don’t think this was ever determined – our time instruments did not work on Serpo.

So you see, our team did the best they could with the instruments they had and the hardships they developed attempting scientific calculations. It is difficult for any Earth-based scientist to understand the different physics in other solar systems or on other planets.

  • It is not difficult to understand if you accept the thesis of my articles that humanity dropped from the fifth to the fourth dimension. It is possible that the cetaceans, the aquatic mammals, have retained analogue consciousness.
  • If we assume that each planet is at the centre of its own virtual reality simulation, then the physics of its ‘universe’ will be the one required by the primary sentient species. For one thing, there was a problem deciding on the passage of days on a planet with two suns in the sky.
  • The world of Serpo and its population would have focussed mainly on the analogue state.  This might account for the different physics and the problems with the electronic equipment.
  • Our vision of the universe as something whole, complete and all-pervading is limiting. There are no limits to infinity by definition. The collective imagination of the one being is beyond our understanding. There are states of existence (if that is the word) that are literally inconceivable to our finite, objective minds.

During the trip, each of our team members were frequently dizzy, disoriented and suffered headaches. The craft did not go through any weightlessness during the trip. The craft was very large and allowed the team to exercise. Once the team arrived on the Eben planet, it took them several months to adjust to the atmosphere. During the adjustment period, they suffered headaches, dizziness and disorientation.

  • Travelling from one world to another would require the passenger from earth to cease being a component of the earth’s data structure and become accepted or assimilated into the data field of the target world. There would be mental and physical consequences and adjustments. I toyed with this notion in my novel Missing Time about characters being assimilated by the moon after leaving the earth.

Our team left Earth in a large Eben spacecraft and flew to Serpo in approximately nine months by our team’s measurement of time. Upon our team’s return, they traveled on a newer Eben craft. The time, estimated by our team for the return, was seven months.

  • I suspect that the journey time would have been set to allow the human physiology to adapt to an analogue-digital configuration. I doubt if the Ebans would have required such a long time to adjust. The return journey would have taken less time because the humans were readjusting to their natural level of existence as mostly digital entities. The analogy is how people who live in mountains are better adapted to high altitude than those who live at sea level.
  • The Ebans live a life more natural to the analogue state. The absence of money and a fairer distribution of resources would go along with this. There was no crime or police force. They had a military for protection from hostile forces outside their planet.
  • They do not age as we do because their environment is timeless. They die but I doubt if it is the same experience for them as it is for us. We age as we do because we have attached ourselves to the quantum clock of the material universe.
  • The only time the human visitors were tackled by the military was when they tried to photograph or interact with Eban children. Our digital/animal minds take years to mature. Analogue minds would be mature from a very early age because they are timeless and fully formed on conception. These young Ebans would not really be like human children mentally or emotionally but they would be vulnerable and require protection.
  • If you wish to see how a close association between a young child and her analogue consciousness can manifest watch Angelina Jordan singing ‘I put a spell on you’ at around nine years of age. The analogue mind has a highly developed quality for expressing feeling through the heart centre. Angelina literally touches the heart of an audience when she sings. The majority of people who react to this video are completely shocked and confused by it. You will often here them say ‘she is an old soul’. Objective mind is naturally immature but subjective, higher mind is mature from birth. Few children have direct access to it in the way that this young girl did. She is now sixteen so this characteristic is less marked.  

Our scientists questioned our team members and the information they gathered. Our scientists could not understand how the orbit of Serpo could revolve around the two suns at the distance measured. In the end, our scientists found that some things relating to that particular system was different in physics compared to our system. There were some questions about how our team measured the orbit and other calculations based on the lack of a stable time base. For some reason – and I don’t think this was ever determined – our time instruments did not work on Serpo. Now, considering this, you can understand the difficult job our team members had making calculations without time. They had to come up with an alternate method to measure speeds, orbits, etc. Challenge: Try solving a problem in physics without being able to measure time on Earth! So you see, our team did the best they could with the instruments they had and the hardships they developed attempting scientific calculations. It is difficult for any Earth-based scientist to understand the different physics in other solar systems or on other planets. One of the questions sent me involved Kepler’s Law of Planetary Motion. Our team had that information. We had some of the best military scientists on the team. But if you consider Kepler’s Law, it requires time and our team could only measure time in the conventional way. It was determined that Kepler’s Laws did not apply to that solar system.

Serpo was estimated to be about three billion years old. The two suns were about five billion years old, but only by estimation. Serpo: Posted Information 8 of 42 The Eben civilization was estimated to be about 10,000 years old. They evolved from another planet, not on Serpo. The original home planet of the Ebens was threatened with extreme volcanic activity. The Ebens had to relocate to Serpo in order to protect their civilization. This occurred some 5,000 years ago. The Ebens had a great interplanetary battle with another race about 3,000 years ago. The Ebens lost many thousands in their battle. The Ebens completely eliminated all of their enemies. The Ebens have never fought another war since. The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago. Why does the Eben population number only about 650,000? The Ebens have a very stable, structured civilization. Each male has a mate. They are allowed to reproduce (in somewhat the same sexual way we do), but are limited to only a specific number of children. Our team never saw a family with more than two children. The Eben civilization was so structured that they planned the birth of each and every child, spacing them apart to allow the proper social grouping of the civilization. Eben children matured at a super rate, compared to Earth children. Our team watched live births, attended to by an Eben doctor, and then watched the development of the child over a period of time, team member’s time. They matured at an alarming rate. The Ebens had scientists, doctors and technicians. There was one educational facility on the planet. If one was chosen, you attended the facility and learned the job one was best qualified and suited for. Although it was extremely difficult to judge or measure, the team estimated each Eben’s IQ to be 165. The Ebens had no single ruler. There was a “Council of Governors,” which the team named. This group controlled every single action on the planet. The members of the council seemed to have been around for a long time. Since Ebens didn’t age – or at least our team couldn’t detect aging – it was difficult to judge the age of each member. There were about 100 different villages or living locations for the Ebens. The Ebens only used a small portion of their planet. They did mine minerals in remote areas of the planet and had a large industrial plant in the southern portion of the planet near a body of water. Our team determined this plant had some sort of hydroelectrical operation. The Ebens developed a different type of electrical and propulsion system. It was unknown to our team and I don’t think we ever really understood it. They were able to tap into a vacuum and bring back an enormous amount of energy from that vacuum. Our team’s living quarters, which consisted of several small buildings, contained electricity powered by a small box. This small box supplied all the power our team needed. Ironically, the electrical equipment our team brought on the trip worked using their power source only. Ebens did die. Our team members saw deaths, some from accidents and some from natural causes. The Ebens buried the bodies, similar to our method. Our team saw two air accidents involving their intra-planet flying vehicle. The Ebens worshipped a Supreme Being. It appeared to be some sort of deity relating to the Universe. They conducted daily services, normally at the end of the first work period. They had a building or church they entered to worship. Our team left Earth in a large Eben spacecraft and flew to Serpo in approximately nine months by our team’s measurement of time. Upon our team’s return, they traveled on a newer Eben craft. The time, estimated by our team for the return, was seven months.

27 June 2009

Current state of affairs: The Anons can’t get anything cleared for release legally and we have not heard anything to suggest that they are even pursuing the matter at this point. The forces that did not want Serpo to continue have won, for now. That much was cleared for Victor to announce last Fall (i.e. 2008).

Unofficially, the speculation is that it all fell apart over the pictures. The anti-disclosure PtB could not allow the pictures to be published because they were going to be seen by most people as authentic, even though some would claim they were faked. They were scans of prints, very detailed, looked like the time and place they were supposed to be and would stand up to scrutiny except for hardcore deniers. But the picture guy became compromised, the speculation continues, and his cooperation led to the release of the fake pictures and the eventual blocking of the Serpo material.

So, as things stand now, the Anons are immobilized by red tape and getting nothing but older, the picture guy is long gone, and the Serpo story twists slowly in the wind. As Bill Ryan said a couple of years ago the Serpo PR war has been lost, probably irretrievably


There is a long history of interaction with beings from a higher dimension. In the past they were known as gods, angels or creatures from mythology, fairy tales or superstition. Now we call them aliens or orbs, etc. One aspect in common with the Serpo and biblical stories is that they were written by people who did not seem to understand what they were describing. If you have read and understood these articles called Consciousness Revealed, you should be able to put the Serpo saga into context. You will appreciate how higher-conscious beings project themselves into this pseudo-physical state. You will understand how an analogue-focussed entity requires a quantum level body to interact with our dimension. If the people behind the Serpo website were really trying to put over a false narrative, they would have stuck to our scientific paradigm.  If we take the universe we know at face value then Serpo ought to conform to the same physics as the planet earth. It is because so much of their story reads false that I am inclined to believe it is essentially true. Anything is possible in a virtual reality simulation created by consciousness.

There are infinite states of existence. Forms of life on this dimension are literally worlds apart. If you go on to higher levels of manifestation, the divisions between stars and planets blur and everything becomes as one. Yesterday’s angels are today’s aliens. The systems of control on this planet are hardening the divisions by setting our beliefs and attitudes in concrete. The closer we get to breaking through these barriers, the tighter are the system’s controls on our freedom of expression. What we perceive as reality is virtual, a game, a dream, a drama and a play. I cannot prove that the Serpo story is true. However, in view of my work on consciousness, I am open to the possibility. I know that the quantum-digital systems suppress and distort truth as a matter of course. It is what they are designed to do. They emerge from our collective unconsciousness to test and stretch us in preparation for the great awakening. I will say this: if twelve people from planet earth did travel to another world we should respect and admire their achievement. They should be household names, honoured beyond the trivial celebrities we look up to in today’s facile culture.


I am a writer. I have been getting insights into the nature of reality since 1992. Hermes Risen, an online publication of the European Theosophical Society, has been kind enough to publish my recent work. My thanks to Debbie Elliott, Colyn Boyce and the Essex Branch for their support. This work is not Theosophy but it is extremely close in spirit.

The Centre of the universe: explains the basics of the imaginary idea of a centre of infinity. It suggests how this enables infinite beingness to create an experience of pseudo-physical existence in non-duality as a holographic virtual reality simulation.

The Information Universe: explains how in 1992 I applied the idea of entity modelling, a technique from systems analysis to the concept of a holographic quantum digital universe. It covers the role of information in an organic universe and touches on the significance of systems and their proliferation through the phenomenon of emergent complexity. See the 5th article down the page.

Consciousness Revealed Part 1: explains how the universe divides conceptually into two virtual layers. There is an upper analogue state intertwined with a lower quantum digital level. The upper level was where our distant forerunners occupied roles in a virtual reality simulation. This allowed infinite beingness to animate pseudo-finite bodies in the lower quantum state. At some stage the superconscious analogue being ‘fell’ entirely into the lower digital ‘animal’ state with a very limited objective mind. In losing its primary focus as subjective analogue consciousness, the human being forgot who and what it was and ceased to understand the consequences of its actions. By default, humanity acquired free will. However, this is the digital universe, so the inevitable terms and conditions apply in the form of karma. Karma is an algorithm within the simulation that correlates subjective response to physical actions. It records the analogue sensations accumulated throughout our lives from what we do to each other. Consequently, the simulator shapes a storyline that balances out the good and the bad experiences by shaping individual and global events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 2: contains a more detailed explanation of the nature of consciousness in two fundamental aspects, objective and subjective. The infinite state of oneness subdivides into planes of consciousness that allow infinite beingness to feel the sensations of ‘physical’ existence. The quantum digital state is the domain where subjective meaning takes on objective form as a pattern of information. The ‘user’ of this system is infinite being that constructs the entire universe of its own creation in abstract, essential mind. The Taijitu, the diagram that portrays yin and yang, acts as an analogue to digital converter to turn analogue wave functions into digital ‘physical’ form in accordance with David Bohm’s implicate order. The process is two-way. The Taijitu takes the digital response to the impetus of time and converts it into subjective sensory feeling. It is this that infinite being registers as physical existence with no attempt to judge or intervene in the unfolding events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 3: deals with the consequences of living in a hive mind and the technological impact of the systems we have created.

Orbs: This short article discusses the topic of orbs in three aspects, small glowing spheres that appear sometimes on photographs (visiting spirit entities), fractal orbs as elements in the structure of universal consciousness and large orbs as seen as objects filmed in space as sentient beings that have fully transcended from the quantum-digital state to full analogue-wave existence.

Jesus Revealed: This puts the story of Jesus into the context of these articles.

Also by Terry Edwards

Missing Time a novel by Terry Edwards available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon. Also available from IngramSpark through booksellers.

Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon.

[1] I speak as if we each have a separate spirit but in reality, there is only one spirit that encompasses us all.

[2] This is why the arrow of time can only move in one direction. If it was possible to move backwards in time, it would require the entire universe to unravel. Paradoxically, moments of existence once experienced cannot cease to be. There are infinite possible events, themes and variations that the individual entity chooses to assemble into a meaningful life story. You have a unit of being like a particle that vibrates between a number of pseudo-timelines. These explore the possible alternatives that arise from the choices we make. Once experienced, a moment of time is immortal. It does not die. Thus, we weave threads of meaning in a multiple dimension of potential events and situations. The one unit within us illumines those shadow moments of what might be into strings of light, like strands of fractal chains, known as Indra’s Pearls.   More information.


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